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New powwow 1.2.18 now out catchup  discussions

2018/09/12 17:24, Jahara:   
Grab it here at [submitted link]

This release includes bug fixes for IPv6, carriage return handling, and wide characters.

2018/09/17 09:12, Singleton:edited 1x   
Thanks loads for maintaining it and keeping us informed :-)

2018/09/17 16:17, Roadkill: 
What Singleton said.


2018/09/17 23:25, Dagoth:   
What advantages does this client have over something like Mudlet? Which is what I use now along with Mmapper.

2018/09/18 13:40, Singleton: 
Weeeelll ... I use it for some 20 years now, and I never looked into anything else, so I might be the wrong one to ask.

2019/02/18 02:18, Valaphel:   
Does anyone know of existing syntax highlighting rules for the vim editor, for powwow scripts? The default behavior is to treat every line beginning with '#' as a comment, with no additional colorization. It is unfortunate and may prompt me to learn how to write them myself.

2019/02/19 16:37, Elestir:   
I don't think there is a syntax highlighter for powwow files. But javascript highlighting is what I usually use in other editors for my powwow files (e.g. in gedit). It's not ideal, but better than nothing.

2019/02/20 01:57, Valaphel:   
Thanks for the tip, Elestir. I experimented with a few others.

It turns out css highlighting is nice, too. All the #whatevers have their own color with it.

2019/04/26 17:52, Jahara:   
Powwow 1.2.19 is now out!

Changes: [submitted link]

Download at: [submitted link]

2019/05/18 02:09, Zeri:   
Hey all, been about 10 years and I'm trying to get back into the game. I have a mac running Mojave and cannot get powwow to run. I noticed telnet isn't part of the OS anymore... I'd appreciate any help you all can offer. I ran the config file and I did receive an error. Shoot me your email if you can help and I'll reach out. Thanks!

2019/05/18 13:04, Singleton: 
Seems later MacOSses need a tweak. Alas my automake knowledge is very very rusty, but downloading 1.2.19, unpacking it and then doing:

> ./configure CFLAGS='-D_DARWIN_C_SOURCE -g -O2'
> make

does build the binary.

2019/05/22 17:17, Jahara:   
powwow 1.2.20 has been released with a Mac build fix.

Changes: [submitted link]
Download at: [submitted link]

2019/05/23 00:13, Zeri: 
Yep, got it. Thanks!

2019/08/07 22:39, Hux: 
Okay back in the game and I cannot get the CTRL, Shift, or Alt Modifiers to work on my Numpad in powwow. I'm a total noob when it comes to scription in powwow and I've searched around ER and cannot figure it out. Can someone give me a couple examples of their keybinds for the numpad with modifiers?

2019/08/08 01:52, Elestir:   
@Hux Powwow can only make binds to key combinations that send escape sequences (ie. sequences starting with symbol of escape, which code is 1b in hexadecimal or 27 in decimal notation). And whether some key combination sends escape sequence or common string, that's determined by your terminal. E.g. for xterm, you can configure it through xrdb tool (the settings will apply for newly started xterms only) and basically define those sequences for any combination of modifier keys possible.

Example content for such file is: (replace / with backslashes, as ER doesn't allow backslashes in comments)
xterm*vt100.translations: #override /
Shift Ctrl Alt <Key>KP_Add: string(0x1b) string('SCA_KPADD')/n/
Ctrl Alt <Key>M: string('hello') string(0x0a) string('world') string(0x0a)/n/

This will set Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Keypad_Plus_Button to send escape sequence ESC SCA_KPADD, which can then be used for #bind in powwow while Ctrl+Alt+M will not be bindable and will just write two lines:

If you use different terminal than xterm, you will have to figure how to configure it to send escape sequences for the key combinations you need.

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