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2019/06/29 14:22, Bonden: 
I've been thinking recently about how this game has been part of my life for something like 18 years. More than half of the time I've been alive! I think a lot of older players that still log in every now and then are in the same boat. And I just think this is such an awesome game that I hope it's still around next time I get the itch and decide to log on.

I've been wondering if there is a possibility of mume disappearing at some point. I am completely out of the loop as to who is in charge these days. Is there someone still active at the top levels of mume management? Is it possible that somebody gets hit by a bus and we lose access to the server, or the code base?

Also thanks to all you old shits that still play and keep this game alive, even if it's only every once in a while. I love all of you fuckers.

2019/06/29 19:37, Seade:   
OldShit thanks you back

2019/06/29 21:15, Fieldy:   
As far as I know, Dain is still as active to having the server near where he is. So if I understand it correctly - Dain is the key of having MUME up somewhere in a server. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

2019/06/29 22:51, Teoli:edited 1x   
The server is hosted at the university where ManwŰ is a professor. Dain is of course very active, and hosted it in another country for a long time.

2019/06/29 22:54, Bonden: 
I just hope there is more than one person with the keys to mume's source code and player files!

2019/06/30 02:18, Jahara:   
My understanding is that there are at least three people with access to MUME's source code. We should be 'OK' here :-)

2019/06/30 03:47, Bonden: 
Good to hear!

2019/06/30 08:27, Arcanum:   

2019/07/01 09:39, Vaelrin: 
Noone plays this shit anyway

2019/07/01 12:05, Bonden:edited 1x   
Oh, except for Vaelrin. None of what I said goes for him. Forgot to put that in my first post sorry.

2019/07/01 14:10, Boddah:   
I was thinking the same thing Bonden. It's going to be an incredibly sad day when I go to log onto MUME and it's no longer available.

It's really mind-blowing to think something like this game has been one of the strongest constants well over half of my life.


2019/07/02 07:23, Lookhu: 
I agree with what you say Bonden. It seems pathetic in a way but I cannot imagine a world where MUME doesn't exist.

2019/07/07 06:21, Enforcer:edited 1x   
Well, Dain is nearing his seventies, so we might need a successfor for the throne, especially with the islamic incursion problem there is in Sweden :)

2019/07/07 20:32, Benedictus:   
I visited Stockholm for midsommardagen and completely missed islamic incursion. Wish I had time to see both..

2019/07/11 17:08, Andrˇg:   
Both? An islamic incursion led by Dain? Now that'd be something to see for sure!

2019/07/12 05:19, Savu:   
Would that be an incursion into another country or would he first have to leave his home and then incurse back with islam?

2019/07/12 13:31, Barret:   
Leaving your home and coming back is more of a recursion than an incursion.

2019/07/12 14:33, Thurge: 
What if we could convince him to just embark on a nice Islamic excursion instead?

2019/07/12 17:00, Ain:   
I'm wasted

2019/07/14 16:07, Savu:   
Islamic excursion sounds like a school trip to the local mosque.

2019/07/14 17:35, Lookhu: 
Didn't Dain play Huor?

2019/07/15 18:16, Weebl:   
I thought Huor played Dain?

2019/07/20 20:42, Guido: 
Wait university professors are running MUME? Ahahahaha no wonder this game went to shit. Correct me if I'm wrong but none of these nepotist bureaucrats even bothered to show up to any of the mumemeets.

2019/07/21 15:24, Molwynog: 
bite the hand that feeds you

2019/07/22 14:16, Benedictus:   
I wish Antti did interview with all 4 imps like the lvl 100 interviews.

If I had to guess the reason they never wanted to interact with the community too much was maybe the toxicity from some..

2019/07/27 06:51, Guido: 
Nah they're just people who think that because they're good at one thing (e.g. coding the game) they're immediately good at everything else as well (such as leading a team of humans, community engagement and marketing). Which they're clearly not, seeing as how the game is dead.

2019/07/28 18:18, Khurlak:   
Dude, people have been saying this game is dead since 2001. Relax.

2019/07/28 20:03, Ortansia:   
I stopped playing since a long time so if mume disappear it won't change anything for me.

2019/08/23 16:13, Britneyspears:   
The Cabal replies: 'I'll give you my MUD when you pry it from my cold, dead hands'

[submitted link]

2019/09/04 06:19, Guido: 
More than anything, this game needs players and fresh blood to keep it alive.

Which got me thinking, I've been playing EVE Online quite intensively over the past year. In a world of graphic games, that game is probably the closest thing I've experience to MUME. Meaning the players in that game want a persistent game world, sandbox, real death and focus on PvP.

I'll throw a post up on the EVE Reddit with an overview of MUME and see what kind of response it gets.

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