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News 2566: Recent Minor Changes catchup  discussions

2019/07/04 22:48, Imago:   
Message 2566 : Recent Minor Changes & Fixes (Black Hills Rent, Ferries, Name Changes, Jewelled Rings) (Imago)
Written on Thu Jul 4 21:04:05 2019

1. The innkeeper of Black Hill has been talked into offering cheaper rent
to the young adventurers that offer their services in the village. (Waba)

2. We fixed bug which caused that gates, ships, ferries were leaving one game
hour sooner to what they should be. (Arfang)

3. We now allow minor namechanges past legend level, once per character.

4. From now on, we will record namechanges in HELP RECENT NAMECHANGES. (Waba)

5. We updated the look on jewelled rings to make it easier to distinguish them
from one another. All the old keywords are still there, so all your aliases
should work fine. A couple of new keywords were added. (Rogon, Imago, Mint)

2019/07/05 10:50, Andróg:   
Excuse my ignorance (or lack of playing for some years now), but where's Black Hill again?

2019/07/05 12:10, Fieldy:   
It is the new newbie-friendly zones east of GH, NW of Aldereon village.

2019/07/05 21:34, Vaelrin: 
Only pGaar would know and rent at Black Hill :P

2019/07/07 15:29, Andróg:   
Ahaa! I know about those zones, but I didn't know that they're called Black Hill...

2019/07/08 07:38, Rogon:   
The zones are part of the Tower Hills. Black Hill Village is the small village in the northern part where most quests are found and where newbies can start.

2019/07/08 08:47, Svarten:   
*Important* question: Is the newbie rent location diggable?

2019/07/08 16:47, Shaukr: 
I've been there as orc and trolls cleared it out, but I don't know if they tried to dig in the rentspot itself!

2019/07/08 21:50, Carl:edited 1x   
I think I tried. No it isn't.

2019/07/11 12:45, Aganir:   
What's up with the cut throat changes? Doesn't seem any different

2019/07/11 15:57, Rogon:   
The change is that it takes a bit longer for him to do the upgrade, but he always does it.

The old way was that he did it if he wasn't in a delay when you gave him the picks. If he was in a delay, he never did the upgrade.

Give him the picks, wait a few minutes if you want to be sure. If he's not hidden, there should also be a visible message when it happens.

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