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Anyone planning to play WoW Classic? catchup  discussions

2019/08/13 18:19, Nazgum: 
WoW Classic releases in 2 weeks and I know many mumers played it in the past; anyone planning to return when it comes out?

I personally never played Vanilla much, got to around level 30 before I dropped it, as I was actively playing mume at the time (and felt mume was the better game back then).

But I plan to try it again now, as it seems interesting with possibly some fun world pvp, anyone else?

2019/08/13 22:37, Agarwaen: 
Yeh, we have a NYC guild rolling on Herod.

2019/08/14 01:30, Vaelrin: 
World of Kings on mobile is better than WoW Classic

2019/08/14 02:04, Elizalde:   
The world PVP is going to be chaos and a rush from the start I think, so I'm in! Just don't forget to tell me which server that week plz! 8)

2019/08/14 04:25, Moonglum:   

2019/08/14 12:38, Pilois:  edited 1x   
Hi Nazgum!!

I'm pretty on the fence about it. Unfortunately with the way they are doing patches there will only be a short window where the honor system is live but battlegrounds are not. After battlegrounds are in it will be impossible to stay competitive with world pvp which you need to do for the pvp gear. (Of course it will probably be next to impossible anyway for someone that can't play 14 hours a day)

2019/08/14 13:02, Prist: 
I've been pondering it for a while. Main thing keeping me back is that.... well... I've done it all before for years, since I played classic nonstop from Korean beta sometime around mid-2004 until the end :S

2019/08/14 22:44, Elizalde:   
Does that mean you will roll with Naz and I again, Moonglum? :p Could be like old times!

2019/08/15 00:41, Aganir:   
I'm pretty sure I'm still paying for WoW, I might be interested... someone let me know a server, and what kind of toon we need, and I'll hop in!

2019/08/15 01:38, Nazgum: 
Hiya Moonglum and Pilois :)

I'm kind of excited, I miss slow progress games and think there can be some fun wpvp to be found :)

Thalnos and Herod seem to be the two main server choices, but Herod is already crazy overcrowded so leaning thalnos which seems friendlier, and reminds me a bit more of mume since it has players from other countries (Brazil, LATAM, etc say they are rolling there)

I'm going resto/ele orc shaman!

2019/08/15 01:50, Nazgum: 
Oh just see they opened a new Stalagg realm, that could be nice option too.

I chatted with Elizalde, Nuzo, and Lochdale as well - so seems a few mumers at least will be trying classic, fun if a few more join =)

2019/08/15 02:52, Aganir:   
I can roll a tank, I just don't know the best way to do it in Vanilla WoW. I'm getting a little excited, not gonna lie!

2019/08/18 15:20, Djinn:edited 1x   
Hey Mumers,

I'm with Prist on this one, but I'm pretty convinced I will at least try out classic. Like him, I've done it all before (to extreme levels), so I can't vouch for my willingness to do it again. However, we still mume, don't we, and I heard classic is quite the different beast than what what WoW is today. I look forward to clearing atleast dungeons. Clearing raids with a fixed 5day raiding schedule and playing arenas...Eeh, maybe not anymore.

What I want to ask is, what server will you guys start on? Both me, Raul, and probably a few others, play from the EU. While I can live with some lag, I don't think the lag on certain west-coast servers will be playable for us. WoW does not depend entirely on reaction speed, but it still does to a great extent. 300ms is ok, 500 is probably not.

Are you all willing to play on EU? How willing are you all to join a mume guild? Will someone take the guild under its wing and be a GM? What class/race combination do you think you'll be playing?

I naturally don't mind playing on EU as I'm from Belgium. I would love to join a mume guild. You guys would instantly make a mature guild (I hope :p), which is what I'm looking for anyway, and it'd be great to see some familiar names right off the bat. I would rather not be GM. GMing takes a lot of time and dedication, and I have a family I have to take care of.

I will play horde (debatable), undead mage/priest/warlock. I have not decided yet. I've played mage during vanilla extensively, have had both priest/warlock alts, and I remember how stationary warlock felt. The shadowpriest was pretty fun in pvp, but severely lacking in raid content. I might just play mage again.

Edit: Ah, one more question: What is your battlenet tag? Mine is Orozam#2138. Feel free to add me, and send me a message with who you are, so I can set your note.

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