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2019/09/11 02:04, Bardock:  edited 1x   
Rogon I had a good laugh from that thanks. No the bet was I would not play mume again. It was just a tease Rogon knows I forced him to do so :)

2019/09/11 07:41, Rogon:   
The water room is not removed. I thought the attempt to be funny was obvious. One of the problems us folks inclined towards a more ironic/dry sense of humour has on the internet, it's not always obvious to the receiver!

2019/09/11 07:45, Rogon:   
Actually that room does not seem to be a water flagged room. I assume you have the directions wrong, cause I certainly did not change anything.

2019/09/11 10:09, Rogon:   
In a community effort to show that the management do care, I have added a water trough in the kennels 2s of the Great Goblin. Rejoice!

Nosneak you said? Uh.

2019/09/11 12:25, Cohen:  edited 1x   
@water This is a classic issue with plenty of ideas. What could be welcome for someone could be a wrong change for someone else.

I understand the reason why to have free water and food there, so you can peacefully idle, but i also understand that allowing half idle char to stay at GC to get water/food has its obvious drawback - as you remove/alter a chance to be backstabbed when you lazily walk to loremaster and you forget to move for mins.

2019/09/11 16:54, Bardock:   
can you make that dumb puppy my avatar on elvenrunes.

2019/09/11 23:51, Padan:   
The bet was whether you'd ever comment on elvenrunes again. Want my venmo?

2019/09/12 04:30, Bardock:   
no it was not and this is not RR, I haven't posted on RR. The bet was that I would come back to mume, I never consented to anything other then that, just curious how long the term is until I get my money? :)

2019/09/12 06:18, Benedictus:   
Jesus Christ, interesting thread got hijacked again by the retard. He was banned once on ER, made a new account - he is like fucking herpes that keeps coming back and you never really get rid of him.

2019/09/12 09:53, Guido: 
Rogon: let us know if you hear anything back regarding the new website. I don't have the FE development skills part to create the new page itself, but I'm more than capable of working through the existing content, restructuring and re-writing it.

2019/09/12 10:11, Ridire: 
Just out of interest, has anyone actually created a character on Genesis and played a bit? Try it -- you may find it interesting to see what 'active and engaged management' looks like.

2019/09/12 12:20, Shaukr:   
Bardock: 'no it was not and this is not RR, I haven't posted on RR.' You literally have though.

'2019/08/17 Bardock:
the butt hurt is strong in this one.'

Outside of the topic of Padan making money, I'm all for the efforts in this thread! Not sure I have anything to contribute, though.

2019/09/12 14:28, Arfang:   
Guido: The idea didn't hit veto, but it is still too soon to allow less active A, I to raise it. Once we have confidence it is ok, we could come with some follow up info.

In case you fully decide to target replacing of i expect you would need to agree who will lead and represent such community project, to sit with responsible A to agree more precisely about the scope, target, devel policies, expected graphic design, not breaking some copyright etc. Also he/she should be able to get responsibility for git project, coordinate the project progress including solving issues from 'management' reviews of work in progress. So it will not end as the last attempt, when the done page was refused as as far as i remember.

My 2 cents about changes: It is needed still bear in mind that the target is to have for example better page, not the most 'sexiest' project which will not pass.

2019/09/12 23:38, Bardock:   
I am not playing mume ever again that should be sufficient enough for your happiness thanks.

2019/09/12 23:54, Mhoghedin: 

Yes - I very much agree.

I don't want anyone to do 1 minute of work (not even a mock up) until I get a clear message from A+ that they are open to working with the idea and being responsive.

Preferably in the form of a news post and a call to action.

2019/09/14 09:48, Bardock:   
Benedictus you should really curb your potty mouth and hateful rhetoric, making fun of the mentally challenged might be an easy target for you and enjoyable but those poor people suffer enough without being belittled by bigots like you.

2019/09/16 02:00, Dent:   
I'm not wishing to knock the hard work the staff puts into the game, believe me, I appreciate the hours of entertainment I get from playing this game. That being said, I seem to get mixed messages from some of the people involved. About a year back, I had a conversation on immortal with some of the A+ in the game about how to make the game more attractive to new coders. Some of my ideas included a menu-driven OLC system, such as the one on the tbamud code base, adding a more modern, mainstream embeddable scripting language such as Lua *in addition* to Mudlle, and support for existing standards for out of band client communication such as GMCP for delivering information to the client. They seemed to find it laughable that anyone would think that there was a shortage of coders, and anyone who wanted to learn to code on the game should learn Mudlle. That's fair I guess. In that case, where is the section on Stack Overflow for getting help with Mudlle? What books can new coders buy on the language? What third-party libraries are available for Mudlle on GitHub? Where on the Mume site is the equivalent to Aardwolf's extensive documentation on Lua and how it is integrated into the Mud? [submitted link]

2019/09/16 21:54, Tyor:   
A thought from someone's comment earlier; has MUME got any phone (android/apple stores) developers who could do a combined client/mapper app that is modern and glossy? Making the game easier to access and use, especially on today's most universal medium (phones) might be really helpful?

I know there are some basic mud client apps in the wild already but they aren't exactly user friendly atm. I suppose a major challenge would be working out a decent UI given the small form factor of phones. You would probably need a greater degree of scripted support?

2019/09/17 07:35, Rogon:   
The web client worked for me in my phone when I tried it. Probably not ideal. Then again I can't imagine actually playing mortal from a phone, but it works for idling with a god.

2019/09/17 10:47, Rashnak: 
I'm actually not thinking of current playerbase with the phone app, but the influx of people (even if just to try it) who have never even heard the term MUD in this context. Imagine if it was available in Google's or Apple's app stores - just install and play.

Developing it would require quite different approach than current client+MMapper setups. It could come modern phone app first, graphical map second, and MUME itself only third.

There would be obvious limitations like Rogon referred to, but accept those and improve things where phone is superior. Target audiences that don't even know what they are missing playing the game on phone, and sell the idea of desktop play to them later.

2019/09/18 06:22, Zarakh: 
Send newbies my way. I'd happily show a few people the ropes for 10 levels or so.

2019/10/20 14:11, Dawnborn:   
Rashnak, not only is the idea of a MUD unknown to many, but the rich history and lore of MUME seems scattered about or simply not recorded. That can pose a hindrance to either entering the game or understanding the culture of the player base and why certain things are the way they are.

I for one would love to see some sort of history of the game itself created, but as a historian I'm a wee bit biased towards that approach. I'd be willing to try and take it on if there was some cooperation from the Powers That Be(TM) as they hold some of the most important information.

2019/10/20 15:15, Rashnak: 
@Dawnborn: That's why my idea would put everything else than MUME itself in the frontline. Gameplay could also be much different from what we have.

For example, map could start hidden and only reveal itself as the player explores it. Had our old zones better room descs, it could also function as an interactive novel.

None of this requires much permission from any powers that be. It would use MUME as source for game data, but providing completely different game for masses of mobile users.

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