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2019/09/03 14:42, Mhoghedin: 
I've split off this topic from the Idea thread. This is specifically for talking about the new Chrome Extension using Waba's web client.

p(Barret) has been so kind to create a git repository for the new Chrome Extension to be put in the Chrome Web Store.

Link to repository: [submitted link]
"Specifically, I need a the following: * 16x16 icon * 128x128 icon
* 440x280 image to be displayed in the chrome store.

The store also requires/allows a 1280x800 screen shot of the app. But this could also be a youtube video. I can take a screenshot, but if anyone out there has the skills to make an enticing youtube video, that would probably drive more downloads.'

Can anyone help create media based on the MUME logo (or reimagine a new one! Use your artistic powers!)

Thank you MUMERs.

AND REMEMBER: Try to stay positive. I don't want any negative nancies in this thread. Focus on SOLUTIONS not problems.

2019/09/22 03:08, Barret:   
I published the Chrome app. You can find it here, [submitted link]
. If you have a chromebook or other compatible device, please download it, rate it, and leave a review. Feel free to focus your review on how awesome mume is as opposed to the chrome app. The chrome app is only a very thin wrapper around greater works.

2019/09/22 08:39, Mhoghedin: 
WOW! Thanks Barret!

I'll post about this on the FB Group and ask people to download it and leave a review.

2019/09/22 08:45, Mhoghedin: 
Also - Barret, i noticed this message when I went to download:

This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. The following problems are detected: This app runs only on ChromeOS

I'm using Windows, and this error came up. Any ideas?

2019/09/22 16:38, Barret:   
Yeah, that's not a bug. It is a feature. Google no longer allows new Chrome apps to be downloaded on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. Chrome apps these days are only for ChromeOS.

You were able to install the Genesis app because it is grandfathered in. But even so, it does not appear in searches on Windows machines.

It is possible to use the MUME app on windows. But you need to get the crx file from github and install the app in chrome developer mode. There are instructions for doing that on github.

I am looking into creating a windows store app that would have similar functionality. So that will be an option for windows users.

But the ultimate goal of this is really to advertise MUME to new users. existing users and the vast majority of new users will eventually have the best experience using a client.

2019/09/23 23:02, Mhoghedin: 
Thank you so much for your hard work on this!

We are still waiting for A+ feedback on the website idea. Once I get some form of go-ahead / response I'll try to marshal some troops to put together a mock up.

Im thinking new website + gofundme campaign to raise a couple hundred USD for a FB ad campaign to drive traffic to the website and hopefully convert a few newbies.

2019/11/01 15:02, Molwynog: 
Let me know where to donate.

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