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2019/10/22 20:59, Svarten:   
I once rerolled to max INT WIS, in order to mix and speak better, so that would make me a troll priest. (I like to preach!) Should be some title for those... Wiseman or Hard Thinker. Sadly I sunned between so now I again don't understand orc narrates.

2019/10/23 22:40, Dawnborn:   
Svarten the Smart-Smart Orc

2019/10/24 08:26, Savu:   
More like Smarten, amiright?
I'll show myself out.

2019/10/24 14:33, Resin: 
Lmao savu. Good one

2019/10/25 04:25, Rashnak: 
I once made a cleric troll with max mentals. Idea was to RP a skinny and weak troll that desperately tries to blind people by poking their eyes with his bony fingers.

Got bored with low moves and lack of OB though :(

2019/10/25 11:10, Carl: 
Low Str/Con trolls are kinda viable now with level changes. You don't need to be max str/con to get decent ob/hp.

2019/10/25 11:35, Dawnborn:   
Why the fuck did I type orc in my reply? Ugh. Teach me to reply while watching movies.

2019/12/01 11:51, Vaelrin:   
The days of meeting *a dreadful Orc* were the best. The days of meeting *Norsu the Orc* because he was a warlord were awesome.

Just because of the added mystery and more the reason to shit your pants.

Noone would fear *Shaukr the Orc* but if he would be *a dreadful Orc* it would actually be intriguing.

2019/12/01 16:36, Razoor: 
I think it would be a good idea to change the current system to something in line with what Elestir is proposing. I think I've mentioned it to Rogon at some point, maybe even wrote it on IDEA board. Apparently the system is not that easy to change though.

I think everyone on warlord's list = named.

Everyone else with more than half of WPS needed to be warlord 10 can be fearsome/cunning etc, and everyone with less than half = noname.

Just for the sake of simplicity.

This would add A LOT to the game in my opinion, especially with so few active players.

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