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Message 2571 : News from the Vales of Anduin ... catchup  discussions

2019/10/11 22:10, Ryalnos:   
Message 2571 : News from the Vales of Anduin and Southern Mirkwood (Rogon)
Written on Fri Oct 11 20:24:50 2019

Explorers of the eastern shore of the great Anduin have found an ancient trail
leading into the southern ranges of Mirkwood. While the lands west of the dark
forest are mostly fields and farmlands, they are not without peril.

The shadow of a dread stronghold holds the land in a withering grip. Farms lie
in ruin and fields are overgrown with weeds and strangling vines. Yet the land
is not as empty as it seems; creatures move through the land, keeping to the
darkest shadows.

Far to the south, the old trail disappears under the canopy of Mirkwood, and
following this shadowy path is not advisable for the faint of heart.

OOC: Dol Guldur itself is not part of this expansion.


Builders............ : Jahara, Björn, Naga, Orlanth, Rogon,
Xellia, Azan, Cuantar, Phloxy, Rik, Imago
Supervisors......... : Orlanth, Rogon, Timodeus
Proofing............ : Tabris, Almarian, Xellia, Hanne, Ciltor, Elemir,
Isildyr, Ennui
Mudllers............ : Thor, Imago, Arcane
Miscellaneous....... : Jahara, Ryalnos, Silvos
Arata reviewers..... : Fror, Waba

2019/10/12 00:00, Aganir:   

2019/10/12 05:29, Shaukr:   
Already some skirmishes in the new zones. Getting lost, just like old times!

2019/10/12 11:15, Fieldy:   

2019/10/12 12:03, Aganir:   
I found a new item! This is awesome, thanks everyone

2019/10/12 23:33, Elizalde:   
Nice work and thanks :D Has a mini Emyn feel to it. Very fun for pk, solo or in group. I just hope people are not afraid to explore it as they seemed to be with Emyn(and quite frankly it is still this way IMO - a shame really because it is probably the most beautifully built pk-area in the game where you can also enjoy xp/goodies). You can be low anywhere, at any time and someone jump you, so this new area is no different. On a pure scout you can easily go through _most_ of these new zones to learn it and make it your new playground (can't speak for combo's with lesser stab damage though).

I only have 1 disappointment about these zones tbh, but I will keep that to myself for now and hope to see some in the DG expansion, but I have a feeling since Emyn lacked it also, and now here, this is how it will be there in DG too. :P

2019/10/13 01:31, Pilois:   
@Elizalde if there is something you'd like to see in new zones please speak up! Builders like ideas!

2019/10/13 05:48, Aganir:   
I'm in love with this zone, it's fantastic! Not enough keys though, but lots of bottlenecked thoroughfares and sneaky ways around them. Just wish there were more keys!

2019/10/13 12:33, Elizalde:   
Guess I'm not the only one. :p

2019/10/13 15:29, Cohen:  edited 1x   
Although MUME walked far away from original DIKU, the base structure is still there and DIKU approach was a dedicated object per each key. So builders are a bit limited as they have to ask for assigning a new object (and justify it), so you would not get 10 keys per zone usually.

2019/10/13 16:11, Elizalde:   
I don't really care about the new objects review stuff btw, its like anything else having to pass through certain people's hands there before its finalized - it takes time (and its just another template sent when you send your new mob to be reviewed anyhow).

I was told that in Emyn for a RPish sense, keys would seem out of place. Understandable for most of Emyn I guess, but not approaching DG. :P

In an RPish sense: what Elves would be living in the middle of that new area and not have a locking exit with key anyhow? Surrounded by all the evil etc etc, yet here they are, chillin in the forest with no lock on their door. :P

Too many 'latch' exits appearing in the game now. Nice 'feature'. Now we see keys for chests only.

Sorry, but keys are an advantage, and when you don't install them anywhere to be used and instead use latches, everyone can easily escape.

2019/10/13 16:58, Shaukr:   
'In an RPish sense: what Elves would be living in the middle of that new area and not have a locking exit with key anyhow? Surrounded by all the evil etc etc, yet here they are, chillin in the forest with no lock on their door. :P'

Neither RD nor Lorien have locked doors into their lands despite surrounding evils. Elves are over-reliant on their magic, skill, and dreams of a world long-past that was kind to them. RP-wise, they're a bunch of complacent losers. I think it fits. Nature, after all, doesn't have locked doors!

2019/10/13 17:47, Elizalde:   
And one could easily justify their magic in evil places aren't as powerful, or rings of power by Elrond and Galadriel do not reach beyond their borders. There is always some way to justify something like a key imo, sorry. It is my opinion only of course, and doesn't mean anything besides what I said: there was just one disappointment for me. It doesn't mean they didnt do a great job or that I don't appreciate the new zones either!

I'm not one to candycoat stuff either, sorry.

2019/11/08 00:20, Iminyë: 
visit faine-dot-org for updated map, use on your own risk.

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