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Freedom of speech in Switzerland catchup  discussions

2019/10/25 20:06, Vidgri: 
As I unterstand, mume server is in Switzerland, a wonderful country with many official languages, thus ruling basic rights to be under Swiss law. What does Swiss law says about non-English narrates?

2019/10/25 20:41, Rogon:   
This is for america: The First Amendment protects individuals from government censorship. Social media platforms are private companies, and can censor what people post on their websites as they see fit.

I can assure you this goes for MUME as well. And it's not a US thing.

Just... Follow the effing rules if you want to play MUME?

2019/10/25 20:50, Carl: 
I cant believe the guy is trying to invoke Swiss law.

2019/10/25 21:13, Dawnborn:   
Did I miss something amusing during my nap?

2019/10/25 21:13, Zintilden:   
Use the sing channel for your constant spam, stay off narrates with it. Since you act like a moron I'll have pity for once and break it down some for you: You are like an annoying resident calling the 911 emergency line constantly instead of calling thr NON-EMERGENCY number for petty things.

Stop being a dick, stop spamming narrates, stop accusing everyone of cheating, stop posting garbage here if you don't like the responses you get, stop doing all of the above just to aggro the situation so you can turn around and whine about a new thing all over again and cry for someone new to be punished.

Do you honestly know what people think of you when you behave these ways?? I am being nice by telling you to calm the fuck down, be helpful instead and stop crying wolf. You will find yourself with more friends and enjoying MUME more if you do.

Oh, and when people feel bad for you and decide to invite you along, get your shit together and don't boss people around so they invite you again.

2019/10/25 21:26, Vidgri: 
have a nice weekend you too, anonymous Zi. You're unknown to me -(

2019/10/25 21:32, Zintilden:   
Hej? Thank you, have a great weekend too. Play nice and dont be an asshole anymore and maybe everyone can move on, thx.

2019/10/25 22:18, Aganir:   
I hate your existence.

2019/10/25 22:31, Aganir:   
I mean this as disrespectfully as possible, just to make sure you don't get it confused, but could you just maybe never speak again?

2019/10/25 22:34, Zintilden:   
Be ashamed of yourself for pot stirring on what may have finally sunk in, Aganir. 8/

2019/10/25 22:42, Aganir:   
Oh honey, we both know it didn't have any affect..

2019/10/26 05:53, Fieldy:   
This beats Mithfalen.

2019/10/26 12:12, Zintilden:   
Ok looking at the MMapper thread comments:

Zintilden 0 < Aganir 1

mmmmkay moving on because I am a sore loser! :D

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