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2019/11/12 15:48, Rashnak: 
Your base abilities are: Str:16 Int:7 Wis:10 Dex:15 Con:16 Wil:12 Per:5

I feel it could be easy way to make character building and development more interesting, if these stats were not rounded to nearest integers but showed more detail like Str:16.6

I think that compared to two decades ago, people generally survive longer without mobdeaths, and observing age effects among other things deserves more visibility.

2019/11/13 09:29, Slampen: 

2019/11/13 09:31, Slampen: 

2019/11/13 10:38, Fieldy:   
Would be great

2019/11/14 01:28, Vidgri: 
-1M, would suck

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