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2020/12/15 19:53, Imatin: 
Flaming other peoples work, is that the best you can do? If you're such a master of mudlet and so much better than everyone else - why haven't you made a better downloadable full client than what I've tried to provide?

2020/12/16 05:04, Phoebe:   
@imatin donít bother with him. You just feed him and he gets more worked up. There will not be any good outcome out of it.

What I discovered yesterday with some lowbie is that if your mmapper encoding is different from mudlet one, then some scripts will not work. He/she had problems with elven months subs, because his mmapper encoding was not utc-8. The difference is Norui vs Nůrui . Maybe you could add it to your whois so new people to mudlet/mume would know to pay more attention to that?

Also what I noticed is you have Zblam trigger included. Maybe include that this kind of trigger in pk is illegal, so new prople would not get in trouble?

2020/12/16 05:47, Draz:   
Very much agree with @Phoebe, you did an awesome thing Imatin, don't sweat Iminye.

For everyone offering suggestions, you can also share your setups I believe in a similar fashion by exporting the same file type that Imatin did.

Once I get my adaptions in a good place I'll try and do so.

2020/12/16 06:25, IminyŽ:edited 6x   
@imatin I put complete xml file in my github several years ago, so I am done with that. whois iminye
@phoebe add Nůrui etc to corresponding month list in scripts
I strongly suggest to make pk/xp mode switcher so ppl don't get demoted for using actions if pk hits them

2020/12/16 07:53, Imatin: 
@Phoebe - that is true, I should make a way to disable the zblam trigger in pk.
Using a variable for it, with an IF-check and then show this mode together with the targetting, spell speed etc. I should put those in a moveable window as well, like the chat is :-)

The web page has some instructions on setting both mmapper and mudlet to UTF-8, but as Iminye said over - could add months without special letters to the triggers to make it work for those who play with pure ascii.

2020/12/16 08:44, Imatin: 
And yes, if you have ideas or even better - ideas you already have solved in mudlet and want to share and add to the client - please let me know (Kaldae in mume discord, @imatin in game) and I will add it to the client.

2020/12/16 16:58, IminyŽ:edited 3x   
I used other comm window for spell timers and i didn't add all the spells/affects.
in triggers remove local from all spells, for example: shield = spell_timer.get_timer('shield'), add colours and booleans for example armboo=1 and set armcolor when cast armour (used in clock file). you can change those lines in affect/spell generator, remove old and make new triggers.
mudlet timer that redraws window every second is here [submitted link]
looks like this [submitted link]

2020/12/16 20:59, Draz:   
Cool approach Iminye thank you for sharing.

2020/12/17 02:21, Imago: 
Imatin, I like the setup!
If I may offer some advice, I would read up on trigger filters as well as AND triggers. Running regex on lots of lines becomes expensive, using some smart filters you can really cut down on this.

For example, all of my XP counter triggers off of an info #XPC command from MUME, so I have a trigger filter (folder with pattern) to do a beginning of line substring for #XPC. In that folder I have the various regex for #XPC (d)+ ... and so on. This means I only run regex on lines that start with #XPC.

I've found it nice to keep as much lua as possible in the scripts, and have triggers/aliases call functions--although there are some cases where this isn't as cut and dry.

I do like the initial set up, one of the things I have on my todo is work with some players and come up with a custom MUME gui package we can provide newbies with lots of good functionality in the box.

2020/12/17 04:45, Phoebe:   
Since for the past few days Iíve veen running around with my lowbie and helping newbies/lowbies with information, helping with some tasks (while tweaking my mudlet setup) etc I could possibly volunteer to help out. Let me know if you are interested.

2020/12/18 13:32, IminyŽ: 
useful to make new buttons 1. reset all boo to 0, 2. stop/start spell timer

2020/12/18 18:38, Imatin: 
I dont really know much programming at all, but I am trying to learn as I go. Tweaking it will probably not be the first thing I do.

Adding graphics is one of the coming features of a setup. That was one of the first things we talked about, getting to be like the more advanced mudlet setups.

Help is highly appreciated. How do you want to proceed?

2020/12/18 20:00, Imago: 
No worries, I can send you some of my stuff if you'd like to see some examples of trigger filtering and other features mudlet has.

2020/12/18 20:33, Dearth:   
Imago do you mind sharing them? I need to switch jmc -> mudlet because Ubuntu but it's not been smooth, would appreciate ready made scripts, I'm sure newbies would as well:)

2020/12/18 21:46, Imago: 
Yeah, I can absolutely share what I have. I'm on an old version of mudlet, so once I upgrade I'll look at putting my XP Counter, spell tracker, and a few others up on GH.

2020/12/19 04:44, Phoebe:   
It seems that the first thing I have to do is get on discord for smoother and quicker communication.

But I think the biggest help I can provide is testing things out and think about what else could be added and what would be useful for a newbie. Since Iím not very good at coding, then adding some code etc would result in a lot of errors at first. However if I will understand logic behind some of it I can easilly do some easier coding aswell and maybe even harder ones.

2020/12/19 19:34, IminyŽ:edited 1x   
try checking my setup from whois iminye, scripts folder, complete xml file. there's a lot of filtering, for example Imago with vote-tells is filtered out and cannot interfere in my communications.

2020/12/21 13:51, Ain:   
@Iminye, there is no complete xml file there

2020/12/21 18:32, IminyŽ:edited 10x   
or do you mean filtering in regex: ^Y(.+)(ar|begin)(.+)(hun|thr)(.+)$
I cannot include backslash in the post.
ideas for next release:
there is not need for 666 lines about how you name your favorite dales-pony
remove forced return from novoid: returning teleports out from necro/amon/mystical/cloudy etc

2020/12/22 07:15, Phoebe:   
Iíve been having some weird situations where most of my aliases get dosabled when Iím playing. For exame I can have a 1-2 hour session without a problem, then suddenly my aliases stop working. When I check my aliases, all boxes are checked and working. All I can do to fix this is restarting mudlet.

Is there is fix to this or why is this happening?

2020/12/22 10:03, Slampen: 
Have you accidentally clicked the button on the right in the command line that turns off _everything_?

2020/12/22 10:11, Ain:   
Implement herblore mixing so if you lack an ingridient you get a message and the rest of the action stops.

2020/12/22 10:16, Imatin: 
@Imago - what is GH? When? Can I strip and use some of it (I am making a client for the masses, it won't include everything (yes, like a DK timer))

2020/12/22 10:23, Phoebe:   
I donít change any settings in mudlet when I mume. I just send mume commands and suddenly notice they donít work. Is there some hotkey oli shortcut for that?

2020/12/22 12:19, Imatin: 
@Iminye - that spell_timer you added code for there doesn't work here. Only fails with time_get_time (a nil value). So I guess you made it for your timer script which I'm not running. I guess I will see if someone else can fix it with this timer.

2020/12/22 13:16, Imatin: 
I guess I am failing at something else that shouldn't be local. Any programmers available? :-/

I did remove the local on the spell triggers, but something about the time_get_time() could still be not available.

Gondor calls for aid!

2020/12/22 14:13, Imatin: 
Thanks to good help from @slampen!
time.get_time() instead of the imported time_get_time() in your xml.

It's working now, will be added in the next edition!

2020/12/22 15:33, Imatin: 
So - new version out now!
@Iminye - there is a DefaultValues place now where you can set all the colours to your liking - better?

Spell-window (thank you Iminye and Slampen for the aid) with tracking of spells. It autoclears when you log out.

New window for say and yell - was wanted by some people

Some plants and other things edited and fixed.

2020/12/22 16:07, Phoebe:   
Is it possible to add the new version without losing aliases that I created?

2020/12/22 23:12, IminyŽ: 
autoclearing spell window is a terrible idea: i often log out only to drop charmies, accidental rent is possible too

2020/12/23 09:35, Cohen:   
@Imatin: i think GH is github in current context

2020/12/28 22:38, IminyŽ:edited 1x   
i also often relog to drop some prespammed stuff like shooting.
bug: <worn on belt> a shining key (archeddoor - old wight)
keys update - some key is no sage's key
idea update - we need to find place for group tells: iminye tells the group blababla

2021/01/15 02:02, Roadkill: 
Nice thread!

I can see I'll have to try mudlet now.

Ty very much, Imatin, and the other helpful posters.

2021/01/16 21:48, IminyŽ: 
there is also extremely thrilling reading called (surprise) 'mudlet technical manual'

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