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2021/10/03 15:09, Quillen:   
Hello! Returning player and wanted to start fresh with new client (JMC 3.25 -> Mudlet) so far it's added a whole new dimension to MUME. Thanks for all the scripts and examples!

One thing, I been trying for weeks to work is the clock script! I have tried converting the xml file Clock. to Clock_ but still getting errors in the code. Is there an updated package or script for it? Or perhaps an alternative way?

Anyways thanks again for a wonderful new client to play with.

2021/10/04 04:22, Hum:   
if you are using mmapper2, you can just add mume alias: alias time _time

works like a charm lol. that's what i ended up doing.

2021/10/04 22:55, Quillen:   
@Hum Omg!!! thank you so much! Just needed to set it with a look at a clock too. =)

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