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2022/05/02 20:51, Eldaril: 
To clarify, the advertisement of prescription drugs has been illegal in the EU since the 1990s. Not sure how this is relevant though since covid vaccines are not prescription drugs.

The whole 'real healthcare system' gave me a good chuckle though, considering that the 'well regulated' EU is where I can get a pile of stuff that is only available through my PCP here.

Advertising isn't the problem.Specifically for prescription drugs, since no sane physician here is going to expose themselves to liability.

2022/05/03 05:09, Ytinas: 
Last statement makes no sense to me. Why would companies advertise if it isnít working? Too many insane doctors pass expensive medical school? Advertising canít explain the full extent of inflated healthcare cost, but the effect should be non-negligible.

Are you getting useful drugs in EU based on US doctors recommendation?

2022/05/03 06:52, Eldaril: 
It IS working. Higher awareness means higher sales. The inflated costs come from a largely noncompetitive market that is poorly regulated. There isn't some covert, large-scale medical malpractice taking place.

I'm not getting drugs in the EU, I just know full well how that market operated (and still operates) in the home country.

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