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2020/05/08 16:19, Luke:   
I was thinking to create here discussion in area of business. It seems covid started world economical crises/recession and a lot things will change, the world will transform.
The impact of this crises will be really big. We can see already now that travel companies, restaurants&pubs, logistics companies will be hit very hard and that is just the beginning.
There will be domino effect in many other areas, difficult to estimate now. But like any other crises, it will definitely bring good things too. So far it seems good for nature and environment and i believe it will be good for human kind also.
Probably quite some people will loose their job, past month 20 millions americans did , but there also will be new possibilities and opportunities. There will be areas that will grow. Definitely many areas connected to internet, IT and delivery.

So i created this discussion for people to brainstorm on ideas they have and find people to cooperate with. We do have here global network of skilled people, people know
each others and know who you could do business with.

I got last year seriously sick and reconsidered a lot things, I decided to quit manager job for IT corporation and took time to recover and rest. In past, I used to do small investments to real estate, we have bigger project with friend to build house with 20 flats in my city, we just got all permission after 6+ years(banana republic) and we were going to start in May,
but because of the covid situation we are waiting now how things will turn out. Real estate will be hit after long boom so we might freeze this project for few years. Cottages and huts
might be good focus area now as people wont travel that much. As main job I don't want to be focused on money, but something I like, some interesting project,IT project, gardening,traveling guide, that is what i'm considering now... :-)

Maybe this discussion will not bring any results, but maybe for some people it will work and is worth trying. Maybe some people find some inspiration or come with interesting project and people to cooperate on.
Please try to keep this discussion more practical than theoretical, try to be open minded, without the standard mume bashing and insulting and for argle-bargle communication keep to The Official Androg, Conspiracy and Boofhead Thread ;-)

2020/05/08 17:28, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Last 10-12 years been an entrepreneur. Dealt in various sectors: finance, IT, websites, manufacturing, construction, entertainment, risk capital project management etc. Find this topic interesting and can just give my two cents if necessary regarding experience, theory and practice etc. Been counseling organizations and other SME entrepreneurs also. At the moment taking a short break from entrepreneurship, will be back at it probably in the start of the next year.

Luke, you still located in Czech Republic?

2020/05/08 18:39, Björn: 
What I've been forced to do over the last few months (as everyone else) is to take all of my work as a management consultant online. I've started using the pretty neat service Mural [submitted link]
which lets you run design thinking workshops online and has all your usual templates for ideation and design - but without running the risk of the sticky notes not being sticky enough and repeatedly falling to the ground.

If we get some interested people together I would be happy to facilitate an online workshop and we could see what great ideas we come up with!

2020/05/08 18:46, Fieldy:   
Oh, cool - didn't know you are in management consultancy :D Based in Sweden or? Do you also offer market entry services or anything similar to that?

2020/05/08 20:39, Prist:edited 1x   
Hey, I actually like it! I myself worked in public sector for 10 years in education - mostly with various EU funded projects. My main area of expertise has been international student mobility and how to get students to move - meaning improving availability of scholarships, creating mobility opportunities, building country branding to make them more attractive for international students etc. For years I was in position to write and implement national strategies and have influence on policy and managed quite large team and budget. Two years ago I made career change and switched to private sector to head marketing and sales of a small IT company offering specific SaaS services to universities (so basically still similar education sector). Managing diverse international teams over two years I almost doubled our recurring revenue, broke into new markets in Japan, India, Canada, Ireland and elsewhere and built up all supporting systems to continue growth. To make matters more fun, there is also anonymously published strangely successful book that may or may not be written by me.

As crisis has the tendency to bring out the weak links in companies and organisations I feel however, that the company where I'm working currently may not reach the goals I originally expected and I no longer share the vision with the owners, so I'm considering my next steps. Started repairing old summerhouse my parents built in 90s near the sea to hopefully turn it into permanent place and it most likely will occupy my time for summer, but I'm definitely looking around for new interesting things to do. Going to keep eye on this thread!

2020/05/08 20:45, Björn: 
Yep, I belong to the Stockholm office of Accenture, but we usually staff across the Nordics. The work is more typically business transformations, but I'm sure we could do a market entry too if we come up with some great ideas here =)

2020/05/08 21:20, Fieldy:   
Ahhh, I looked into Accenture now and now I know that I have a contact there if needed!

But how do we go on from here? I'll be honest, I have many of my own projects that need me so I would rather not put anything of my own here.

BUT I am more than happy to write-discuss-explain.
So if anyone here at the start of their idea or business, have questions - shoot. I believe I will have some questions to others here at some point : P

2020/05/09 08:26, Facelift:   
Just capitalize on the market crash, buy up stocks that are known to re-establish, buy crypto and let the time do the rest while you collect dividends.

Work sucks. Life's easy.

2020/05/09 11:48, Luke: 
Great idea Bjorn :-) We used Mural together with Trello, Zoom and Slack. As teams I managed were in north and south America, Europe and Asia. Great for virtual global teams. Lest see if more people will join.

2020/05/09 15:49, Eldaril: 
Zoom and slack sounds like a dubious business moto ;)

2020/05/11 05:29, Luke: 
Its not business moto Eldaril, those are just tools that can be very helpful when people who are cooperating are around the world ;-) This discussion is open to any ideas, any approaches during next months.

2020/05/11 07:45, Eldaril: 
I know, it was a joke. Apparently a rather flat one.

2020/05/11 08:57, Nero: 
Cool to see this thread. Also cool to see so many successful people are mumers! Maybe being willing to put up with all this for years is gives you better odds to making it in life.

Anyway, has anyone considered Discord? There is already a MUME discord chanel, we could probably get a room there.

As far as skills: in the thread so far it seems we're management heavy. Personally I'm a software developer/architect. Anyone else?

2020/05/13 12:47, Rashnak: 
I work in software development also, mainly PHP and LAMP stack doing web based solutions. I moved from Finland to China in 2013 - employed abroad but also have small company established here for convenience.

After working remotely even before the relocation (soon for 10 years) Covid situation has had little impact on the working conditions for me. But business has taken a hit since many of our customers depend on retail.

Our son is starting kindergarten in the autumn, and that combined with cutting my work hours (even before the Covid) and wife starting work after taking care of the kid until now, this gives me time to do other things. But it will probably be something completely different for a while.

2020/12/22 14:42, Luke: 
I would like to come back to this thread and say what i was doing past m6 months. To explain why I got this idea, i got cancer last year in May. I instantly decided to quit job for IT corporation where i was leading global teams in north and south America, Asia and Europe, i wanted to make
that change for several years. I was on sick leave for a year, I was doing literally nothing and everything went fine in end and I'm healthy.
So I was thinking what to do in June and I didn't want to go for office again or some big business managing people and numbers.

so I decided to try start business with wild forest mushrooms. Last year after surgery was walking in forest a lot, it was helping me to recover and I was collecting mushrooms and giving them away.
I was trying to walk 20km per day since june and mapping places all around my country. I pushed it really hard 7 days per week for 5 months and soon I started to
deliver to best restaurants around here, in end of season to 30 of them. Mushrooms are very popular in Czech and noone was offering this as service delivery business with focus on highest quality with delivery twice per week. During summer i built team of mushroom hunters as I wasn't able to pick up all by myself. I added some more forest products blueberries and cranberries and it went quite well for covid year.

Now during winter I'm planning to rest and plan what to do with this business next. Thinking what else I could add as products, mostly from forest area.
And also I'm thinking about the balance, this was way too much for my knees, so I'm planning to make it like 40% forest 60% management.
The forest, people and universe was on my side really, everything went very well.

I got meetings with various people to discuss possibility of cooperation in this area and I would also like to ask here. Maybe someone has an idea for cooperation,
maybe some export , import :-)

2020/12/22 14:46, Luke: 
And we could also have online workshop as Bjorn recommended in spring and see if we come up with any great ideas for some IT/business project :-)

2020/12/22 15:55, Malak: 
Great to hear of your recovery and new lust for entrepreneurship. Do you have access to any land? Rather than foraging which takes a lot of physical effort for an unpredictable yield, could you create a mushroom and berry farm?

I watched a guy on YouTube who leases small plots of space from neighbour's backyards (eg 15'x15' at $x/month) and farms various crops which he harvests and brings to farmers markets and restaurants a couple times per week. Apparently he makes a very good living. He farms high yield crops that can turn over a few times per growing season.

My life is a big too hectic for big projects atm, but happy to brainstorm. :)

2020/12/22 17:18, Fieldy:   
Firstly, great to hear you are in good health now! : )

Regarding your entrepreneurship and business.
1. I understand these are wild mushrooms and restaurants value those because they are picked from the local forest? If not and they can buy those mushrooms from the wholesale why do they prefer yours?
2. I am not familiar with Czech horeca industry - aren't there big companies who cater the needs of restaurants with mushrooms, vegetables, meat, herbs etc.?
3. So... whose forests are those where you pick them? Do you have permission? Or why hasn't anyone else done this yet?

2020/12/22 21:38, Agarwaen: 
So I'm pretty involved in the burlesque scene in NYC. I also have a lot of sex worker friends. Everybody is freaking out about being de-platformed by Instagram and seemingly every other major social media platform besides Twitter. I've had a quite a few friends who had their accounts deleted in the past few days just because they posted something 'sexy' while also promoting their shows. Instagram now considers this sexual solicitation. Then on top of the issues going on at Pornhub and some new law in the works that would basically kill internet porn.

Anyway, now is the perfect time for someone to launch a new platform to replace Instagram that isn't a piece of shit.

Also, if someone could recreate an online dating site like the pre-buyout OKCupid and put in their corporate bylines that the company can never be sold to Match Group, that would be awesome too.

2020/12/23 08:35, Draz:   
Just wanted to say I relate a lot to starting a business for health / happiness reasons that better suited me than corporate life. I 'gave up' pretty significant income and I think it was the best decision I've ever made.

I think my biggest advantage as an independent is my flexibility, willingness to learn and creativity. Large corporations can't think up a mushroom business nor pursue it, that's you advantage (as well as lower costs, payroll, etc.).

2021/01/04 17:45, Luke: 
Fieldy: King Bolete and yellow chantarell are valued on the market here and there was noone else doing it as service delivery with highest quality. No permission needed in Czech, you can go in all forests without limits.

2021/01/04 17:48, Luke: 
Bjorn, lets do some Zoom session and brainstorm if we can come with some IT project? I've a lot of time during winter :-)

2021/01/04 20:26, Björn: 
I just created a Mural workspace for us. Let me know your e-mail if your interested and I'll add you and then we can find some time to work together in a call!

2021/01/17 03:16, Luke: 
Those who would like to participate please send email to Bjorn.

2021/09/26 11:30, Fieldy:   
Could someone from the US explain to me why there are public tenders that have the last bid submission date on 30 April 2027 even though the need is now?

2021/10/04 08:35, Edvard: 
Wow, that is quite a story Luke. I’m so glad you are alright now and hopefully in a good place after quitting your job etc. Health is everything. Also a bit funny that you can’t even take forest walks without ending up with a group of redshirts hoarding mushrooms :D

I’m also running a business, in the care sector (elderly and disabled) since about 9 years. Recently started a new company as sort of a spin off from that in which we are building a digital platform. Maybe I should have looked to the MUME community for developer coop but it didn’t cross my mind.

Things are pretty hectic with small kids and work rn so not much room for new projects but collaboration/ideas/contacts across our borders sounds like fun so let me know if i can help :-)

2021/10/06 11:17, Enforcer: 
Hey, Agarwaen probably trolling, but it was pretty cool. Anything that kills internet porn is a good thing :). Luke, glad to hear you are okay :)

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