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2020/10/10 20:27, Torkild: 
Get mountain trolls from above tile mezagor area as charmies to be supersafe. they have rescue and protect and a lot of hps.

2020/10/10 20:48, Arcanum:   
@elestir. 1-Harm feels better on warcleric and i think on some stats you get higher % on harm than dispel. 2-when killing huge mobs, i have the illusion of those crit wounds reduce their ability to fight and regen (think grinder). 3-neutral mobs like mighty bears.
If i only could recall the myth about harm being more eff vs high hps target...

in theory - samesiding.

2020/10/10 21:47, Elestir:  edited 2x   
@Arcanum Dispel is faster, has lower manacost, and can kill from high hp. That itself is enough to never look at harm. Sure, in some rare scenarios, harm could in theory be better vs some smobs, but dispel does the job there pretty well too and in all the other scenarios dispel is better. When you need to slay super high hp mobs like Grinder, mage is better anyway (better damage/mana ratio). Where cleric excels is the damage/time ratio and that's because of dispel. This holds even for war-cleric, even though war-cleric is significantly weaker than pure cleric no matter what he pracs simply because reason cleric is so strong is dispel, sanc and blind and by going unpure you weaken all of those main trumps of yours. And what for? Just to get bash which your groupie (even charmed lithe or bashpig) can provide better than you will ever be able to.

2020/10/11 20:19, Ares: 
Now when everyone are running around with their half-elven charming clerics, its about time to start sharing other actually fun and less effective builds? :P

1. Max missile stats, max missile, enchanted crossbow and enchanted metal cased bolts, sneak, preload and destroy everything :P

2020/10/29 16:59, Darrow:   
So I've been having a bit of fun leveling a character for the first time in years. I've reached the point where I have maxed shield and armour, and earthquake (96%), but have no other mage spells. Have pracced smother, blind, strength and bob to 100% (should one max those as a caster?). At level 18, I am now wondering what to prac next. Do I start going for charm and command? Or should I get store?

The plan is to be a pure cleric with charm and quake, to have fun xping solo around Arda.

2020/10/29 17:45, Elval:   
Get charm and command (and drop smother/quake as needed for the pracs). Charm is way more mana-efficient than quake, so you don't waste time regenning while xping. You can get store/quake once you have more levels. I would aim for 300-400k xp/hour at your level, and 400-500k xp/hour once you hit hero.

What exactly to charm depends on your character, and you should experiment. I last did 1 lion at 18, 2 lions at 19, 1 eagle at 21, eagle + lion at 23.

2020/10/29 19:31, Darrow:   
Thank you very much for the advice. :)

2020/10/29 22:15, IminyŽ:edited 1x   
Shaghosh is easy with hgs/mt + meagle/hsh/mt. idk why quake at bulag: last bulag was w/o grey followers

2020/10/30 04:38, Quapmoc:   
Iíve never managed over 300k xp/hour. What zones/mobs can you do that at level 16-18, 18-21, 21-25? Also what determines if a caster should wear fine chain or fine metal?

2020/10/30 07:15, IminyŽ:edited 6x   
16-21 old forest / old fornost / wight warriors w/o entering nobles area. quakers can add morthan and ferny.
21+ can add mystical/amon/fangorn mines/huorns/ma.
26+ you can buy and sell fine metals if you want do chief/valepack/dk.
idk what lvl for clearing tbad sewers
my lvl 26 hobbit quaker in metals with 2 trolls killed WHOLE valepack, using only 1 sacnt scroll in the beginning (100k)

2020/10/30 19:28, Elval:   
In my experience, killing lots of level 8-15 mobs quickly is the most efficient way of gaining XP, although it's boring. Fangorn plants are amazing XP. Grizzly bears, lions, rattlesnakes, vines, roots, weeds, thieves, smugglers, robbers are all good.

For instance, consider even the 30% trophy for a mass of vines (= 1/4 the original XP -- the 10th, 20th, 30th is worth 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc) killed by my legend charmer with 2 eagles. This was worth 1500xp, took 10 seconds to kill, and needed basically no regen. That would be 540k xp/hour without transportation time. So if you can find another similar mob within 5 seconds on average, you'll make 360k xp/hour. And if you're already on your way from place to place, and run into a mass of vines at 30% trophy, killing it will bring up your average xp/hour towards 540k.

This is the edge of what I would bother with; you'd certainly rather be killing something similarly easy but with lower trophy. And there are enough unique easy mobs around Arda that you should be able to get to legend on them.

2020/10/31 07:06, Elval:   
> Also what determines if a caster should wear fine chain or fine metal?

I haven't fully figured this out myself, but basically: fine metal gives better protection, and fine/shining chain give better weight (= moves, flee chance). For PvE, moves are basically irrelevant, and fine metal is strictly better. In PK, the moves may well be more important than the protection. But in MUME PvE you still have to be prepared for PK -- and if you get ambushed by *orcs* while on foot, will you be able to escape wearing fine metal?

It's also relevant whether you're buffing for your charmies, or letting your charmies buff anything tough. If your charmies are buffing, wearing fine metal doesn't help much. If you're buffing, then fine metal is pretty helpful. You buffing has benefits (charmies don't have absorption or moods) but risks as well (e.g., a *man* could suddenly walk in while you're bashed and quake you dead -- this has happened to me). If you're not buffing, you stay at full HP and are significantly safer.

Putting some numbers on this: my cleric has a 50% armour spell which absorbs 125 HP before failing. (Recall that this is absorbed before equipment comes into play.) Consider what happens when I take 250 damage, in blows of <29hp at a time.

- The armour spell will absorb 125 damage, taking 25 mana to restore.
- With fine metal, 90% of the rest will be absorbed, doing 13 hp damage. This takes about 5 mana to cure with cure light/cure serious.
- With fine chain, 65% of the rest will be absorbed, doing 44 hp damage. This takes about 18 mana to cure.

[Cure light/cure serious both cure ~2.5 hp/mana. heal does ~3.5-4 hp/mana, but is wasted on my cleric's hp pool.]

So HP-wise, fine metal means that getting hit is about 30% cheaper.

[Note that with fine metal, you'd actually save mana by skipping the armour spell entirely and just healing the damage you take. The problem is that you would be way too vulnerable to PK: for example, you could be stabbed dead from full.]

How about moves? To first approximation with 17 str, walking takes twice as many moves at 95 pounds as at 0 pounds [at 14 str, it's at 83 pounds]. A full fine metal set weighs 59 pounds. A full fine chain set weighs 29 pounds. Suppose I have 40 pounds of other equipment. Then walking in fine chain will take about (1 + 69/95) / (1 + 99/95) = 16% less moves than fine metal.

So would you rather spend 30% less on health, or 16% less on moves?


Things probably change a bit in favor of chain once you get fancier equipment. Shining chain is much lighter than fine chain, and gives only slightly less protection (and more on the very heavy blows, like those of *orcs*, that you're most worried about). Circlet and copper/silvery wristbands are likely better than absorption (and often so are boots with move-cost reduction or gloves with better OB). Then with 2-4/6 of your slots poorly armored, and enemies preferentially targeting those slots, fine metal on the remaining slots is less useful but weighs the same.

2020/10/31 08:54, Darrow:   
I found fine metal to be superior while xping in old fnost or w of the Shire. Move points concerns made me switch to fine chain for xping in tbad and on gway.

I have str, blind and bob at 100%,and could put some more pracs into them. Would doing so be advisable?

2020/10/31 09:37, Slampen: 
@Darrow I would have pracced to get stronger charm, armour and shield at your level, and then getting high clerics skills.


2020/11/01 19:05, Arcanum:   
shining mails, armour up, permasanc, never buff:D

2020/12/05 06:36, Quapmoc:   
How do you quake without store while charmies buff? Donít the charmies turn agro on you once you quake them?

2020/12/05 13:01, Naut: 
sanc one charmie, others sleep. order charmie kill and empty mana with quakes until buffer dies. repeat.

2020/12/05 16:23, Quapmoc:   
Thanks. Someone suggested this for Moria and said unstored quakes. My question is after the first quake wonít your charmie buffer turn on you and start attacking you?

2020/12/05 21:45, Alweon: 
I haven't actually tested this but I presume if your charmie is already buffing an enemy, neither will engage you through quakes. If they do become engaged with you, you can just flee, reenter and they will still be fighting each other, allowing you to freecast again.

Yes your charmie will hate you, but it will die from your quakes and the bigger enemy anyway. If it lives you would have to recharm it (or kill it).

2020/12/06 08:15, Naut: 
If you quake in room where your charmie is fighting someone you are not actually engaged.
You can walk out after quakes. If you assist your charmie then yes, victim could change targets and hit you instead.
But in moria for example killing mura i would sleep its guardian trolls and then spray mura while sanced charmie buffs and myself not engaged. Takes 2 manapools for solo mage. Sleeping guardians is more difficult than killing mura.

2020/12/06 08:18, Naut: 
Oh, thats already said before in this same thread

2021/01/10 21:00, Odiin:   
For Combos, warmage or cleric with charm, what charm % do people go for to be able to charm 2 meagles or 2 hsg? Plus maybe bashpig? Also what % in armour and shield do you go for?

2021/01/11 14:19, Forsaken:   
With the rent trick you only really need lvl 20-21 for two eagles. You'll succeed 80%+ on first eagle at around casting lvl 26. A level 25 char with 90% charm will cast at lvl 22.5. Then add EQ and you can see where you stand. 3 eagles (with rent trick) kicks in around casting lvl 29 afaict.

Everyone has their own schemes for their hybrids. My caster-heavy cleric/war gets around 78% armour/shield and my caster-heavy mage/warrior gets 94%. All depends on how you stat and prac.

2021/01/12 03:48, Dognar:   
Shit, I solo'd Mura back before the level boost with a staffless 26 mage with 2 meagles. Just store sleeps, sleep followers. Can't imagine how easy moria is with a high level char now with charmies.

2021/01/16 19:48, IminyŽ: 
I think that Dognar is lying

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