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2022/01/09 09:48, Zillakami:   
Dunno if it's already been suggested, but some leet level orc mount, possibly from a vendor accessed via a quest, would be cool. Some super warg or wolf (or spider! that'd be cool!) that likes mountains and has good regen.

2022/01/09 12:32, Scorten:  edited 1x   
@Nazgum Was looking for an RPG in Middle-earth that comes close to pen & paper RPGs and stumbled upon MUDs and MUME. I have started in the Tower Hills area and loved the newbie quests and onboarding in general. Joined the MUME Discord, too. The game is tough and difficult at times but it's also a lot of fun. I wish there'd be more up-to-date guides though. Most are very old and I suspect that some information might be outdated.

I think the most difficult part for me was setting up Mudlet, MMapper and all the aliases and triggers. Other MUDs seem to offer all-in-one launchers that are ready to go after downloading.

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