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2021/10/30 20:01, Enforcer: 
Is it just me then, but I think Trolls are fine. The only char that can take on puke mage with 2 charmies reasonably well.

2021/11/07 22:13, Vurv:   
I think it would be Logical if Troll size, sub-races and Sex had a noticeable affect on in game stats. I created several Max-Min height Trolls of varying Race and Sex to level 25. The only differences I discerned between 6'6' Female Hill Troll and a 9 foot male Mountain Troll are EQ size and weight with subsequent fall damage done. Some differences would be to have large Trolls have + STR and - DEX. Females could have reduction in STR for increase in CON, PER, or INT. Races could have a varying bonus or malus (moves, senses, OB/DB) based on room they are in.

2021/11/08 19:58, One:   
I would love 2 practices in pick.

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