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2020/11/30 23:21, Nazgum: 
So to share our second week of ad stats:

Ad Groups: [submitted link]
Ads: [submitted link]
Impressions: 75438 Clicks: 207 CPC: $0.20 Spent: $41.50

And our in game newbie stats are nearly the same as last week, with about the same amount of new accounts and players leaving mandos, tho less hours played.

That seems pretty positive to me, since we spent almost half as much compared to last week, but kept about the same increase over when we weren't running ads. Further making me think the lotr/tolkien targeted subreddits were too unrelated, and most clicks we paid for there didn't amount to many new accounts.

I'll likely dial down the spend a bit further, maybe aim for $30/week, which would be about $120/mo.

2020/12/01 06:44, Fieldy:   
Looks nice and stable. Keep it up!

2020/12/02 15:55, Merarl: 
[submitted link]

2020/12/08 07:29, Fieldy:   
Stat updates? : )

2020/12/08 08:09, Nazgum: 
Next week will be our first month, so thinking of switching over to show monthly stats then, since I don't think it will be changing too much at this point. (unless people really want weekly stats, I just didn't want to make it too spammy on elvenrunes)

The stats are pretty consistent at this point, this week was very similar to last week:

Impressions: 91k Clicks: 225 CPC: $0.19 Spent: $43

But the ads seem to be doing pretty well overall, aside from the spend still a bit too high ($30/week is my goal, I tried reducing this by making our ads only show for certain hours of the day - specifically the times mume is most active) - but despite that reduction, the cost stayed about the same as the previous week, so will have to try something different or even less hours active this week =)

2020/12/08 09:50, Fieldy:   
Yes, please update the stats weekly if its not much of a hassle. I'm just keeping my eye on the SEO and the newbies and trying to see if there are any trends.

Logged as a lowbie last night, it was pretty fun to watch as newbies list grew and one point there were LD newbies who gave up, but some who stayed :D This login-quit thing lasted for the whole 2 hours I was logged on. Have not seen such movement for a long time. MUME plots are rising in long run too.

2020/12/08 11:58, Dearth:   
Also guys please also help vote if you can, because it's exponentially more important now than before: if we could get #1 over Aardwolf we could maybe get couple more players from topmudsites, who in turn would see they are not the only newbies because they see a couple who came from ad campaign who see a couple who came from topmudsites. Many small growths done simultaneously together tend to reinforce each other and create a poor man's version of Buffet's 8th wonder of the world.

2020/12/14 11:47, Nazgum: 
Its stats day again, and this is actually first full month of stats being run. So for our usual past 7 day stats we've had:

Impressions: 61k Clicks: 142 CPC: $0.19 Spent: $27.50

Not much changed, except spent less and tweaking it down bit further still to aim for average $100/mo spend.

And since its actually been 30 days since we started this ad campaign, here's some stats for the whole month:

Impressions: 367k Clicks: 968 CPC: $0.19 Spent: $190

Between this ad campaign (968 hits) and reaching rank #2 on TMS (300 hits), we sent a lot more traffic to the mume site this month, and it feels like its working a bit. I've seen more newbies in the game, and even on the mume discord, and the stats from Jahara look pretty promising, so hopefully we can continue this push for a few months and bump up our playerbase a bit =)


2020/12/14 15:06, Forsaken:   
This is badass. I have also noticed more newbies than normal. I sent some Lauren also.

2020/12/15 00:21, Finw: 
FYI @Nazgum, I spoke to a newbie earlier today (Maewen, who's been playing 4 days he/she thinks) who saw your ad on reddit. Do you advertise on the Dwarf Fortress subreddit? Anyway, the below may be helpful knowledge for subreddit targeting (Maewen is now level 9! Way to go!):

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen how did you find out about MUME?

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'I saw an ad on reddit. Thought it seemed cool, so I decided to try it out'

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen ok, cool! We have no visitor tracking on the website at the moment, so not much clue as to how people find us!

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen do you remember what the ad said?

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'Sorry, I don't :( I think it said something about it being a MUD and playing out in middle-earth. It took me to the website when I clicked it.'

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'the website was really easy to navigate btw, so good job on that!'

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'I thought it sounded cool. I'd heard about MUDs before, but I was probably a bit too young back when they were really popular'

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen ok good, Jahara has been working on improving the home page this summer

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen do you play roguelike games?

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen or on that sub-redit?

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'I've played a ton of Dwarf Fortress. I love adventure mode in that game, but fortress mode is also cool. I've played a tiny, tiny bit of... Was it Angband maybe?'

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'Nope, I don't think I frequent that subreddit'

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen a tolkien subreddit?

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'But I have definitely joined the Dwarf Fortress one, so that might've triggered it'

![ 2[0:2]>
Maewen tells you 'Uhh... Maybe UnexpectedLotr?'

![ 2[0:2]>tell Maewen ok, not sure. maybe dwarf fortress

2020/12/15 04:54, Draz:   
Second time I've heard Dwarf Fortress in relation to MUME, good find!

2020/12/28 20:06, Nazgum: 
So, after trying to reduce the costs to about $25/week, i hit that goal for a few days and stopped watching the ads since it was busy xmas week... and I guess a day or two after that reddit stopped serving them altogether since it considered the daily impressions too low =P So basically almost zero impressions this past week.

So I cranked it back up and will report back next week, but guess our minimum we spend each month is gonna be closer to $150-175

2020/12/28 20:36, Draz:   
Ad rates go up a lot for black friday / xmas. You may see costs reduce soon.

2021/01/04 19:55, Nazgum: 
Ads were rolling again this week,

Impressions: 66k Clicks: 191 CPC: $0.21 Spent: $40.53

We actually had the most 'who newbie' I've seen in a while this week, with 5 on at one point yesterday, everyone on the puke side be sure to be welcoming to them =)


2021/01/04 20:58, Ignacio: 
Just wanted to thank Nazgum for his work here. Thanks guy!

2021/01/07 19:53, Nazgum: 
Just to share some stats to show the direct impact of the ad campaign and push on TMS, here's some info comparing the newbie stats in MUME from this past week to older stats:

227% increase in accounts created
211% increase in characters created
190% increase in average xp earned
84% increase in average playtime

So we are continuing to see a huge increase in new players, and they are staying longer and playing the game more. MUME had a recent record number of players on recently (60+) and our newbie stats have been quite high some days as well (I recently saw 5 on at the same time)

Thanks again to everyone that contributed to this, and the push on TMS too. Everything seems to be helping, lets keep ticking the playerbase up =)

2021/01/07 21:44, Fieldy:   

2021/01/09 07:49, Ethar: 
Good job Naz.

2021/01/10 03:48, Cuantar: 
Excellent work, comrades! I appreciate particularly the data about account-creation, playtime, etc. changes.

2021/01/11 16:36, Fieldy:   
Got sent this, had no idea about this vid.
Sorry, if posted earlier, but thought to paste it here, maybe useful to put near or somewhere close to the adverts or discussions.

[submitted link]

2021/01/11 17:41, Nazgum: 
Its Monday! So a quick update with the weekly ad stats =)

Impressions: 103,222 Clicks: 246 CPC: $0.20 Spent: $50.08

After some tweaking our /r/mud focused ads seem to be doing quite well, responsible for nearly half the clicks here:

Impressions: 31,015 Clicks: 103 CPC: $0.19 Spent: $19.95

And here is our most popular ad this week, responsible for 50 clicks on its own:

[submitted link]

2021/01/11 20:00, Belamir: 
I like that ad!

And I've really enjoyed seeing multiple people on 'who new' on a regular basis. Good work with all of this!

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