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2020/11/27 05:31, Apalonia:edited 1x   
Hey MUME community,

I personally have never experience a passing from a friend in the game before but I have as I'm sure most of you have experienced death of a loved one before and can appreciate stories of the deceased...

As I'm sure most are aware, Jim L. P(Ugurz/Lir/Mulgrim/Ghaul/Khadzum) passed away either on the 21st or the 22nd of November (according to his daughter). I'm making this post because she knows of MUME and grew up watching him play 'the black screen' and was wondering if we could all share memorable stories of him. I told her I would ask for a compilation of memories and this is the best way I know how.

Please share any stories you have, grouping, xp, pk, backstabs, strategy theories, help, or life chat that you remember and would like to pass on to his family.

2020/11/27 06:18, Apalonia: 
Lyr, not Lir.

2020/11/27 07:49, Breaux:edited 3x   
This is so incredibly sad to hear.

I remember him as Ugurz, plain and simple. In my book, he has undisputable GOAT status when it comes to mastering the pure scout class and he is one of the most underrated PKers we have ever had.

I remember back in the day when Bagger was playing, might have been 10-15 yrs ago. It was during one of my hiatus, and we were hanging out IRL. We started talking about MUME and he mentioned that he was playing scout and studying Ugurz, or almost like taking lessons from Ugurz in how to play scout. I remember this, because I have known Bagger almost all my life and it was (still is) soooo out of character for Bagger to say something like this. At that point Bagger was definitely one of the best players out there and he knew it. Bagger NEVER EVER EVER looked up to anyone but maybe himself. And also, Bagger's playstyle could not be more different from Ugurz's, particularly when it came to their scout playstyle.

I remember dismissing Bagger's comment a bit jokingly, but he persisted, saying that Ugurz just played the class in a completely different way. He said he was incredibly patient - he could wait stalking his victim for an hour IRL to find the perfect time to shove that dagger up the spine. He was meticulously careful about where he laid his tracks, or showing himself. He was incredibly diligent and knew the exact perfect places to hide, watch from, or track at. And he was prepared with fresh venom, or arachnia (as the case may have required) at the right time. Of course, Bagger turned out to be right, and although it probably took me years to realise/see for myself, I eventually started agreeing with him on Ugurz' excellency.

I think he never got much credit for what he did on Ugurz, simply because it wasn't regarded as the most fun of playstyles. But he really was a master at his craft, and he was extremely efficient. He (probably) has the longest #1 warlord reign of all time within mume (not just scouts) and at that point the game was more active than today. He got to Level 100 not by exping like some of us did, but purely through PK. He continued on after 100 (unlike no other player) which is a testament to how much he enjoyed that character. Jim really was at one with Ugurz.

I hope the management puts a statue of Ugurz in Narag's cave, or renames the description of Narag to something like Narag, the disciple of Ugurz (renaming Narag itself wouldn't do Ugurz justice). He has given this game a lot, and it would be nice to give something back.

I hope his family can take some solace in the fact that the countless hours he spent playing MUME, he was doing something he loved and something that he went on to master.


2020/11/27 08:10, Singleton: 
:( :( :(

Rest in Peace, Jim

You were one of the Big Players of MUME.

2020/11/27 08:24, Axel: 
Wow, I have not been around in Mume for like 15 years, but I remember him playing when I started around 1999. I remember him more as Moonglum though, but my memories are shady and unclear. Though he had a strong and positive presence at this time.

2020/11/27 09:45, Ortansia:   
Rip , Sad news , I didn't not play for a long time, so my memories of him are unclear, All I remember is that he is a solitary player, not a socializer .
I think he did not like grouping much that's why he liked playing self sufficient classes that don't require grouping such as scout or hybrids.
I think his favourite character is his scout ugurz, because he continued playing it even after reaching level 100 which is the max level.

2020/11/27 10:00, Fieldy:   
Sad to hear.
My memories.
1) I think him (as Ugurz) was the greatest nuisance you could find as an enemy. After the first deaths to him at moors you started to be very cautious with seeking into Rivendell. The way he had everything planned out how to spot someone moving and when to time the backstab(and when to use poison mentioned earlier) was awesome. He made me paranoid when seeking into Rivendell.
2) He taught me not deliberately, but indirectly how to hunt scouts :D Sometimes I would spend just a few hours to constantly trying to find him around moors just to hunt him for practice. It was like a tic-tac-toe battle :D I only had a few seconds where I had my window of opportunity to get him. Thanks to him I understand a lot better how to hunt scouts.
3) The constant pierce battles with him were always a blast. Just piercing eachother and chatting.

All in all, wasn't he the first lvl100 zorc?
Rest in peace

2020/11/27 10:18, Dearth:   
Ortansia you're wrong, he was plenty social just not when playing Ugurz... he played many other characters besides Ugurz.

I remember him as always helpful and very kind, shared shining metal on torc and helped me with re-eq many times.

2020/11/27 10:56, Trix: 
I first met Jim when he was playing Moonglum back in the late 90's. As I played trolls (Trix, etc.) then, you always had to be wary of who you group with. Jim (as Moonglum) was one, a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and competitive player. Although I cannot recall any of our adventures, I can say we had many fun, exhilarating, and competitive outings.

Around this time (November) last year, I returned to MUME after 12+ years. Jim was one of the first players I chatted with, although we did not reveal who we both played. We spent a good hour reminiscing about the past about MUME (player base, mapper-less world, etc). He was friendly to me and gave me helpful suggestions as I stumbled to re-learn my way around.

As I rarely spoke with anyone outside of MUME, Jim and I chatted on Discord for hours back in August. We spoke a little about life/work but mostly spoke about our daughters as we are both fathers. Right away, I knew he was a great father and great person as he spoke highly of his daughters. His priority in life was his children as he had worked hard to provide for them and help guide them in life. In his words, 'So I decided, ok, if I want these girls to turn out right, I can't be a workaholic. I stayed single, had half custody and spent all my time with them.' From our conversations, it was obvious that even though Jim had many accomplishments in MUME, he was most proud of his daughters.

Jim's daughters: I am very sorry for your loss. Your dad was a great person and most proud of you two.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to speak with him since.

Rest in Peace, Jim.

2020/11/27 11:50, Arcanum:   
I agree with Breaux in many ways. This is very sad to hear.

I play many different characters and usually stay incoqnito. When I had contacts with pUgurz chars, he was always kind and pleasant to talk to. He could not know who was behind all those chars of mine, that makes me conclude it was not personal but his universal feature.

He told me some hints as zaug scout to zaug scout how to win the war. Where to watch etc. Also even tho some herbs in game are rare, he was willing to share his knowledge and explain where to find them.

Zaugs are the underdogs, the hardest race to play. There sure was an era when Ugurz was a legendary zaug: hated, hunted and feared.

A legend. Hats off.

2020/11/27 13:57, Rael: 
This is really sad to hear...this news hits me 'extremely hard '.I am a father too and also my daughters always ask me what is that 'black screen' , and what kind of game is that? ... so i feel involved.

We 've never been mume friends, but quite recently, as Lyr he gave me a lot of advices about forging and playing scout, also blamed me a lot for not baiting correcly the darkies into a trap ... but well that's normal mume life !
Rest in peace Jim. condolences to his daughter.

2020/11/27 14:35, Phoebe:   
This is really sad to hear!

Back in the days, it was Ugurz and Malus who were responsible for the pranoia I had. So before I knew there was reveal/search command I rested only in rooms with exits because I was afraid of stabs. Til this day I find myself standing in RD or Lorien and spam revealing cause it is literally in my instincts.

When playing zorc, he was by far the most helpful person, willing to go Zoc-Moria-Zoc just because I asked if he had a barbed spare. Or on puke he would just help when he could and come from the other side of the map.

And like Breaux said - when it comes to scouts... he knew every little detail there is to know about the class.

Rest in peace!

Donít know why, but this seems fitting:
[submitted link]

2020/11/27 14:52, Cyndane: 
Scouts have always been my absolute favorite class to play, largely due to Jim and Malus. There's never been a scout player quite like Jim, he had the patience of a God in setting up his kills, and always seemed to guess the next move.

Our relationship was, shall we say, tumultuous at times, but there were few people as willing as him to discuss client setups, baits, and general gamelan ideas.

When I started Padan, he was there, along with Mhoghedin, teaching me the ins and outs of zorc play.

I was freshly level 21 and ready to commit atrocities when he shoots me a tell to BREAK OOC NOW. I had a rock for some reason, spammed all the way there, threw the rock to no avail. I somehow manage to bash the block down, and he got out and got safe. No fricken clue how the man lived in OOC with Gumak repopped, sage chasing, and a few darkies inside, but my God could the man survive.

The game will be bleaker without him; he was one of the few people I could always count on to either give advice, or more likely, bicker with to no end.

Enjoy the West, my friend, and may your spirit continue to haunt Hobbits forever.

2020/11/27 15:09, Nockurzh:edited 1x   
I can't imagine all of my Zorc years without him.
He was always fun to chat with, on both non and MUME related topics.

I remember people being paranoid of stabs when he was playing.
As I played Zambin quite a lot, we were actually quite paranoid of sleeptraps (scouts nightmare). So we would just beep eachother in every minute or so.
And without a response from either side (sleeping) we would start rushing towards the last known location.

Not known for leading hugegroups around but he was a fine leader, helped both newbies and lowbies around.

Loyal, friendly, smart and wise.
And from what I took out of the converisations, a great dad.

You will be missed, be at peace Jim!

2020/11/27 15:27, Facelift:   
What the actual fuck? I just talked to him on Discord fairly recently! We were always talking about some shit and he would often get mad at me randomly for killing some of his chars or some of his friends, but we always made up at the end when he calmed down...

Holy shit, it feels SO WEIRD knowing that he is gone... I can't even process this right now to say anything more, it's just crazy... I thought he stopped DMing me because I left MUME... fucking hell

2020/11/27 17:02, Alweon: 
I don't remember much other than the fear I had coming across Moonglum in Tharbad in the late 90s to early 2000s. I was usually running for my life! Also, I was unaware he played Ghaul when we were racing for the first dreadful warg (he won) just a short time ago.

Sad to hear of the loss and my condolences to his family. As a gaming dad of two, I can also relate to the 'black screen game' comment. :)

2020/11/27 18:31, Obidicut: 
As Ugurz I remember years ago a whole group of newbies like me cowering inside Harlond, and then when someone got brave enough to exit the safety of the city getting swiftly killed by Ugurz who was just hanging out on the road killing people uncontested.

As Lyr I remember him chilling in Lorien most of the time chatting quite a bit in narrates, and just generally being a helpful and friendly guy. One time I lost a Rohirrim carrying quite a bit of gear and stuff in Rivendell and was just generally disgusted by how selfish and greedy pukes can be. Lyr was super nice, replaced the Rohirrim, and helped calm me down. I'll miss him a lot.

2020/11/27 18:45, Relim:   
Ah man, that's so sad. I've been around MUME as long as Jim. Various chats with him on various characters - by the time Ugurz was getting going, I had started playing a little more intermittently, but I can't pretend I wasn't a little envious that he took the class to heights that us mere amateurs could only dream of! Not that you'd hold it against him; his commitment, skill and knowledge was quite something.

In all the years I've played, I can tell you something: no one had a bad word for him. Scouts can be infuriating to play against, yet I remember once he stabbed Miler while I was chilling at Ohurk. The moment I recognised it was him, I shrugged (probably literally and certainly metaphorically) and accepted it.

He didn't run around with any real ego and, when I kicked off playing Zorc, there he was, treating me (with no clue who I might or might not be, and most likely couldn't care either way) as an equal, simply because I was there, playing, at the same time as him. Few are really like that.

As a father myself, I can only look on in awe at how folks speak of him. To his daughters: he sounds like a great dad. I hope you can remember him for all the wonder he brought to your lives, and know that, in this crazy little game, he was also held in huge esteem.

2020/11/27 20:12, Nazgum: 
Moonglum was someone I played with a lot over the years. We would spend hours trying to think up devious portal traps to catch the fast linked swedes in. He often came up with the best plans, and some of my most fun adventures were with him.

I always considered him a crafty and strategic player, and he was fun to theorycraft with about scouts. He will always be one of the big names in the game with Ugurz, and i love that the Great Goblin has a tale to tell about Moonglum, which is a nice tribute you can hear in game.

Its great to read a lot of people had fond memories of him as well. Nice to think through this little text based game he made an impact on many people around the world =)

2020/11/27 21:08, Morholth: 
Oh no, that's very sad. I will miss you Jim. i have a lot of great fights with and against Ugurz. Manage to kill him only twice vs prob 20 more hdeaths on my side but still it was great time. I remember one time when we cracked system and found way to solo chief as zorc thief. Gods fixed it soon after but it was great with Jim that he always try push the borderd and try crazy stuff like this. Other joint tactic was double stab good timing based and few more. I have kids myself so can only imagine how hard i'ts right now for familly. Blue sky Jim what say as pilots

2020/11/27 22:08, Demos: 
Happened on 18th of November, my most recent experience. Classic Jim!

!: cRW Move:Tired>seek imladris
You bend close to the ground, seeking the path to Rivendell...

*Ugurz the Zaugurz Orc* leaves his hiding place.
Suddenly *Ugurz the Zaugurz Orc* stabs you in the back.
You are incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.

o: cW HP:Dying *Ugurz the Zaugurz Orc*:Healthy>
You feel a sharp pain!

You are dead! Sorry...

2020/11/27 22:35, Faint: 
Oh man! These sad news hit me hard! =( What happened??

He was a legend already on Moonglum when i started my bn adventures, and when I played Malus we talked and hung out a lot!

We rarely played together, since we both were avid solo players. But we played 'around' each other. We always helped each other out and while I was a lot more suicidal in playstyle, he always had a stack of gear to hand over when i was in need and ofcourse, the other way around whenever I lived through my advantures. He rarely needed to re-gear though..

I remember him and me competing for the #1 spot on Bulgotha's list over contributers to the Zaugurz cause.
There have been so many hours where it was just me and him online, making sure the Zaugurz race prevailed anyway. It feels unreal that he is gone. Unreal.

I am so sorry for your loss! He was not suppose to leave us, or you, just yet =(

2020/11/27 22:37, Snarp:   
Sad to hear.

I started playing mume when he was playing Mulgrim and he must have killed me 10 times across different characters (like most experienced players at the time!). I also remember narrates about Moonglum being on and expecting portals.

Later I recall long back and forth battles where Ugurz and Snarp would get the drop on each other but would never manage to kill each other. He knew where Iíd be and I knew where heíd be. He and I would anticipate that we would be stabbed by each other and be prepared for it. It eventually led to a position whereby we knew neither of us would die and attention would turn elsewhere, almost an uneasy truce.

I would describe Ugurzís tactics as considered and developed. He knew how to avoid players by travelling on water, sitting in one ways, avoiding key track locations and he knew how he would react if pressed/needed to escape. Offensively he would wait and know when a player would most likely be distracted and vulnerable to a stab. He would wait for people to be low before showing himself. He knew players and their play styles and would strategise accordingly. He had an impressive mume knowledge and intimate knowledge of complex locations.

More recently when I had stopped playing but would drop in, I would regularly see him on and he would have a chat to me and update me on the game. I have a lot of respect for Jim, he was always nice to me. I will miss him.

2020/11/28 01:50, Disaster: 
I was very sad to hear this and my thoughts are with his family and those that loved him. I spent the better part of a decade playing Zorc - at many times it felt like it was just the two of us on. He was one of the few people that I really looked forward to seeing online and would ping him to check even if it was not obvious from the Whois. He was, as others mentioned, kind and easy to talk to. Down to earth in an unusual way. I think one thing that hasnít been mentioned on here as much is how creative and inquisitive he was in the game. He knew places better than anyone and understood how to use that information more effectively than anyone else I knew certainly.

I donít have a specific story worth sharing, and certainly not with his family. But what Iím sure they know, and was obvious to me even through a game was how kind he was. I NEVER had anything to offer him but a little conversation and escape, yet he seemed to go out of his way to say hello, remember the last time we played together and ask how things were going.

2020/11/28 04:31, Mouser:   
I've known Jim IRL since middle school. He was one of my closest friends. I introduced Jim to MUME shortly after I started playing in the early 90's. He started out with an elven mage named Lore. He quickly took to the game and enjoyed the competitiveness and strategy of PK. He soon switched over to a bn (Moonglum) among other orcs/trolls and eventually Ugurz. I eventually fell away from the game, but Jim stayed with it. Every so often I get coaxed back in after talking with Jim. He would help me level up some new characters on both sides. I am simply amazed at the impact he has made on the mume community through all these years, as well as the friendships that he has made. He will sorely be missed. Fare thee well my dear friend .

2020/11/28 05:49, Baratheon: 
My favorite Jim story that I'll never forget:

I saved up enough money to afford my first LH but had 0 idea on how to take the next step. I was running from RD to Vale when I was told someone was on that could help me. I asked how exactly do I make the payment? They told me. And then Ugurz stabbed me to incap and I died. He then posted on RR 'Next person that kills me please give this guy his money back'.

I played a lot of zaugurz orc after that and he would always help me. Generally, he and I butted heads on MUME topics but it was still fun to get another perspective. A perspective that is now gone, sad. He and his family are in my thoughts.

2020/11/28 14:19, Marok:   
Just his ability to appear out of literally no where. Dude could teleport at will to where you are for a 9 million hp stab.

2020/11/28 20:53, Facelift:  edited 1x   
--- Ugurz boasting about his next-level xp settings and dissing the poor key + enter players, probably not many knew, but i was really enjoying having banters with ugurz on discord, he was a smart and dedicated dude ---

[8:33 AM] ugurz: my settings are super complex
[8:33 AM] ugurz: i use a 20 table database
[8:33 AM] ugurz: and sql
[8:33 AM] ugurz: tables are like ...
[8:33 AM] ugurz: players
[8:33 AM] ugurz: characters
[8:33 AM] ugurz: mobs
[8:34 AM] ugurz: events
[8:34 AM] ugurz: roomkeys
--- snip some private stuff cut out ---
[9:03 AM] ugurz: then i can do this
[9:03 AM] ugurz: tp cave
[9:03 AM] ugurz: or wr cave
[9:03 AM] ugurz: pt cave
[9:03 AM] ugurz: scr cave
[9:03 AM] ugurz: and it will cast the spell to that saved roomkey
[9:03 AM] ugurz: then i keep one named quick
[9:03 AM] ugurz: if i type gg
[9:03 AM] ugurz: it will teleport me to quick and cast it quidck auto
[9:03 AM] desizt: no wonder u never die :smile:
[9:04 AM] desizt: you are a bot!
[9:04 AM] ugurz: thats hwo that lameass bn scuot works
[9:04 AM] ugurz: im not real man
[9:04 AM] ugurz: im an AI
[9:04 AM] ugurz: hahaha
[9:05 AM] ugurz: i made an auto targeting sys for xping
[9:06 AM] desizt: damn lol
[9:06 AM] ugurz: most mobs are in a table
[9:06 AM] desizt: i should make a script
[9:06 AM] ugurz: when i turn it on
[9:06 AM] desizt: that hunts wolves and foxes gh
[9:06 AM] desizt: while i sleep :smile:
[9:06 AM] ugurz: i just walk around
[9:06 AM] ugurz: and hit my plus button
[9:06 AM] ugurz: and it hits last target seen
[9:06 AM] ugurz: also works with my charmies
[9:06 AM] ugurz: and i cna have charmies autoassist
[9:06 AM] ugurz: or me assit them auto
[9:07 AM] ugurz: i dont use that stuff in pk tho
[9:07 AM] ugurz: not legal and can get u killed
[9:07 AM] ugurz: when i see an enemy player
[9:07 AM] ugurz: it shuts off all that stuff insta
[9:09 AM] ugurz: and i use numpad to move
[9:09 AM] ugurz: mike uses alpha keys
[9:09 AM] ugurz: e enter
[9:09 AM] ugurz: w enter
[9:09 AM] ugurz: s enter
[9:09 AM] ugurz: horrid
[9:09 AM] desizt: lol
[9:09 AM] ugurz: i think bren does too
[9:09 AM] desizt: so do i :smile:
[9:09 AM] ugurz: omg

2020/11/28 21:30, Diamonium: 
My condolences to family. No Ugurz on trophy, so it wasn't me.
But honestly, I believe in reincarnation, so have a nice one!

2020/11/29 02:53, Ignacio: 
So unreal. I used to always call Ugurz 'Boogers!' Yeah, he was a blast to talk to about client set-up ideas, it seems he was always tinkering with and improving his system. Some really creative and original stuff too that I never would have thought of. The SQL integration was super cool, especially considering he was 'not a programmer,' as he kept insisting!

I think in recent years he was having more fun doing that than PKing, and I'm selfishly sad that I missed him during his marauding heyday. It really sucks to lose any member of our weird little cult, but especially someone as thoughtful and interesting as Jim.

Also, he had awesome character names.

2020/11/29 07:38, Baratheon: 
<3 this is me liking Ignacio's comment. His char's had great names.

2020/11/29 07:42, Luke: 
I remember playing vs Lore when i was starting 96-97, then playing with Moonglum some 20 years back and later with and vs Ugurz. His skills and patience when playing scout were extraordinary.
In spring, when I had comeback after 10+ years, we got together dark balrog group and he was joining with Yetu for raids and balrog. Was fun to meet him and many other friends after so long time.

Rest in peace.

2020/11/29 14:22, IminyŽ: 
I will remember him to be the most consistent chief-farmer, asking me to log metal quaker so his scout gets farmed boots.

2020/11/30 02:34, Ruen: 
I did not really know him or interact that much. But I knew of him, and that is enough to use the word Legend and it is the appropriate word for Ugurz. The only level 100 Zaugurz as a far as I know, and to get there mostly solo on pk xp is incredible.

I did talk to him several times as lowbie zorc. He helped me out with eq and advice. He said that he wished he never rerolled Ugurz to warrior. He thought he would be able to reroll it sooner, so when the chance came this last September to reroll, he jumped on it and I think really enjoyed playing Ugurz at level 100 as a stabber. I wonder how many kills he got since the reroll in September?

I remember Lyr around epriest or lb fort and narrating about some orcs* inside. I was sitting on my hero magic user somewhere, but Lyr was getting frustrated that of the 20 other pukes online, there was no one was willing to help him fight and chase the orcs*.

I think my most recent interaction was getting stabbed dead by Ugurz while trying to charm a mother eagle around windswept. I came back and he was still around. I simply went back west and rented. After that, I would ask if he was still on. I simply didn't want to play knowing that he could be stalking.

He was dedicated to the aspect of pk, and was unafraid, and always seeking out the fight. It seemed like he was always prepared and expected high quality from everyone he played with, but he was not proud. He engaged and interacted with people in a friendly manner. Legend. I am sorry for your loss.


2020/12/01 19:05, Haahtaakkh:   
It was like someone cut off my right hand when they told me you are gone. My big teacher and zorcie brother is not with us anymore. I had to play a drinking game with a Jackie to absorb that. Wtf ... even after few days i'm still not ok with that :(

We had so many plans to play together again as a zorcies. To work together on coding of your master piece (settings you had to spent several years of work on it) and which you shared with me. Now it seems it's up to me to finish that job and share that with others.

How long it has been? 25 years we knew each other, we fought against each other or we fought side by side. I can never forget that. Those month's of time which we spent together. Mostly me like your young blood horny brother and you as the old and wise one.

Rest in peace my brother and see you in heaven.

2020/12/11 20:36, Ethar: 
I just saw this.

How awful.

All I can say is that Moonglum was a positive part of my MUME experience.

2020/12/29 09:04, Goretongue: 
Jim(Moonglum) was a great ally, particularly to the Trolls, always looking for creative ways to spring us on unsuspecting pukeskins. A legendary BN General who united the Dark Lord's forces, unlocking full potential. So nice to logon and see him at Cave because his call to 'enter portal' can happen any moment and what delights lie on the other side of those!

2021/01/01 21:40, ‘stu:   
Bad news indeed, R.I.P.

Haven't been around 'black screen' for 10+ years, but I certanly do remember encounters with Jim's characters, man had a rather unique playstyle.
Used to have quite a lot of run-ins and skirmishes with his zaugurz and numenoreans, guess we annoyed each other more than enough.
He was really persistent in achieving his goals and exploring unorthodox things and ways in this game, and will certanly be remembered by many.

2021/01/16 11:53, Walo:   
I actually, knew Jim pretty well way back, when I played. We had conversations. Alls I can say, is for some reason he was suffering then, and Im glad now he's at peace.

Jim is in a better place, and a word for his daughter, he loves you, and he will always be right by your side, alls you have to do is say his name and he will be listening.

Good luck mume, and farewell Jim.

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