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Player Interviews - Ideas/Suggestions Wanted! catchup  discussions

2020/12/23 01:00, Zintilden:  edited 8x   
I'm looking for suggestions/preferences/fresh ideas concerning player interviews going foward from the MUME community. The purposes behind doing these for me personally is because: it is fun, newer players can learn something from each interview depending what the person being interviewed is willing to provide, understand a player or their style better(maybe less hate? maybe more understanding of the 'why', 'with who', etc.), and there is some banter of old times that even vet/ancient players could get a healthy giggle or memory from, mmmkay?

How could we do them to make it more fun or get the community here involved? Keep in mind they are much longer, more detailed and exclusive based off characters of that player, compared to previous ER Interviews or even BSC's complete RP style interview on BN's (we have those too btw!)

I thought of a 'tag - you're next' type of thing, with the person at the end of the interview to tag the next suggestion that should be interviewed (if they are willing), but I am concerned this would keep the interviews within the same inner circle until someone declines to participate. Another thought was having a player name mailed to me if someone has a suggestion, with specific questions perhaps, and then I could incorporate the standard questions in myself, and the person who submitted can chose to be revealed or not - it is up to them. I would rather it be driven from what YOU ALL want if possible, as you are the people reading it and hopefully will enjoy doing so.

So, admission time then! I've done several interviews and they are all 'elite pkers' in my book. I chose them for many reasons, each one of them, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't being extremely greedy and selfish when I did. Wee bit lil sorry? Maybe not... 8)

Please give me some feedback, fresh ideas, suggestions if you have any. I don't want anyone to feel left out either. For example: it doesn't have to be a pker, it could be a smobber, leader of the best group xp, the best of his class/race, the kindest in the game, the most helpful, an Ainu, etc. We all have our opinions and thoughts as to what makes someone fabulous in one way or another, am I right? 8) If you don't want to post here, feel free to email me, Discord PM, or MUME mail me.

I am also leaning toward having someone team up with me for these, depending on feedback and discussion here. That team mate should meet this criteria: Someone that has played MUME for 2 years or less, willing to help with a few interviews, have a much better attitude and tone than myself, and willing to work with me, whew......that last one is the tough one, I know, because I am not easy to work with at all FYI. Please contact me via the email or in-game mail from my whois if interested.

Also - I will be removing any comments from this thread that are not related to this topic, or seem to be leading down a negative path. If you do not like the interviews or the discussion in this thread, then simply do not read it, got it? 8) This is for some fun within our community, which as we get more players could be really inspiring for them, keep in mind. Mmmkaythxbye!

2020/12/23 05:03, Zintilden:   
I removed a good comment/idea about podcast styled interviews, mainly because I want to focus on what exists on ER and not everyone is going to be willing to do a podcast. The comment and other ones in another thread that were discussed I've added to my 'Phase 2 To-Do' list, and pretty sure I have someone to do it and 1-2 helpers for it and its on the top of my list to discuss with the boss, after we revise/update/fix what exists (Phase 1). Basically so we are not pulled all over the place, or nothing would get finished in full I think. 8) We can start another discussion like this one when that time comes exclusively for those discussions so we stay focused, but just know we haven't dismissed that idea. 8)

2020/12/23 14:27, Alweon: 
I'll come back with more extensive ideas when I get some time, but are you able to share a couple recent interviews you did so we have an idea of the direction you were aiming for?

2020/12/23 16:22, Draz:   
I'd be extremely interested in Jahara / Rogon interviews. My perception is that they are the most engaged / influential on the direction, game and knowledgeable about the 'executive' decision making.

I haven't spoken much with them directly but the tidbits on game mechanics, management thinking, etc. I've heard have been fascinating. (I realize Rogon has done one that I can remember but it was PK focused).

2020/12/23 16:22, Narsel: 
This seems like a great idea! Here are a couple players who I'd love to hear the thought processes on how they approach the game.

Dhagr - Bashing shaman scout orc player who knows how to squeeze every last drop usefulness out of stats/practices.

Reich - One of the most aggressive/active high level players and dominating the warlord lists on several characters.

Iuldaer - Probably the best thief player around atm.

2020/12/23 17:04, Zintilden:   
I prefer not to name them atm, and asked them not to say, sorry. A few were chosen because I wanted to give newer players a chance to see that these guys are each fabulous, could learn from them, and see them from another POV besides nasty narrates/spew on forums. Another was because - fabulous pker with skill(for 20+ years & on any type of char), and unlike most in the pk community he doesn't flaunt the typical pk ego. He doesn't have to - known by his actions and not words, he remains classy regardless of win/loss. (Hi, fangurl here?)

There are probably some newer players that think highly of some mediocre hero-barely-legend because he helped many Or that guy that always is fun for leading groups, smobs, etc. It doesn't have to be about PK. We all appreciate and look up to someone here, so who are they? Want to know how someone does something in particular but you don't want to ask them yourself? I just want people to have their chance to participate & have fun with it, instead of being cliche, always about pk/elitism, or because I thought it would be a good interview. Some don't like pk and some prefer the underdogs. Who are those people? Speak up? 8)

I have more interviews lined up. One will be a player that recently came back that I respect greatly, because I want others to hear what he has to say about MUME back then and the MUME he found when he returned. Another fangurl moment here too, but also I think the interview will be a positive impact on getting some players back that we lost in the past.

I've gotten requests for a few people I have personally grouped with a lot over the past 3 years, and I feel they deserve those interviews too, actually I asked them before some of you asked me - but I decided after that it would be best to have someone else do those. Not going to lie, its just fucking weird otherwise, mmmkay? So yes I'm aware and yes I'm working on finding someone to do those. 8) (Besides for the famous Dwarf that several of you asked me to interview has declined, sorry. I said it would be a firm 'No' and guess what - it was. 8)

Not interested in the slightest to interview anyone that is not actively playing though fyi and I think that is fair.

2020/12/23 17:22, Zintilden:   
hehehe, just noticed the posts between Alweon and mine, yes - this is what I want to hear. 8)

Thx, keep them coming plz.

2020/12/23 19:54, Uroth:   
This seems right up my alley, I like to read interviews and would like to read more. I read all of the old ones and I like to read about mume history and dig up old dead sites/photos etc from the past.

Like what Zintilden said above 'There are probably some newer players that think highly of some mediocre hero-barely-legend because he helped many'

I have a file I kept in notepad for years with names of players and what they've done to help me each time I came back to mume to play for a while. There are new ones being added every day!

These people are my true heroes.

2020/12/23 21:27, Zintilden:   
Draz - You would enjoy an interview with them, even though I would exclude any conversation or questions regarding anything to do with MMapper? (If they were willing to participate, which I haven't asked yet.) Possibly other topics too, just saying. 8)

2020/12/23 22:29, Draz:   
@Zint oh yeah. Obviously depends on what they can say but I find the game design and direction things they are thinking about extremely interesting.

Ask about sneak, how they get things implemented, ask them about what things are fundamental to MUME (unbalanced design) vs. changeable in the future, thoughts on DG's impact. So many great topics.

2020/12/23 23:35, Narsel: 
I'm also interested in a Rogon/Jahara interview. Find out who's to blame for the travesty of a spell that is Energy Drain! Jk jk, it'd be seriously cool to see their thoughts on the direction of the game. :)

2020/12/27 08:51, Ignacio: 
Any update on this? ETA?


2020/12/28 03:26, Narsel: 

2020/12/28 22:36, Iminy: 
looking for interview with pZin...

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