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MMapper 21.06.0 catchup  discussions

2021/06/01 04:09, Jahara:   
MMapper 21.06.0 has been released!

- Windows users should manually uninstall MMapper from “Add or remove programs” before installing the new MMapper.
- MMapper has dropped support for 32-bit binaries.

- Default map now includes Dol Guldur environments
- Fixed <header> XML support parsing
- Improved Windows installer High DPI support
- Supported macOS 10.11 networking better
- Increased telnet socket timeout to 30 seconds
- Fixed an ANSI color encoding typo on the welcome message
- Renamed _removedoornames to _remove-secret-door-names
- Fixed RoomEditDialog multiselection rendering error
- Squished various minor bugs

[submitted link]

2021/06/01 09:11, Arcanum:   
wish you keep some older versions available. like last version for 32-bit with a map like it was.

general statement: i have witnessed programs 'developed' worse and worse over the decades. seems like optimal is a version right after the bugs are fixed before further 'developments'. for a dummy-user like me the race for constant upgrade is annoying and counterproductive.

back to mmapper: the single reason to upgrade mmapper for me was that new maps were not running on my old (and better) mmapper (think it was 3.2) few years back.

thank you for the tool, it has made the game easier. please keep in mind what is written above.

2021/06/02 05:14, Jahara:   
Understood, you don't have to upgrade and you can disable the upgrade nag if you really don't want to.

All old versions continue to be available here: [submitted link]

2021/10/28 15:55, Ezmodius: 

When will MMapper forward the GMCP stuff? MUME already sends a lot of useful info.

2021/11/10 04:29, Jahara:   
MMapper already does forward GMCP if you requested the right modules. You just need to make sure you're on version 21.09.2 or later.

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