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2021/10/15 19:59, Molwynog: 
So my kids play this truly idiotic game called Roblox. It's an open dev world. Anyone can make games for it. Plus you make $ if enough ppl play your game.

Wouldn't it be fun if we could tie Mume into Roblox? Have a bunch of 7 year olds playing trolls.

Just a random thought.

2021/10/16 07:30, Enforcer: 
Yea, my son and daughter also engage with it way too much. I told them, instead of paying to buy the in-game money, start making your own game there and earn money instead. So far no luck....
I wouldn't mind trying to replicate MUME just for the heck it it, to show them how it's done :)

2021/10/16 19:57, Molwynog: 
was thinking if you could put mume in brief mode, then do screen scrapes for certain content, like *up*, *north* *squirrel* *orc*, and have that port responses to Roblox.

like an actual tie in to Mume

2021/10/20 18:53, Alweon: 
What about a port of last year's MUME April Fool's Day event? A tiny PK arena in Tharbad with a mix of MUMR gear/gameplay and battle royale mechanics?

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