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2010/11/27 11:26, Amund: 
Not by my knowledge. You can only set the default font bold, but not only portions of the text.

2011/03/13 12:25, Nimfea:   
Every time I reconnect or change .set twiddler are back and xml off. I know I have had this problem before, but I cant recall the solution, help.

2011/04/08 10:58, Alnon:   
Can anyone help me make spelltimers in JMC ?

2011/05/24 07:29, Hanne:   
I'd like to promote jmc 3.5, which apparently was released a couple of years ago. I guess most players here use 3.26 or similar.

What's good about it? It has commands such as #systemexec, which as the name implies, lets you execute system commands. This means that you can run external scripts that are not natively supported by the client. It also means that a cunning player that abuses your settings can take your shining AND format your hard drive.

Another nice command is #whisper, that can be used to hide input from user. The intented use for this is to hide login password if you send it with an action. It is also the only possible way except for a script(that I know of) to have an alias on the same command that you wish to send to the mud (without creating an infinite loop or having to use a longer or shortened version of the same command). Example: #alias stat = #script displayalltimersandshit();#whisper stat.

It has much better support for output windows, enabling more of them with and each with custom name and/or position and also possible logging from each window. More status windows as well. Also a bunch of other things which I haven't tried, like winamp integration and sending of text files to mud, perhaps making it easier to emulate remote editing behaviour.

Non related:
JMC also has always had some nasty bug with its speedwalking and the Swedish letter '' (and German letter '' and probably lots of other 'weird' ones). Having any combination of letters [n, e, s, w, u, d and ] where '' is in a position that's not in the end will create an endless amount of spam input to the mud and crashing client. Of course I was going to ask how this could be solved without having to create aliases for each of these (infinite in number) strings, but by describing the problem I found a nice way to script my way around it. If anyone is interested, I'll drop it here.

2011/05/24 08:40, Khazdul: 
Lol, that bug is a classic one. I never realised what caused it, just that it involves ''. I don't really play any more, but please to post the script in case I do pick it up again. :p

Also, I believe newer versions of JMC are slower than some of the older ones. How's the speed in 3.5?

2011/05/24 09:10, Hanne:   
Compared to JMC 3.26, which is the one I previously used, it appears to be equally fast. No clue how it compares to 2.xx versions.

Script is in JavaScript.

jmc.RegisterHandler('Input', 'OnInput()');

 * Way to get around speedwalking bug with 'weird' chars and dirs
function OnInput()
	var dirRegExp = /^(n|s|e|w|u|d|)+$/;
	var line = jmc.Event;
	if (dirRegExp.test(line))
		jmc.Event = line.replace(//g, ''); //could replace '' as well

Tests all input from user to client. This will of course produce a general slow-down but that probably won't be recognizable by a human anyway.

2011/05/24 11:45, Rashnak: 
I must be missing something, but why do you want to use in speedwalking in the first place? Or is this some special cheat escape direction (c) Dain that is only available to swedes that no other people even know of??!1

2011/05/24 11:50, Hanne:   
Who said I would want that? The issue for me was that '' on a Swedish keyboard is next to 'p', and if you like me use 'ps' for instance to 'pick exit south' and typo it to 's', you're pretty much fucked.

2011/05/24 13:31, Wobbler:   
Hanne, what happens if one uses digits or spaces in a speedwalk command?
Will your OnInput() be called once or multiple times if you enter multiple commands on the same line?
I don't use JMC myself, just curious.

2011/05/24 13:42, Hanne:   
Luckily, that's not recognized as a speedwalk command at all by JMC and neither are capital letters. If it was, however, you're correct that the script would omit the replacement.

Silly bug anyhow.

2011/05/24 14:02, Wobbler:   
I would not consider not allowing 3en14es instead of eeeneeeeeeeeeeeeees lucky, not that I ever enable speedwalk myself :p

Did your answer mean one cannot use speedwalk in JMC if one enters other commands on the same line, such as esssw;lead;sss;ride;wnn?

2011/06/05 07:13, Slordor: 
For anyone that would like the source code for JMC 3.5.02, it can be found here.
[submitted link]
For some reason I have had trouble using Python scripting with JMC, even though I remember it working using the exact same version of JMC 2 years ago. I can use VBScript and JScript, but selecting python's Active Scripting option crashes JMC. I've tried this under Windows XP and Windows 7. My only thought is that maybe Active Python 2.7 broke something.

2014/03/28 23:19, Tpp:   
So i decided to switch from jmc to jmc 3.26. However if i create commonlib.scr and copy paste scripts into it, like the timer ticker script [submitted link]

Then I get this error message. I have set the script language into VBscript.. I wonder if I made the text document in some wrong format or..

![ CW>Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Type mismatch: 'timerSet'
Line:0 Error:0 Scode:800a000d

2014/03/28 23:53, Rashnak: 
Are you sure that you craeted commonlib.scr? If you use Notepad, it often automatically appends .txt, so it becames commonlib.scr.txt instead. Double check that.

2014/03/29 07:45, Tpp:   
lol thanks Rashnak:) The trick was to choose 'encoding: ANSI' not UTF-8 or Unicode when saving commonlib.scr

Anyone playing on JMC, JMC 3.26 is SO much faster you wouldn't believe.

2017/06/14 07:19, Strori: 
3.7.1 is fast again
[submitted link]

2017/08/14 13:15, Fieldy:   
Oh bloody hell, I want to try the new version.
Is there a simple method of copy/pasting a file from my old JMC to the new version so that all the aliases and stuff remain the same?

2017/08/14 21:49, Strori: 
create new profile with old name, exit and then copy paste overwrite file ?

2017/09/15 03:36, Tyrion:   
Anyone having the commonlib.scr crashing jmc on windows 10? I somehow got it working on one computer, but still crashing on my other computer. It seems I can't run the regedit batch file properly.

2017/09/15 11:03, Fieldy:   
Did you just copy/paste from other computer? I've done this and sometimes it just starts to show different problems until I reinstall JMC to the new computer.

2017/09/19 23:15, Strori: 
Try that 371 and store scripts in the file different from c...scr?

2019/07/19 09:18, Djinn: 
Hey, for anyone having the commonlib.scr crash when using the new version of JMC, it is related to the set of scripts that come with the default installation. I just had the same problem. Just delete the scripts in the scripts folder and you should be good to go.

2019/07/19 09:40, Rogon:   
I've had the problem (twice) with jmc that suddenly all my settings files are empty. Why? :(

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