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Fellowship of the Ring Oscar Hopes? catchup  discussions

2002/03/24 01:56, Vaire: 
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is nominated for Academy Awards in the following categories. Which do you think it has a shot at winning? :)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Ian McKellen portrays the powerful wizard Gandalf, who entrusts a dangerous ring to Frodo the hobbit.
Art Direction
Costume Design
Directing - Peter Jackson
Film Editing
Music (Score)
Music (Song) - 'May It Be' Music and Lyric by Enya, Nicky Ryan and Roma Ryan
Best Picture
Visual Effects
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

I really would love best picture but I have a feeling it will go to A Beautiful Mind (True Stories traditionally win Oscars). I think real shots are Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Art Direction, Score and Song.

2002/03/24 03:02, Johannes: 
Well, it didn't win a huge number of Golden Globes, like I'd thought it would, but a surprising amount of BAFTAs, so hm. I think it'll nail best film and directing still, it just has to. And then again, it might not be the kind of film they want to pick up a dozen Oscars. I don't know, I'm not a huge expert, and I haven't seen all other nominated films, but this project is so large scale, I can't see why it wouldn't win the big ones.

2002/03/24 06:44, Uber: 
best adapted, (if it means what I think it means) will win. If it doesn't the judges are either have never read the series or are voting for anything with Russel Crowe. Didn't 'A Beautiful Mind' leave out a few points that were in the real story?
Lord of the Rings didn't miss out much... Only Bombadil :p

2002/03/24 08:09, Mudpuppy: 
It was expensive, mercilessly hyped and over-promoted. It's a shoo-in for some major awards irrespective of it's lack of artistic value and/or technical craftsmanship. Drek sells.

2002/03/24 12:01, Alantir: 
The oscars it can't loose is, Best Directing, Costumes, Makeup and Adapted screenplay. Then it's not so obvious what it's gonna win.. probably the music ones.

2002/03/24 12:36, Temegl: 
Only missed out a few? Bombadil missed=Willow missed=Wights missed!!! I wanted to see how they did the wights :) Also Aragon's broken sword bit with sam in bree is gone, so that means anduril (SP) will never be part of the movie later! Totally off topic, but considering all the hype+reviews, I'm pretty sure buatiful mind will win Best Film, but Mume, like uber said, will win best adapted and maybe 4-5 others!

2002/03/24 16:04, Razoor: 
When do they show this on TV anyway??
26th isnīt it?

2002/03/24 16:04, Razoor: 
And it's not gonna win alot of awards i think, mainly because i bet NONE of the judges have read the books :(

2002/03/24 16:17, Fredde: 
if it aint win more oscars then titanic ill know that the jury is a bunch of monkeys on rohypnol.

2002/03/24 16:48, Vaire: 
The Oscars are tonight (Sunday) I'd really LOVE to see it win Best Supporting Actor, bringing Gandalf to the screen is not an easy task for an actor.

2002/03/24 18:38, Silwyth: 
Umm, if i'm not mistaken didn't Anduril get showen in rivendell when either boromir or Aragorn picked it up and said 'still sharp'? I may be completely wrong tho so don't take my word for it.

2002/03/24 18:57, Vaire: 
I'm 99% sure they showed the pieces of the sword in Rivendell. I'd have to pop in my copy to check for sure.

2002/03/24 19:36, Johannes: 
The show is like six hours away now, for all those who didn't know!

2002/03/24 21:29, Fredde: 
anduril is narsil? shrug. well i know for a fact that they showed that sword in rdell.

2002/03/25 01:22, Vaire: 
So who is watching?

2002/03/25 01:35, Alantir: 
Me!.. Work in 5 hours...

2002/03/25 03:26, Vaire: 
Ian McKellen was robbed :(

2002/03/25 05:42, Vaire: 
4 academy awards not too shabby! MakeUp, Cinematography, Visual Effects and Soundtrack.

2002/03/25 09:14, Prist: 
It deserved 13 of them :/ bloody unfair :/

2002/03/25 09:59, Alantir: 
Like a sweidsh movie reviewer said: 'It doesn't matter how many academy awards it gets, in 10 years Lord of the Rings will be the only movie anyone remembers.'

Who'll remember A Beautiful Mind in even 1 year?..

I knew it lotr wouldn't get many awards, but I'm a bit disappointed they couldn't be insightful enought to give Peter Jacskon one... I guess he got two more chances next year and in 2 years though.

2002/03/25 10:18, Mandor:   
The Fellowship of the Ring will not get many Oscars. Way too few american flags in the movie, for the Oscar Commitee to even consider watching the movie.

2002/03/25 10:31, Nator: 
Since the day Pulp Fiction didn't get all the Oscars it's safe to say that there is no link between an excellent movie and Oscar. It's more like: the crappiest, most 'American' movie will win.

2002/03/25 10:52, Rogon:   
Didn't 'the last emperor' get a shitload of oscars? I think it's safe to say there was absolutely no american flags whatsoever in that movie!

2002/03/25 12:52, Prist: 
Saw zero american flags in the movie, even after watching it for the 50th time... must be something wrong with my eyes or brain... :/

2002/03/25 13:13, Rogon:   
Well, we all know how it went now, don't we! I have higher hopes for the next movie anyhow, all the cool stuff should be in there - the battle of helm's deep, the path of the dead, the destruction of isengard... the third movie will probably be a sleeping pill tho, only thing to look forward to there is shelob!

2002/03/25 13:30, Aschit: 
Rogon, won't the path of the dead be in the last movie? I'm seriously looking forward to the battle of Helm's Deep though (I am halfway through my latest reading of the trilogy). I'm wondering how that battle will go, and will they include what I saw as the biggest blunder in the movie? That is, will the orcs be able to simply crawl up the walls like they did in Moria? If I had to pick out *1* part of the movie I didn't like at all, that would be it.

2002/03/25 14:48, Vaire: 
Actually, while I agree with most of what was said 'A Beautiful Mind' about the crazy nazi-leaning (why they got the screenwriting award for leaving out the 'nasty' details from the book) mathmatician was an Austrailian production.

2002/03/25 16:51, Fredde: 
just me or isent shelob like some of the last things to happen in the tale of the 2 towers. yep sure was. and the whole third book was like a huge war. i mean to se number one die by sam will be kewl!

2002/03/25 19:19, Lochdale: 
I was not surprised that LOTR was robbed. I was, however, particularly annoyed that it did not win best screenplay. So, the successful adaptation of one of the seminal works of fiction of the 20th century does not rank up there with the adaptation of an unauthorized biography of an obscure, mentally unstable mathematician who gave us game theory and little else? Sometimes the oscars get it right, and sometimes they get it wrong.

An aside: To suggest that A Beautiful Mind was a good 'American' move is indicia of the fact that you have not seen or did not understand this movie. I thought it was a poor movie but one of its themes was the very anti-American government conspiracy/right-wing conspiracy. Ideas like these go down well in Hollywood but I would hardly call them 'American'.

2002/03/25 19:40, Chauncey: 
I don't understand what exactly Sam and Frodo are going to be doing, besides meeting up with Gollum and walking a lot in the second movie, they moved the climax of that whole half of the book to the beginning of the 3rd movie.
The part where Sam thinks that Frodo has been killed by Shelob and he will have to bear the ring was probably the most moving part of any of the books for me, and I think it will be rather anti-climactic to have it at the beginning of a movie rather than at the end.

2002/03/25 19:47, Rogon:   
Wow, someone says path of the dead is in the last book and shelob in the second. That's all very weird, because i'm quite sure the path of the dead happens BEFORE shelob. But maybe i'm just confused here............

2002/03/26 01:37, Reef: 
You are all, understandably, blinded by your passion for Tolkien. Sure it was a good movie but it wasnt THAT great. I actually thought most of the movies this year were rather poor though so maybe it could have been the best of a bad bunch? If LOTR had scooped the pool I would have been extremely dissappointed - but then I usually am when it comes round to the Oscars....

Small asides - what the fuck was with Gwyneth's dress? And how friggin annoying was Halle Berry? Ohh my god....ohh my god....ohh my god (repeat ad nauseum...). J-Lo's hair was atrocious. Pah its all subjective anyway this whole Oscars kebang - foreign films shit all over this rabble. Tip - see Kandahar, great movie.

2002/03/26 01:43, Vaire: 
Halle Berry was the best dressed woman there though. That gown was beautiful. Most beautiful woman at the oscars, my vote goes to Reese Witherspoon she looked classically stunning.
Did you see how they kept panning IN to not show Gwyneth's dress? Though I think that was cause you could see nipples rather than to hide it's hideousness. All the girls wore TIGHT tops that made them look like they had NO breasts.
I guess I was most upset that while I'm glad Randy Newman (who has some GOOD songs) finally got an Oscar, he shouldn't have for that song and Enya's May it Be was def the only decent song this year.
Overally this year WAS dissapointing. Though I loved that Renee Zellweger got nominated she was DEF doing her best in Bridget Jones.

2002/03/26 03:49, Chauncey: 
My favorite part of the Oscars was definitely Uma Thurman's breasts. They showed them a lot, and they were looking very good.

2002/03/26 06:09, Lochdale: 
Call me Mume's Mr. Black, her goes: I was forced to watch this drek by my better half. The Oscars is the female superbowl or world cup. I can think of nothing better then watching four hours of sycophanitc drivel about an entire room of vaculous, vapid, drugged-up half-wits who happen to look good on a camera. I should give a toss that Juilia Roberts worked (and I am not making this up, her quote!) 5 days in January...that is her entire contribution to the world in 2002..5 bloody days! That horsey freak should be kissing each and every one of our arses that she has a job that pays her that much money for such little talent.

Tom Cruise will be THE clone in SW II...or The Clone of the next millelnium..the scientologists told him so. We have to care what this moron thinks about the 'world situation'? Good god!

Paltrow is a lanky, gawky woman whoses breasts have prematurely sagged by about 25 years. I could be a great actor too if I had my mother and father placing me in roles.

Did Halle Berry forget her painfully white mother sitting in the audience when she was giving her props to the sisterhood? Great that some good black actors won but it strikes me as a little hypocritical to be so preoccupied by race then not mention that her mother is white.

Paul McCarthney....good lord, stop, its enough, move on.

My biggest the Memoriam (obits) they had Alyiah and George Harrisson dominate the final was she before she died? Harrison? He was like Ringo Starr but he had the good sense to keep his mouth shut so people thought that he was deep. Harrison did what for the movies? All this time should have been devoted to one of the finest actors of all time, Jack Lemmon. Lemmon dies and they show these two? ....say goodnight.

2002/03/26 12:07, Gonfor:   
I think they're only going to win 4. *nod self* BTW, I passionately agree with Vaire comments with regards to Reese Witherspoon!

2002/03/26 12:58, Alantir: 
Lochdale you got it all wrong... the oscars are fun to -because- of all the sillyness you just mentioned. I lauged my ass of when Tom Cruise stood in the beginning and declared that 'movies unite us all'.

Then there are some genuine funny stuff.. like the thing I've enjoyed the most recent years, Jack Nicholson sitting on first row talking to the winners and stealing all the attention (didn't see him this year.. :( ..).

So the 'bad' things you mentioned mixed with some actually fun people usually makes it an entertaining night (starts at 3am here).. although this year it was kinda dull.

2002/03/26 14:30, Razoor: 
Well, i still think it woulda been an all different story if the people who voted woulda read the books...canīt imagine them voting for anything else than LOTR then :/
Personally i think you gotta read the books in order to see the superiority of this movie...

I think that blond girl..urm...can't come up with her name but i always associate her with Hugh Grant, was very cute!
Halle Berry over reacted...and people were talking too much about Sept 11 for my taste..

2002/03/26 15:48, Taromir:   
I want to see Eowyn fighting the King of the Nazgul! I want to see the big battering ram used on the gates of Minas Tirith! I want to hear Gollum wailing 'Precious...' as he falls into the lava! Woohoo!

Will all of these be in the third movie?

2002/03/26 16:32, Vaire: 
Sorry Taromir you will have to wait till Return of the King to see Eowyn and her disguises, I looked up who played her the other day, seems pretty unknown actress, I hope she does a good job.

2017/04/12 04:22, Benedictus:   
Funny to read this thread about the inaccuracies of the arguably best Tolkien movie, after we all saw what they did with The Hobbit triology *puke*

2017/04/14 00:57, Wiseman: 
I miss Vaire :(

2017/04/14 00:59, Roadkill: 

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