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2014/04/07 20:18, Andróg:  edited 1x   
More Star Wars news, although this one is hardly news, more like totally expected...

[submitted link]

2014/04/29 17:46, Andróg:   
Many more of the Star Wars cast revealed: [submitted link]

2014/08/19 21:51, Andróg:   
Here's something in-production that Tolkien-fans might find interesting: [submitted link]

2014/11/12 19:21, Andróg:   
And now for something Asimov and sci-fi fans in general might get excited about (or maybe not): [submitted link]
PS. Talking to myself in this thread I see. :=) Almost feels like spamming myself. :P

2014/11/14 14:00, Enforcer:   
I really enjoyed the series with Matthew MaCconnoheyyuu and Woody Harrelson 'True Detective'. Of movies so far LEGO Movie being the best. Edge of Tomorrow was fun too, but i failed to finish it cos plane landed.

2017/02/22 12:32, Roadkill: 
Did anyone here see the BAFTAs in part or as a whole?

Why, oh why, doesn't Stephen Fry ever get hired as host for the Academy Awards? The man is class.

2017/11/04 12:36, Andróg:   
So, hm... there is a news report that Warner Bros wants to make a LOTR TV show:

[submitted link]
I'm really not sure what to think of this... maybe it'll be great. Regardless I'd still prefer if they did a tv show based on Silmarillion instead!

2017/11/12 15:57, Slayah: 
Go see Thor Ragnarok, it was a solid movie, well worth the time/ticket price!

2017/11/14 00:04, Andróg:   
More on that upcoming LOTR tv-series, in case anyone is interested:

[submitted link]

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