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Herblores in MUME, enough or we miss something? catchup  discussions

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2017/08/09 10:11, Rogon:   
Yes Mojo. My mistake for being active on ER and communicating.

Thank you for pointing it out.

I'll shut up now.

2017/08/09 12:24, Roadkill: 
With regard to avoiding level-based items in Mume, I agree. I also, however, remember level restrictions on renting. Maybe a mob could be involved in mixing or empowering a concoction, which would refuse to do it for hero-lvl or above chars?

Anyway, how about an area-based herblore? Maybe some potion which affords some bonuses within a lowbie mob area, such as near GH, and which becomes extremely poisonous if mixed with any herblore frequently used by legends?

2017/08/09 13:27, Elestir:  edited 1x   
@Rogon Come on. You know better than to give power over your presence here to random troll who talks nonsense.

Another idea:
Herblore for boosting the feeling of danger. When quaffed, game would periodically check the surroundings of an affected player and cause unsettling feelings (warning messages), whenever aggressive enemy of substantially higher level is detected within the perimeter. (the frequency of this check could be lot lower than e.g. that on glowswords to not slow down the game while mass-used)
It wouldn't be of much use to legends, because for them almost nothing is of substantially higher level.

2017/08/09 14:36, Bodruith:   
Area based would be a really good idea if you are worried about higher level use Roadkill.

I also like the sense danger idea. What if it allowed you to con a mob in an adjacent room that you scouted? Like if a level 1-2 scouts roots with herblore active it could give the con message in a flag by the mob. Some roots lie here waiting to ensnare weary travellers. (You ARE Mad!!!). If you want it to be newbie only make it zone dependent or unusable with any other spell or herblore. Although that would be cool to have even for higher levels through legend for exploring and obviously wouldnt give info for player mobs.

2017/08/09 14:39, Barret:   
How about something like a newbie version of drake-slumber. It's not a lore that you learn and mix because eventually legends would gain the 'benefits'. Instead, some mob in the new zone mixes it for newbs. I suggest a trapper/huntsman kind of guy. He mixes the first potion for any newb who wanders into his room. He will mix more in exchange for pelts and furs.

The potion can be used like drake-slumber except that it only effects one or more common animal types. For example it could be wolf-slumber, bear-slumber or both. Maybe even just have it effect all mobs of the animal type. The effect could be a very low level sleep spell combined with some debuff effect. So there is a chance it can knock a wolf or bear out, which might be necessary to help a newbie escape. But it will definitely lower the wolf or bear's ob and db.

Hopefully the potion could be useful and fun for newbs who don't usually have many option besides 'I hit it with my sword'. But it wouldn't break the game because only newbs could get it, it is only available in a far west newb zone, it decays within a mume day, and any sufficiently high level wolf or bear would pretty much always save vs the effects.

2017/08/10 01:53, Rashnak: 
I think that any kind of 'sensing danger' in adjacent rooms should be first built in the game via more generic method similar to 'look around', and then perhaps herblore or some such would provide bonus to that.

I think a similar situation is, what I was quoted with when I wanted to use a hooked rope in one of my zones. The hooked rope is useful in certain room in Moria, and I wanted to use similar in my zone. I was denied, and said that the rope was built before we had the current implementation of 'climb' skill. New features should not use the deprecated item, and instead rely on 'climb' skill with rope or other items just providing bonus to climb.

So I don't think that a herblore should be used to introduce something like looking/sensing into adjacent rooms, until that is possible even without herblore (even if maybe not so well).

2017/08/10 13:15, Elestir:   
I can imagine a new (probably cleric) spell 'sense danger' as well and the herblore either adding to its effect or replacing it with strong enough variant.

If the feature is designed as I suggested and warns only from relatively higher level targets in vicinity, it will be pretty much pointless for legends, so it should be low level spell with reasonably low manacost, else it will be ignored.

2017/08/10 14:40, Bodruith:   
I like the wolf-slumber / boar-slumber / bear-slumber idea. That could be super fun and useful for newbies. To make it zone restricted you could just have the flasks dissolve insta if you pass a certain point on the map. Greenholm or Michael Delving or something.

I'm not sure exactly how the protection from evil spell works but maybe there could be a herblore lowbie version of that spell that helps newbies avoid getting jumpped by wolves or other agg mobs in newbie areas.

2017/09/11 15:27, Snakrsmom:   
'dreamless sleep potion' - Will make you sleep for tick or two (or more) with increased regeneration of hp/moves/mana or any combination of those, but you are unable to wake up yourself. If the consumer is woken up by a forceful manner - e.g. engaged in combat, the drowsyness will haunt the consumer, reducing a,b,c stat for n amount of time.
Suggested name obviously is blatantly stolen from World of Warcraft

2017/09/11 17:20, Guido: 
Yes we are missing something, just steal shit from other games that have more than 20 players logged in at any given point and put that in the game might make some more people play it just a thought.

2017/09/11 17:33, Guido: 
I mean I understand this thread is from 2003 but come the fuck on, if you are currently spending more than 0 seconds on developing any new features for the game rather than focusing on trying to bring in new players then that's just sad.

2017/09/12 04:27, Korp:   
I really like Elestirs idea about being able to brew alcohol, I've always wanted that to be a feature in the game.

On the top of my head, my idea would be to be able to make some kind of 'serum' out of mauve and some other ingredients (mauve, bat fur and foxglove?). You would produce, say, a vial that can be thrown on low-level mobs to make them follow you for a while. Because it is hallucinating, this 'charmie' would be kind of crappy, not always do what you tell it, flee alot and the effect wouldn't last very long, thus hopefully make it useless for experienced players (if any experienced player would happen to want that short-lived parrysplit they could easily buy a mercenary, crow or charm a pig and even that would be better then what this serum could produce). This would also reveal some of the game mechanics that involves charmies for the newbie and hopefully make the game seem even more interesting and fun. There's probably a way to abuse this that I can't think of right now, but it's my two cents.

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