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2013/12/15 19:20, Antti: 
Elf narrates 'it really is like a curse. the same day i make a staff is almost always the same day i lose it'
Dwarf narrates 'Sounds familiar'
Hobbit narrates 'key to success is never to dismount'
Elf narrates 'i'm going to start keeping a bucket by my computer so i can pee in it'
Elf narrates 'got up to go bathroom and came back with orcs killing me'

2013/12/15 23:49, Fankil: 
Elf narrates 'i'm going to start keeping a bucket by my computer so i can pee in it'

whois Sabadon

2013/12/16 00:06, Belamir: 
That's still my all-time favourite whois. After 12-13 years of playing.

2013/12/17 11:22, Twrak:   
we left he's foci behind+including other eq... And Besides, he was opening the door @ the begining, but he never opened exit south, to jsut walk out easily, door was not blocked:) so u werent afk, and it's bad place to afk anyways in Armandil.

2013/12/18 06:15, Zabhlay:   
wrong section/discussion? :p

2013/12/26 22:09, Antti: 
Aranaeth narrates 'clint may look little bit retarded, but somehow, drunk and all, he got out of old forest'

2014/01/04 01:48, Belamir: 
X says 'hm midlle of the night and only gods on are 3 swedes and one adopted swede!'

X says 'damn'

X says 'i cant write middle anymore because i've written mudlle so much'

2014/01/04 19:45, Timodeus: 
Yes, I know that mistake very well. Happens all the time, ruins your ability to write english words with 'dd' in the midlle. Middle. Damned.

2014/01/07 11:59, Tollin:   
(Elf) narrates 'ariadne, still no proove that u real girl as u said'
(dwarf1) narrates 'she took 12 minutes for a bio break im convinced'
(dwarf2) narrates 'did her friends go?'

2014/01/25 16:53, Antti: 
Heheh, this made me giggle.
PS: From now on they sell beer bottles as well (although it still takes quite many of them to reach 5 gold, maybe Ted is just a heavy tipper).

Idea report: Ted Sandyman's drink problem
Written on Mon Jan 13 17:30:10 2014

To get Ted Sandyman's help you must pay his monthly bill at the Green Dragon. This bill comes to 5 gold. The only beer sold at the Green Dragon is:

32. twenty stout barrels full of beer up to five silver and 64 copper.

To reach 5 gold, Ted must therefore drink 20 barrels of beer a month. This seems somewhat excessive! Perhaps Ted could visit an alcohol abuse forum to try and reduce his drink problem. The Green Dragon could also sell alcohol in small quantities, barrels of beer do not seem to promote sensible drinking.

Thank you

2014/01/25 23:11, Kenzu:   
I chuckled and loved that post when it was posted. :)

2014/01/26 09:51, Timodeus: 
This is even more excessive if you consider that a 'stout barrel of beer' contains 15 kg (aka 15 liter) of beer.

This leaves us with two conclusions:

A) Ted Sandyman might be a heavy drinker, but he also pays for everyone's beer. I guess that 15 liter/an evening must be the half or a third of the Green Dragon's beer given out when averaged out (considering that Hobbits are small and they probably do not party hard every evening).

B) Beer in the Shire is cheap.

2014/01/26 11:02, Doderic: 
There ain't no such thing as a cheap beer.

2014/01/26 14:44, Horus: 
That story was GREAT! lol

2014/02/16 09:47, Michio:edited 1x   
X narrates 'A Dunlending child is M-O-R-T-A-L-L-Y-W-O-U-N-D-E-D.'
X narrates 'I almost just killed a 5yo child...'

Fiil narrates 'its ok, as a parent, i do that most days'
X narrates 'LOL'
Z narrates 'LOL'

2014/02/17 00:47, Fankil: 
[submitted link]

Read the 'funny' in the thread title and decided to post here.

2014/03/03 08:20, Belamir: 
X narrates 'how do I get to Westron from Fnost?' in Sindarin.
X narrates 'what general direction?' in Sindarin.

Z narrates 'X, type Cha lang Westron'
Z narrates 'So i can understand you :P'

2014/03/05 05:43, Elemmakil:   
tell XXX i thought you were on LoL or WoW
tell XXX one of those games that's like a palindrome

XXX tells you 'I quit WoW 13 months ago'
XXX tells you 'And bought a house instead.'

2014/03/11 18:05, Tont: 
Tindoome narrates '2 pig bn and there bumchum lithe kill me elven hideout and fuck whoever told em i there with'

Tindoome narrates 'in fact you go hell anyway goddamn computer fuckup people'

2014/03/28 19:01, Heigo:   
PK nowadays:

o# CW NS 4[0:4]>
Orc narrates 'man is priest'

o# CW NS 4[0:4]>
Man narrates 'orc ep'

2014/04/01 10:01, Belamir: 
X tells you 'new news post...havnt seen'
X tells you 'if i type news my character tries to walk n e w s'

2014/04/01 10:42, Arcanum:   
'news next' was the command?

or #speedwalk (off)?

its not funny at all to try to put 'sense life' up with 'sense' and then discover you have no alias 'sense' - instead you walk s e n s e to mobs or DT :)

2014/04/07 13:14, Gimlung: 
Seconds narrates 'dont know why snarp calls himself the end of dreams. i get sleepy pking vs him

I haven't had a good chuckle like that from a MUME narrate in a long time.

2014/04/07 16:03, Asgon:   
If you put a capital letter in the command it doesn't count as a speedwalk for JMC.

news = n, e, w, s

News = read the news.

Just FYI.

2014/04/07 16:24, Telessar:   
Haha Heigo

2014/04/09 07:04, Fyr: 
Heigo's post pretty much sums it up :D

2014/04/23 19:54, Eldaril: 
'its not funny at all to try to put 'sense life' up with 'sense' and then discover you have no alias 'sense' - instead you walk s e n s e to mobs or DT :)'

5-letter aliases? Bah!

2014/05/19 21:24, Kenzu:   
#### narrates ' some point you have to stop calling us newbies and just accept that we're clueless in general'

#### is kinda slow is a level thirty-two Noldorin Rider.
Is playing from *.com.
is the leading supplier of rubies to the BN's

2014/05/27 00:39, Ellidan:   
Boba narrates 'i require a female. NoW!'

2014/06/14 23:23, Antti: 
Elf prays 'Jail is not working'
Elf narrates 'A guard brings you to the Court of the Anduin Vale and starts to list all your crimes'
Elf narrates 'then its just repating itself'
Dwarf1 narrates 'it is a new type of punishment. he goes over and over what u did wrong'
Dwarf2 narrates 'sounds like my wife'

2014/08/06 11:28, Marion:   
* HP:Awful>
You bleed from open wounds.
say can anyone please band me before I die?
* HP:Awful>
A scholar says 'Sorry, I am very busy. If its important, please see the librarian.' in Westron.

2015/04/06 05:10, Ulturin:   

2015/04/29 13:04, Thurge: 
Shuffleshuffle sliiiiiide.

2015/06/07 17:33, Ulturin:   
Newbie X tells you 'Hi how do I get a sword?'
Tell Newbie X 'I'll bring you one, where are you?'
Newbie X tells you 'I was in bree...but I seem to be dead now'

2015/06/25 20:45, Antti: 
Rodania narrates 'was that in westron?'

2015/06/25 20:50, Nockurzh: 
actually that was in estron

2015/11/05 00:11, Slordor:   
Saw this the other day.

Rudigar narrates '*commercial break*'
Rudigar narrates 'Have you never envied these happy few, these wealthy, successful dwarves, riding majestically and effortless on their splendid Dales Ponies?'
Rudigar narrates 'Have you never imagined yourself owning one just like that, only to be denied because of the annoying, illegal, and even racist Hobbitonian export regulations?'
Rudigar narrates 'So at the end of the day you just make do with your boring, old mule, all the while being mocked by your friends?'
Rudigar narrates 'Now tell me, how is that fair?'
Rudigar narrates 'For all of you, I have Good News: This is Your Chance!'
Rudigar narrates 'Come to the old Merchant's Guild in Bree, and have your own Beorn's Best of Breed for a mere 15 gold! Freshly fed and watered, and free of tax!'
Rudigar narrates 'Thank you for listening, and see you all at the Golden Scales!'
Rudigar narrates '*end of commercial break*'

2015/12/09 10:08, Rendtner:   
X narrates 'my first pk death ever was outside gh gates'
Z narrates 'Mine was in spirit castle'
Y narrates 'I remember dying on old chars to groups of darkies running around harlond'
X narrates 'i asked a shrouded someone on a pack horse for some food.....he gave me a fball instead!'
X narrates 'but then i found food in mandos'

and i (literally) had a good laugh rl

2015/12/09 10:10, Rendtner:  edited 1x   
edited: double post, sorry.

2016/07/21 17:50, Sirdar:   
Cuyler says 'give me your gold...i got a giant, and im not afraid to use it!'

![ cW>l
The Inn's Rooms
A large bulletin board, entitled 'Board of the Free Peoples', is mounted here.
A steel key has been dropped here.
Barliman Butterbur, the innkeeper, offers you a room in his inn.
Cuyler the Noldo is standing here.
A large warhorse is standing here, clad in mail.
The lonely giant sits on a stone and sings a mournful lay.

The lonely giant says 'These lands scare me, let's meet again in a more pleasant place!'
The lonely giant starts running westwards and vanishes in a cloud of dust.

2016/09/21 08:48, Jagoan:   
X narrates 'QUAKE'
X narrates 'QUAKE'
X narrates 'NUKE'
X narrates 'NUKE'

Z narrates 'MAKE UP YOUR MIND!'

2016/09/28 12:33, Naga: 
I was afk until the very end, but this was funny:

X prays 'Ainulindalë, I humbly request your assistance in repressing the growing darkness.'

X prays 'Please assist your servant in succeeding in his endeavors.'

X prays 'I implore you, great gods of the west, do not sit idly by as the dark lord's minions encroach on our sacred lands
and destroy what you have created!'

X prays 'Can I get a newbie kit, please?'

X prays '(lame)'

>/kit X
Your kindness towards the young people of Arda is truly vast!

2016/10/06 21:13, Antti: 
Miler narrates 'A demon wolf says 'Today your blood will make the moon shine red, Miler.' - that's pretty bloody articulate for a wolf.'

2016/11/22 08:56, Mötley: 
X tells you 'May I taste your nectar?'
tell X woot? :P
X tells you 'nvm'
tell X wth :P
X tells you 'only if you're on the 'who f' list'

2017/01/24 01:49, Lens:   
Heard on my imo last year:

Ugurz narrates 'Mors (slowpoke) says 'Ugurz (dipstick) is standing here watching the Great East Road.''

who zaug

Zaugurz Orcs
Mors Blacksmoke
Ugurz the Zaugurz Half-troll of Far Harad

2 players on.


Kief narrates 'anyway hobbit stabs erkhonk, eats arachnia return hit'

Kief narrates '*a Hobbit* says 'worth it''

Emllik narrates 'lmao. nice'

Erkhonk narrates 'I let him and plan worked'

2017/01/24 04:19, Aiyir:   
X narrates 'offers on bluescroll?'

Y narrates 'my own mother!''

X narrates 'already had'

Z narrates 'holy ****'

2017/02/22 04:20, Patriot:   
XXX narrates 'I awful'

![ cW>

XXXXXXXXX narrates 'out then'

![ cW>

XXX narrates 'XXXXXX sexting and dies'

![ cW>

XXXXXX narrates 'damnit'

![ cW>

XXXXXX narrates 'was'

![ cW>

XXXXXX narrates 'texting'

![ cW>

XXX narrates 'sexting for the devil'

2017/03/04 00:18, Variant:   
When you spot your opponent a free 100k:

Bend in the Old Forest Road
A huge, black wolf is lying here, incapacitated.
*TARGET Woman* is here, riding a pack horse.
Exits: -north-, -east-, south, west.
You smell blood. ## I've seen no-one around ##

!. cRW HP:Hurt>km
*TARGET Woman* leaves east riding a pack horse.
k *man*
They aren't here.
*A Hobbit* leaves her hiding place.
*A Zaugurz Orc* leaves his hiding place.
*A Hobbit* BACKSTABS *A Zaugurz Orc*, resulting in some strange noises and some blood.
*A Zaugurz Orc* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.

!. cRW HP:Hurt>
*TARGET Woman* has arrived from the east riding a pack horse.

!. cRW HP:Hurt>
*TARGET Woman* stabs *A Zaugurz Orc*'s body extremely hard and shatters it.
You hear *A Zaugurz Orc*'s death cry as he collapses.
*A Zaugurz Orc* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.

2017/05/10 04:43, Orc:   
nar Never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups.

*: cRW HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
say via whois akar
emote says 'via whois akar'.

*: cRW HP:Fine Mana:Hot>

Glasya narrates 'not getting that one'

2017/07/03 04:19, Variant:   
<Lowbie BN> whispers: the struggle is real

*~~ cRW HP:Fine a ferocious warg:Fine <Lowbie BN>:Fine>

You pound a ferocious warg's right forefoot extremely hard and shatter it.

*~~ cRW HP:Fine a ferocious warg:Hurt <Lowbie BN>:Fine>

<Lowbie BN> fumbles and hits herself HARD.

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