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2018/03/13 22:41, Fieldy:   
BN life (tm)

narr how the hell did you die?

BN narrates '2 quick dispels while i unloaded 1 swored gball on bear'

2018/03/14 00:52, Jen:   
2 quick dispels while I unloaded a stored fball on bear.

Level 92 cleric hurts!

2019/10/18 18:41, Jenzn:   
Jääk narrates 'so, curious about something. Most people say they see an orc or troll or bn or something and others are all 'where? who? how long? how many? how many freckles they got?''

Jääk narrates 'but I report darkies and it's fuckin crickets. '
Alenia narrates 'i'm charming butterflies' '
Jääk narrates 'complete silence. '
Jääk narrates 'I simply don't understand. '
Emlindir narrates 'dreadfull orc on warg just got me n of Bree'
Jääk narrates 'they get anything special from you, Em? '
Baldar narrates 'How many freckles did it have?'
Dawnborne narrates 'lol'
Emlindir narrates 'havent checked corpse yet'
Dawnborne narrates '*a freckled orc* has arrived from the W E S T.
Jääk narrates 'hahaha'

2020/04/18 02:34, Rísneth:   
X narrates 'give head beorn for vale citizenship'

(I miss this thread)

2020/04/18 05:19, Iminyë: 
Iminyë narrates that a lot -P

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