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2003/07/04 18:54, Eldamar: 
I've actually only played half the months since then Gray but that doesn't affect my confidence in your inability to disrupt my scouting and thievery! Time-played and skill are not necessarily synonymous.

2003/07/04 19:02, Farok:   
Gray has been playing for 5 years. Contact me on icq or whatever and i'll fight you anywhere as any CLASS!

2003/07/04 19:38, Eldamar: 
Gray has tonnes of knowledge, I give him that. I'm not trying to put him down, I just doubt he poses a threat to me.

His site is damn good though, I do have respect for the man.

2003/07/04 20:26, Soman: 
thanks Androg!
maybe Gray is alittle cocky but he has alot of knowledge also I personally think he ranks in the top 5% of best mume players but yet I have not met him ingame or inperson but the impression I get from his page and posts here on er He plays by numbers not by Luck.
I for one have alot of D&D in me and am still going for luck when fighting mobs/pk, but don't take me for a fool I will not fight outnumbered I have had several 1vs1 encounters but the darkies just won't stay or they call backup when I have them low. In real RPish atmosephere a *orc* would stay till death and so would/will I if it's near a fair fight a lvl 50 vs a lvl 12 is not fair.

2003/07/04 22:51, Gray: 
Elestir: difference between blind mob and non-blind is that
1) blind mob doesn't hit for s**t
2) blind mob doesn't hunt
Shootflee might be ok for lowbie orc, or highbie cleric/shaman - not for puke thief who can get buffer on low levels, and stab for much better damage on high...

And Farok: your ICQ please? Would be fun to fight your mage in closeable of multiple rooms as warrior, 1 vs 1 =)

2003/07/05 00:43, Kaool:   
I found 10 Wis a min for herblores, still with a few mishmash mixed in ... does lore depend on base stats or age modified, because I swear aged Wis 10 works better than when it was bas 9....

2003/07/05 10:55, Gray: 
Kaool, I've failed travelling with 19 wis :) Exponent rules this world - you will never find how much wis you need to just NEVER fail any lore!

2003/07/05 21:39, Ragnus: 
There ain't no fail-proof things in MUME, and that is the beauty of it!

2003/07/05 21:40, Ragnus: 
There ain't no fail-proof things in MUME, and that is the beauty of it!

2003/07/05 22:07, Ramangth: 
There's a lot of fail-proof things in MUME. I don't feel like mentioning them all, but there are a lot!

2003/07/05 22:22, Ragnus: 
Well mention some then.

2003/07/05 22:27, Ragnus: 
Uh yeah, and when I say fail-proof, I mean hard-coded 100% chance :P

2003/07/05 22:44, Scad: 
that bn gets depression when he dies or backfires a spell is 100% thers tons more stuff 100% for sure too, just take a minute and think about it.

2003/07/06 00:28, Xion:   
at lvl 12 i was lvling uber fast and easy by stabbing things like brushmen, dunlending people, brigands, and other human mobs dead in about 2-4 stabs, getting around 10-15k each.

2003/07/06 00:57, Dnir:   
Yeah sure Xion! Was xping my zorc scout and at lvl 23 with barbed fang i stabbed em dead in 2-3 stabs, I DOUBT that a level 12 will stab them dead at same amounts of stabs as a level 23.

2003/07/06 01:01, Soman: 
I think shoot-flee is the answer is what most agree on
I think I'll stick to shoot flee with my new scout when I make him till about lvl 12 or so and use stab from then on:P

2003/07/06 01:52, Xion:   
well then dunir, thats very, very sad. i could do em all in one stab at lvl 18. (cept for maybe dunlendning warriors which took like 2)

2003/07/06 02:21, Dnir:   
Yeah I guess I dont know how to make scouts B<

2003/07/06 03:25, Sogard:   
Maybe a lvl 12 could stab then in 2-4 stabs with someone blinding/sleeping target and spelling up the stabber (never could stand playing scout on mume personally). :P

There could be some silly eff/ineff flag for one of the races vs brushmen or dunlendings, but I doubt it.

2003/07/06 03:50, Xion:   
so the other day i was playing video games when my grandma started yelling at me cause i didnt want any pumpkin pie so i pushed her then my uncle punched me and my mom made me sleep outside in the snow so i had to pee on the front porch but dont tell my dad cause he is still trying to figure out what that stain is then a few hours later that other dad my dad takes me down to the track has a bunch of boozes and starts to look like an angry clown then he bets on this horse called 'Lucky Stars' and when the horse lost he pushed me down a flight of stairs when i woke up the docter said something about a mild concussion so i slept in for the last couple of days

2003/07/06 03:56, Sogard:   
I was going to say something, but the pic in your profile somehow made it all click together...

2003/07/06 03:57, Drakard: 
Hahaha, real slick mofo! ;)

2003/07/06 21:15, Traedwhyl: 
Could you try to lose that childish attitude, and keep the 'XXXX spanks Gray / Gray spanks XXXX' elsewhere ?

That being said, I found funny that people advise others to get embel/bshb/stips/chanted arrows ; to be honnest (I hope someone can prove me wrong), someone who can get this kind of eq' - or has friends nice and skilled enough to give him this kind of eq' - can also xp by himself - or with those friends.

The best advices were probably those about the yew bow quest - at least, it's easier to find someone to help you to whack the noble stag than to try to find a 'spare' embel/bshb.

Also, those who find me online can ask me for chanted ash/war arrows anytime ; I usually hoard tons of them, as it costs me nothing (well, mana and a bit of time ; but when I'm reading ER, I usually have nothing better to do that chant a few dozens of arrows). That's for whitie side of course ; darkies should be experienced enough to manage by themselves ;-)

2016/11/01 23:44, Merarl: 
Best weapon for stab is still chanted Eket (besides BRD/Sting of course)?

2016/11/02 01:11, Baratheon:   
You would be better off with a chanted nasty orkish fang for stab.

2017/02/21 18:49, Merarl: 
Has anyone tested wearing leather armor to see if it hinders sneak / backstab?

2017/02/22 14:28, Snort:edited 1x   
The type of worn amour is irrelevant to sneak. What matters is the equipment's weight. If you got the str, you can go with fine metals, np. As a common sense rule, people playing scouts do not go past 'tad uncomfortable' with their equipment weight.

Edit: every bit of weight seems to affect your sneak success, even below 'tad uncomfortable'. For example, naked scout with brd and nothing else, will have higher success rate compared to when its wearing eq.

In opposition to this, a proficient scout might be able to get away with carrying weight over tad uncomfortable. Remember i played with an orc mob corpse once, in my inv, until it decayed, and could still land stabs. What i did suffer on though, were moves, since weight over tad uncomfortable drains your moves alot faster (leaving me puzzled as to wtf is happening, until i noticed the decay message).

2017/02/22 15:30, Barret:   
I'm responding to an old post here. But the best weapon for stabbing, other than brd and sting, is actually a max chanted elven dagger. It's 8 dam like a fang but lighter and usable for butchering. Evil players will need it to be dispelled first.

2017/02/28 12:09, Zorts:edited 2x   
with scouts, easy, get ringmails, bow and quiver with arrows, and just shoot youre way to 13-14. Depending on your base stats you can land stabs allready at lvl 13-14, that menas you switch your gear to plains, unless high str scout with trained str you can continue with mails as I have usually and then you just stab everthing what is not good aligned if you're puke. For shooting bree/fnost/bursh/fangorn is good for it. When stab works you can spend all your time in tharbad sewers and max it out and you probably hit Hero lvl and get tons of gold out of it and GM's are close too what you need. After that do a few runs in fangorn should yield lvl or two within few hours depending on how much you need to regen. Also you can after hero go for E rd for xps, hillmen, undeads, goblins, mountains around noc, mirkwood.

Weapons, barbed fang if you have not found chanter who could chant other fang for you, for def and stabbing spirits get chanted black thorn. For shooting well thats matter of taste, I prefer chanted bhsb and emb combo as it comes down if you can shoot/tank mob fast enough untill the def and mob hit delay kicks in or you need bhsb to do more dps that also applies to pk all comes down to situations.
Armor: if have enough str try always wear more absorb for xping. If not enough str for mails try with hardened leather combinations and pieces. Point is after landing stab or failing it then return hits from mobs can do a lot of dmg so it's good to have absorb esp when stabbing in rooms where are many mobs (ohurk for example) Also you need to get rid of all not needed heavy stuff. Container choise do you use packback or sable instead if you don't carry much. altho backpack can contain more but weights bit more or don't use containers, Keep minimum water in skin to reduce weight etc. Don't carry too much food with you cause first of all you can butcher stuff and just eat the meat or carry 1-2 lembases with you and you come to towns quite often anyways so you can refresh stock. Also choose what kind of arrows you wanna carry and don't carry too much with you cause wen you stab works perfectly you don't shoot that often anymore. But if you wanna run around in plain clothes then heck carry what ever you want but you will waste more time for regen.

You are using:
>WIELDED: a black runed dagger (flawless)
[As Shield ]: a bejewelled shield (flawless)
[On Head ]: a fine chain mail coif (flawless)
[On Body ]: a fine chain mail hauberk (flawless)
[About Body ]: a fine grey cloak (flawless)
[On Arms ]: a fine pair of chain mail sleeves (flawless)
[On Hands ]: a fine pair of chain mail gloves (flawless)
[On Legs ]: a fine pair of chain mail leggings (flawless)
[On Feet ]: a black pair of padded boots (flawless)
[Around Neck]: a pale blue stone
[On Wrist ]: a silver bracer
[On Wrist ]: a silver bracer
[On Finger ]: a sapphire ring
[On Finger ]: a small tin ring
[On Back ]: a black horn shortbow
[As Belt ]: a gleaming belt
[On Belt ]: a laced quiver
[On Belt ]: a sable pouch
[On Belt ]: a water skin
[On Belt ]: a red ruby; it has a soft glowing aura
[On Belt ]: a keyring

This is copy paste from my stabbers log Thats my xp set and I had weight tad uncomf. Those bracers don't weight anything so I could afford to wear em.

2017/02/28 16:47, Barret:   
Stabbers looking to requip can go to mountains of mirkwood and find Gwatihon's loot. His silvan satchel is lighter than a backpack with more room than a sable pouch. His nimble blade is a great weapon until you can get a chanted fang/elven-dagger or a brd. His boots can also be great if you have the strength for them. If you know your way around, virtually any character can recover Gwathion's gear.

Also, if you are a weak little hobbit or elf and you have tighter weight restrictions than an orc or man, then I would highly recommend picking up an elven bag. It is lighter than a water skin and provides a lifetime supply of water and food.

2017/03/02 17:58, Nukafuka: 
@Zorts: You whaste quite a bit of weight by carrying food/water when there is water and food every few rooms, if you know where to look (every scout should learn that). Only zone that doesnt have much water is Emyn, for some reason, the ainus found it funny to 'forget' to include water. Also, wearing mails, regardless of your str, will ruin your sneak. At low levels especially, plains make a big difference. if you switch to stab, then plains all the way. And lastly, i wouldnt advise people to relay on stab to much before lvl 15-16, even though you can start stabbing a lot sooner, the damage will suck so much and you will fail so often vs shoot-fleeing for example (you will use shoot-fleeing even at legend).

@Barret: there is just one problem with that suggestion: the frothing bear. If he isnt dead, he will more then likely walk/hit you awake before your dream finishes, then you just end up with whasted time. Its also a bit of an adventure to get there for the average lowbie and lots of aggro mobs on the way. If you do not know what you are doing, its better if you skip this until later. The elven bag is a nice commodity but even beter then 1 pound is 0 pounds (drink/eat) whatever you find (just make sure you bring a water skin along when you go to emyn).

2017/03/02 22:09, Barret:   

The bear is easy to kill for any stabber, even with a poor weapon. And it sleeps a lot. But, yeah, obviously you should know the area and how to avoid the mobs before you go there to requip, especially as a lowbie. Still, it's a good way to get a nice piercer especially for zaugs and bns.

To each their own. But I find it inconvenient to have to go to the nearest water room or kill something butcher-able whenever I get hungry/thirsty. Stabbing xp is annoying enough without having to disengage to forage and I certainly wouldn't want to have to stop while hunting a player or fleeing from one to butcher a stag. But 0 is less than 1, so it's a way to go.

2017/03/02 22:47, Fret:   
I like chanted crossbow and some chanted metal-cases bolts for low level xp. You can take on some big mobs and it is fast xp. I don't start stabbing till hero.

2017/03/03 13:51, Nukafuka: 
@Barret: Nods, if you can take out the bear, no problem. Personally, i would not consider wasting so much time on something that is not guaranteed to give me gwathion's loot, nor help me with leveling. You only get dream about gwathion like every 24 hours or so, if someone did recently (havent figured out a dream respawn pattern), but you still get to whaste 24 minutes of your life dreaming about emyn lore. There's also the chance of pulling the short straw and having to reveal in a room with 10+ troll mobs/i.e., even a legend has problems retrieving his gear sometimes. It is still a nice weapon to pierce with, if you are into that kind of stuff (altough its ob/pb are bad vs alternatives like slender/barbed, dps is bit higher, if you can hit with it).

For stab, i'd rather get my hands on something obtainable fast, with higher base damage (for higher stab damage). Orkish fang is the most common that i can think of (and darky/puke can get it chanted easily). I also grab shiny dagger, slender dagger, barbed fang, chanted orkish fang/elven dagger, or brd, if available, in this order.

2017/03/03 17:22, Fret:   
I have yet to see a gwathion location I cannot loot with a L15 character.

2017/03/08 12:31, Nukafuka: 
Try the troll room south of vale scouts, that's troublesome even for legend scout. :) My point was that you will not get gwathion loot 100% of the times you dream, its a hit and miss for a lvl 15 and the wait time is better spent somewhere else...this is a thread about thief leveling after all and sending lowbie players to dream emyn is a bad idea from a leveling perspective.

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