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Player Tribute: Rudger tributes

2002/07/03 09:59, Brawn: 
Rudger always claimed he had more kills in old priest than anyone else. Was nice chap. Had his limousines rented out that earned him some nice box :) Atleast thats what he told. I think he made his career from some software company he started and sold later.

Well I only knew him when he made a comback some years ago - he learned moria and spammed Balrog. I got addiceted to that...happily I got over it and tried to learn PK instead.

2002/07/03 13:16, Steele: 
I do appreciate that player Axel but to the real oldies like myself *cough*, I can't stop thinking of the original Var. The one who made Var whom I still believe to be one of the best pkers of all time. His vision of evil surpassed any thoughts I could muster.

2002/07/03 14:26, Axel: 
ok ok, I rename Travis' Var to Rudger and YOU submit the old Var, ok?

2002/07/03 15:44, Steele: 
Thanks Axel. Also, change the title underneath Rudger. Last time I checked Ruder was no assassin! He was a stumbling, mumbling, old and battered dwarf of Moria who never quit!


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