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Player Tribute: Orlaug tributes

2002/07/03 05:11, Enforcer: 
I used to group with him at first a lot, but he was mostly a solo kind of player, hence Orlaug his scout and Wydane his mage. He was the mosty funny player at the time, i really liked his sense of humour. He also has a kid and I used to know his website address...

2002/07/03 13:14, Enso: 
Orlaug was a really funny chap, no doubt about it, and he always had something to say. I will remember him for the great conversations we had and the excellent columns he wrote for my old beloved MNet, the original log-posting site!

2002/07/03 13:21, Vaire: 
He was an all aroud nice guy. When I was first venturing out East to try to PK, he was making a BN and was the first BN I ever got on trophy mind you the BN was under level 6! But I had met him befor then and even visited the mud he was working on. Orlaug, you're missed!

2002/07/04 10:02, Ramtir: 
He killed my and my newbie-pals a few times! We were level 15 or so and tried to pay back, it didn't work. :/

He's one of the few orcs I actually remember from when I was new here, he and Hypnotyk I guess (except for Enso/Rasmus/Toth that is). Orlaug, haha, ggGGrrRRRrr..r......

2002/07/04 21:31, Marre: 
I remember once he was (he thought he was hidden) around ford and other orcs would go by and say hi Orlaug, that pissed him off :P


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