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Player Tribute: Snuttan tributes

2002/07/03 10:38, Enforcer: 
Snuttan was always a nice guy (to me at least), even though he tried to kill me on a number of occasions. He always had a spare thing or 2 also...althought hoarding was his hobby =). Extremely dangerous in pk, i remember him as Tyc and Snuttan mostly, since when i was playing whitie, I didn't come across Thorac much...Most of us remember and probably have died to his PARE! (thats hold spell for ya) spell and following smiter-orcwarriors =).

2002/07/03 11:50, Elrik: 
Snuttan was extreemly good pk-er i hunted with him some with goldor when i still was newbie (mabe still am) and got 6 kills in 40 minutes and he even splitted the eq fairly because he did all the leading and i remember him fondly. He was like no 1 warlord for 1 year real life untill he got killed at nexus vs 8 trolls and lost all his equipment

2002/07/03 12:08, Shadrach: 
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING WITH ME! TRIBUTE TO SNUTTAN! WHAT !?!?!?!? Snuttan was like Tindomerel was at first, but snuttan never changed.
He specialized in bashtraps, poison and sitting hours on hours in places waiting for enemies. Remember one log where Tyc killed 4 poor pukes i
necro after waiting for hours. Snuttan never had any guts, rarely entered anything and is in my opinion the single most boring player mume has
ever seen. well i gotta agree that nazgum was pretty fucking close with his wait-20-people-in-bbt-for-3-rl-hours. Fucking retards. I really hate yours

2002/07/04 21:29, Marre: 
gig, i played like once or twice with Snuttan, once in lab. I was at the time pretty new and most i remember is eating pizza (afterwards) and how much Gattling would yell. 'HAN ÄTER SHATTERS HAN ÄTER SHATTERS'.

2002/07/13 15:53, Khird:   
Snuttan is the first char I ever thought ROCKED! cause he did he killed TONS!

and when someone kill lots of enemies ofcourse ppl will say he was lame and whatnot BUT I still think he rocked!

2002/07/17 06:24, Dos: 
Thorac was so goddamn annoying in warrens, could never hit.

Yawn. Was so happy when he died.

Also, wasn't Thorac the one who used portal to mobkill all of us when portal was first invented by putting one on OER that lead us into no exit mobs?

that was fucking lame. i can't remember if it was thorac or not.

2003/03/17 22:18, Khwaj: 
Remember this one... handing out stuff... nice indeed...Killed me as whitie a bunch of time i guess, i will never admit that thought..


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