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Player Tribute: Korog tributes

2002/07/04 10:46, Francis: 
Player driven shops should be encouraged not forbidden.
It would be rocking to have a stand at sppi where you could buy home baked tarts etc.

2002/07/04 21:34, Marre: 
Somehow i dont think ppl would mainly trade with tarts.

2002/07/05 17:00, Juss: 
Kinda lame of the management... :/

2002/07/06 07:11, Khaylos:   
Korog was the first person on Mume that I can actually say was a friend to me. I joined the Sun Tiger clan as a lowly mage named Thahr early in my Mume career and thanks to Korog (and the rest of the Sun Tiger Clan) became accustomed and quite fond of this game. As is noticeable that I am still playing it to this day. Though I can't say I have amounted to all that much, I still enjoy it and nearly all of that relates back to my roots with Korog.

2002/07/08 08:03, Devastator: 
Bahhhhhh that was cheap of the management, sheesh. That musta have been a damn nice piece of zMUD coding and really fun for the players :)

2002/07/08 12:29, Liliah: 
What can I say... Korog is lost in the Magic the Gathering fields, and a father of two cool twin boys now. And also my dear Enforcer's brother...

2002/07/26 08:18, Thilax: 
cool idea =) bad management forbid him of continuing. Hey i've been an active MTG player too =) ... last successful deck i used was a blue/black psykatog control deck (really good one too..).

2002/08/04 21:03, Relim:   
Eh... I never put two and two together to realise Korog was Ert's brother. I remember Korog very well, when, as Maz and Mazza, I joined the STC... despite being a very lame name for a clan, it was actually quite useful. I was most certainly the newbie of the clan and never really benefitted from it, but it was fun being involved all the same. I think STC and STCII still exist if you try to whois them...

2003/06/16 00:48, Mishaak: 
I saw Silverleaf put an end to Korog's 'shop' while I was playing a lowbie years back. I was waiting for the Bree armourer to open and trying to ignore the spam of Korog's receipt-searching script (back in the days when you had to hold and examine receipts to see what they were for and where to redeem them) when Silverleaf started tossing fireballs at him, looted his receipts, and ported out. Kinda stunning to watch. Korog was stuck in his sorting script the whole time, even while trying to flee: 'Silverleaf utters the words, 'yfuzbarr'; Korog gets a receipt from a backpack; Korog panics, and attempts to flee; Korog holds a receipt.' Shortly thereafter, management came down on Silverleaf's side and banned Korog's shop.


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