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Player Tribute: Hanse tributes

2002/07/19 06:16, Ged: 
Hear hear !

Imo p(Hanse) was the best player at the time, he knew everything, all enemies feared him, he took part in epic battles and mostly emerged unbeaten.

I had the pleasure to group with him several times, even if I was only a lowbie sucky newbie mage who didn't know shit . . .

And most of all he was kind, friendly, and always ready to help :)

PS. I mailed him sometime back and he did say he might be coming back, here's hoping ! ! !

2006/04/20 11:04, Durmegil: 
P(Hanse) is one of the best people on MUME in my opinion. He's a great teacher, and an excellent companion. He's also become a fast and true friend.

I wholeheartedly add my support to this tribute.


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