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Player Tribute: Zim tributes

2002/07/08 06:23, Enforcer: 
Zim was always a nice chap! Brave in his battles (baazunga, razhim), very fast, and always had time for some roleplay!

2002/07/08 19:57, Vaire: 
and Ida always by his side...two very nice hobbits...always

2002/07/10 14:58, Steele: 
Baazunga was and should always remain as a true uruk-hai. He treated his fellow uruk-hai brothers and sisters equally. He treated the yrch and snaga as bottom-feeders as they should be. He slayed those who resisted. He sacrificied those who were willing and not so willing. He pillaged, raped, massacred and, most importantly, remained ever so vile as an orc should be.


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