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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 


1991 - 1995
Oh Mournblade, how I miss thee. If it wasn't for your vindictive nature or your willingness to fight even in the most dire situations, I wouldn't be the thief I am today in Mume. I proudly announce Mournblade as the one and only TRUE assassin-for-hire. I clearly remember many days I asked Mourn to deal with certain players I needed assassinated and, to this day, I will refuse to give anyone the details due to preserving my oath to his servitude.


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The Storyteller
? - 2001
The funniest player I've ever talked with. Was big into roleplay. Left to create his own mud which didn't work out, but he still never came back. - Nazgum.

A great guy, funny player never took anything TOO seriously, moved to a new state and a new job, family duties and MUME faded away... - Vaire

Nazgum and Vaire 

Balrog Leader
1991 - 1999
Also known as Var or Nahar - one of the greatest American players and war leaders.

Ex-labbie of Slayer, while he stayed in America. His brother and he left to play Everquest and AFAIK they are still stuck there.

A great person and someone I probably will miss most in mume - for now and for what will come.


The Zealot
Most memorable for me about Slapo, was anytime anyone would need a trans he'd be available in Bree (didn't matter if he knew you) and if you narrated 'emergency trans' you'd be transported from near death to find yourself getting 50+ lines of cows, and then see him sitting there, smiling and protecting his cows.


The Ancient
1991 - 1994
Snarf represented the true Orc of old.

His playstyle was honorable and he quickly became known as the most fearful Orc to reign in Mume-land. In my opinion, he represents what every evil scum today should strive to become.


The Witch
1993 - 2001
One of the best ever!
Was #1 warlord for very long time.

He stopped after he was done with school, because he was only rarely able to play with his friends.


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