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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 

Sardaukar Arrakis
The Snow Viper
The player of Sardaukar was a very all-round MUME player. Mastering Zaugurz Orc warriors as one of the first, when there were many enemies around (when zorcs were actually hard to play) he got bored in the end. Although I haven't talked to him in RL for a long time, I still consider him a friend, as he was for many players. A true veteran. - Devastator

1st Zaug Uruk (Jan 15, 2002)
1st Zaug Warrior Warlord (Feb 12, 2002)
1st Zaug Warrior #1 Warlord (July 26, 2002)
^^ Respect. Enough said.^^ - Zíntilden

Devastator and Zíntilden 

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The large mean-looking dwarf
Well, as a newbie puke, he was the one I looked up to, and Norsu the one I hated (cause he was spamkilling my ass off :)). Scrape was a great xper, he really must have enjoyed xping. And couple of times I got to follow him, and that was big! He was the highest leveled puke for a very very long time, and if he had continued playing, he had been level 100 for a long time ago.


The Zealot
Most memorable for me about Slapo, was anytime anyone would need a trans he'd be available in Bree (didn't matter if he knew you) and if you narrated 'emergency trans' you'd be transported from near death to find yourself getting 50+ lines of cows, and then see him sitting there, smiling and protecting his cows.


The Ancient
1991 - 1994
Snarf represented the true Orc of old.

His playstyle was honorable and he quickly became known as the most fearful Orc to reign in Mume-land. In my opinion, he represents what every evil scum today should strive to become. - Steele

First badass orc, first to hit 1k pks. - Lookhu

Steele and Lookhu 

The Witch
1993 - 2001
One of the best ever!
Was #1 warlord for very long time.

He stopped after he was done with school, because he was only rarely able to play with his friends.


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Mayor of Bree
? - 2001
The benevolent mayor of Bree was always a great xp popular. I know many people will remember his friendly attitude as well as his Rping. I think he started around MUME II... I'm not sure where he went. He used to go away alot but usually came back...



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