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Blast of the Past
normal AMERICUH!!!! (Breaux)2016/11/08
Visited 20721 times, last comment 3 hours ago by Zepir.2443 comments
politics The Official Androg, Conspiracy and... (Enforcer)2004/12/31
Visited 159048 times, last comment 4 hours ago by Thurge.38663 comments
normal Changing Nosneak (Elemmakil)2017/03/07
Visited 2508 times, last comment 2 days ago by Breaux.151 comments
normal Jmc client script (Lookhu)2005/07/22
Visited 8395 times, last comment 9 days ago by Ghanic.161 comments
normal Funny Prays, Narrates, Yells... (Vaire)2003/05/30
Visited 98815 times, last comment 14 days ago by Orc.1999 comments
normal Mume advertising (Rogon)2013/11/06
Visited 4370 times, last comment 15 days ago by Strori.175 comments
normal Lindisse's stats and skills (Lindisse)2017/01/19
Visited 1601 times, last comment 18 days ago by Strori.45 comments
news Fixes (Axel)2016/08/31
Visited 950 times, last comment 19 days ago by Ortansia.20 comments
normal New web client (Waba)2014/11/23
Visited 2197 times, last comment 24 days ago by Strori.40 comments
idea Screen recorder for muds? (Rashnak)2017/04/23
Visited 301 times, last comment 24 days ago by Strori.7 comments
normal MMapper 2.2.0 (Kalev)2013/07/12
Visited 8950 times, last comment 24 days ago by Strori.139 comments
normal Spellsave (Donovan)2017/04/15
Visited 646 times, last comment 26 days ago by Reine.18 comments
normal Elric of Melniboné (Rattus)2006/12/14
Visited 663 times, last comment 28 days ago by Merarl.21 comments
normal Vrak's stat generator (Merarl)2017/04/25
Visited 247 times, last comment 29 days ago by Strori.4 comments
normal Why are YOU not on MUME? (Elemmakil)2014/05/13
Visited 4651 times.91 comments
normal Mmapper (Chap)2014/01/15
Visited 5279 times.49 comments
 Random Runes
 Zepir: couldnt that be dangerous then if the Nurses were...
 Ohrvűk: gr toiganc 'armour'c n 'earthquake' c q 'earthqu...
 Ghanic: Cast 'heal' toiganCast 'strength' toiganCast 'b...
 Toigan: Actually not sure if I am gonna be ok or not, s...
 Zambin: Ofc!He prayed back from mandos to rdell to bect...
 Singleton: @Toigan So you lived? ... O:-)
 Ton: omg thats funny! Get better man!
 Fieldy: Nice one Toigan :D :DGet well soon!
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