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1 (1)Gilhdur the Half-Elf Patriarch   1 (1)Telperin the Black Nmenrean Scholar
2 (2)Fejd the Stoor Champion   2 (5)Puncher the Cave Troll Smasher
3 (3)Fastolph the Harfoot Scout   3 (3)Emrev the Tarkhnarb Orc Fighter
4 (4)Robal the Dwarf Battlemaster   4 (4)Kyoko the Tarkhnarb Orc Murderer
5 (5)Bafo the Dwarf Mountaineer   5 (2)Heretic the Tarkhnarb Orc Murderer
6 (6)Daerandir the Silvan Ranger   6 (6)Warrio the Cave Troll Wrecker
7 (7)Nimmeth the Noldo Chieftain   7 (7)Kaisa the Black Nmenrean Witch
8 (8)Dalwar the Stoor Footpad   8 (8)Mosh the Cave Troll Smasher
9 (9)Faine the Beorning Battlemistress   9 (9)Yavnthir the Black Nmenrean Wizard
10 (10)Barclay the Silvan Patriarch   10 (10)Jrv the Zaugurz Orc Battlemaster