July 9, 2002 -   Antar

Lochdale: Well I am here with Antar. Why don't you tell us a little something about yourself as well as some of your characters?
Antar: Well, right now I gotta find a way to get myself up tomorrow... To be at work at 6 am. (Working retail sucks) But I have found myself to enjoy playing warrior the most. I would have to say it's because of their ability to live longer (more hps).
Lochdale: Well mages with storeport are not so bad either! Anyways, how did you first find MUME, and what attracted you to it?
Antar: I learned of MUME via a friend from AOL. He played it for awhile, and tried to get me, and p(Uriond) to play aswell. We did, and Uriond liked it, I didn't. In fact, it took me one entire year of cursing the game, and everyone who played it before I tried it again. Only reason I still play is because of p(Alqualin) who told me the best way to win is to be the best at what you do. (Much like Gray, I want to be the best) But I have given up on being the best on pk!
Lochdale: Interesting that you compare yourself, in one sense, with Gray. He seems rather obessesed with this game, are you so obsessed and if so, is such an obsession healthy?
Antar: I actually laughed at Gray for awhile, before I accepted him as a player. I do enjoy this game, and I believe I was obsessed for awhile (with scrolls and shining). I don't know if you'd call it an obsession for Gray either. He just wants to be the best, and he voiced that opinion, and as is typical of this game, got flamed for it. (And if I don't answer a question completely, ask again, I'm trying to watch Samurai Jack too!)
Lochdale: Well, if the flames are appropriate don't you think it is best that he is flamed, it is somewhat darwinistic but I think it is best for the game.
Antar: To flame him for wanting to be the best? Or for knowing all their is to know about the game itself (not the players and how they play)? I get flamed as it is, and usually it isn't to my face either. You get flamed for playing a storeporter too, do you think it's lame for you to store port? (etc. etc. with the lameness comparison).
Lochdale: Indeed, personally I storeport and have no problems with that or with being flamed, but then I am a rather arrogant fellow. I think the issue with Gray runs a little bit deeper then that. However, I digress, Antar, You are known as a great smobber. You have done Lord more times then most orcs have killed an albino salamander. Is it still exciting? Are mobs what make mume for you and how did you learn them so well?
Antar: Again, it's one of those "play to be the best" things...Before I learned Scaly, I spam did Lord to trade the blue scroll for a gleaming belt. Elmir always took me up on the offer... As far as how I got so good at them, Scrape taught me Lord and Willow, Moria I learned with Grunge, Mirkwood I learned myself, Unqa I learned with Tanc/Babai/Vasilisa, OiE was taught to me by Neo. Borondir taught me Amon and Chief. And Kebbler (when Chill Touch was abuseable) taught me Kracken. Shin is the one who eventually gave me the directions to lead Balrog, but didn't tell me how to do everything. Any other smob-types I left out? I learned everything east of Rivendell with Shriek actually, including DT, and Gc/bw...
Lochdale: If you left any mobs out I certainly would not be the one to correct you. So, if mume ended tomorrow, would you be happy if your reputation was that you were one of its best smobbers?
Antar: If MUME ended tomorrow I'd have a lot of free time on my hands, I might even get good grades (2.2 G.p.a. sucks). And yes, I'd be really happy. As it stands I don't know of anyone who has more than 48 Balrogs on trophy (but would like to be told if someone finds someone with more).
Lochdale: Well I think there would be some awful withdrawal symptoms if MUME ended tomorrow! What are your favourite things about the game Antar?
Antar: I think this is where I become Cliche and say the people are my favorite. I've met so many people I call friend now (not acquantance) (sp?). But aside from the people, I think the fact that one doesn't have to pk if they don't want to. At times I enjoy ruining peoples fun (rare) other times I don't. It all comes down to how I feel that day. I'm assuming the next question is least favorite thing, and I would love to answer that now. =) I highly dislike the selfish attitude of MUME's playerbase. Yeah, I know, I am selfish. But group with me long enough, and a lot of the time you take presedence over my life when it's all on the line.
Lochdale: Well, perhaps MUME is a microcsim for life with different attitudes etc.? Let us not get too deep here. You have an ainu, any interest in developing that aspect of the game?
Antar: I don't think I am that creative actually... Spot me the basic idea, and I'll develop it for you. But I would go insane writing room descriptions. I do love this game though, and if it came down to it, I would do what I had to to help (even donate cash if Fire decided to not be free anymore)
Lochdale: Antar, what would you change in MUME?
Antar: Right now, I don't think I'd want to change anything. I wouldn't mind adding a few things though, which are probably going to be added with or without anyone's approval...
Lochdale: What do you mean?
Antar: Well, as we speak Antar is in Morgul Vale. This isn't the forum to discuss it, but I don't understand why it is someone should have to pay rent while they are in a place they have no choice of getting out of.
Lochdale: Where next for you and MUME then? Create more characters? Start to pk?
Antar: Most likely I'll end up creating more characters, but in all honestly, I would love to leave the game behind (even though I like it), just because it's more of a distraction to me than a help.
Lochdale: Are you concerned about your marks in University? I would suggest that University comes first.
Antar: Yes I am. My grades were significantly low, even if I was breaking up with my girl of three years. But seeing as how I'm moving into an apartment with good friends, I'll play a lot less MUME. Not to mention I'm going to be avoiding weed, which will be growing in my window, so I'll not be home a lot too!
Lochdale: Why do people insist on admitting to misdemeanors to me in interviews!
Antar: Because you're a lawyer who can defend me!
Lochdale: Ok, time for some quick questions! Are you ready?
Antar: Go go go! *answers fast*
Lochdale: Who is your favourite person on MUME?
Antar: Ouch, that's a tough one. I don't know. = ( Alkar! Mark rocks!
Lochdale: MUME, in 5 years, is it here?
Antar: It's not here in America! But it's in Sweden, where I will have hopefully visited by then How else will I get p(Ling) to date me if I don't go to her?
Lochdale: Interesting, growing pot and stalking someone over the internet. I think prison will be a rough experience for you.
Antar: I don't grow it, and I won't smoke it anymore. Not to mention I'm not stalking her! It's mutual! :-P
Lochdale: Indeed. How do you feel about labs Antar?
Antar: I want to play in one. But all it does is give the advantage of not typing tell, and I'm sure they still yell at each other!
Lochdale: Do you believe that there is a lot of cheating in the game?
Antar: I know there is a lot of cheating. I've taken part in cheating before, and I even got demoted for it (although char seperation isn't REAL cheating).
Lochdale: Very Clintonesque answer, any parting comments? Perhaps about how much you admire me.
Antar: Btw, oral isn't sex anymore because of him (I love the U.S.)! And as far as admiring you, I admire your vocabulary, work ethic, and golf game! As far as admiring others... They know who they are.
Lochdale: Good answer although my golf game is rather weak. Thank you Antar, you are an easy interviewee and it is always a pleasure as I do consider you one of the more genuine players in the game.
Antar: Thanks for the ego boost, now I think I go watch more cartoons!
Lochdale: Ahh the youth of America...the worlds future.....

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