October 1, 2001 - Axel

Ioméne: Hello there Axel.
Axel: Hi.
Ioméne: How are you today, ol' chap?
Axel: I am fine, but lots of work rl at the moment since it is the end of the quarter.
Ioméne: I see, where do you work?
Axel: Well, in Germany, I work for a company doing medical software and I am mostly coding drivers for online blood analyzers and other stuff.
Ioméne: Would you like to tell some of the characters you play?
Axel: Hrm, too many pretty inactive but: Girando, Sivanor, Ramiris, Jheran, Dugmok, Mahyr and others.
Ioméne: Not bad at all, when did you start playing?
Axel: Well, the very first time i got in touch with mume was sometime in the summer of 1998, that was when I surfed the web checking out different Tolkien games. Then mobbed 2x to a brown bear - then just quit. I came back in june 99 and then the addiction really hit me :>
Ioméne: I see. You must be one of not many others who has not been introduced to the game by a friend. So tell us, how did you manage such a short but successful carreer? :)
Axel: Well, I wouldn't call it career, and I don't even rate myself good. Anyway, after 3 months of playing I met Var, Dar and Skelter and somehow they let me tag along and I guess that helped a lot. Also, I love to map and figure out stuff, so I was perma-running around mapping all.
Ioméne: Do you have any favourite place to hunt at?
Axel: Well, since I love in Moria, I certainly like to fight there. Actually I don't care where I pk, but I dislike the NOC - DT area.
Ioméne: So, what you are saying is that you had a sort an unusual childhood here on mume. Others usually if they start as pukes run around bree to fornost and when they pk they dont pass the nen-i-sul bridge.
Axel: Well, not really, during my first three months I learned most of Bree, Fornost, GH etc myself - btw - I loved the first time when I tried to get to Bree or then from Bree to Grey Havens. P(Var) was an old and very experienced player and he helped me a lot.
Ioméne: You are a Mb yourself, what have you contributed with?
Axel: I am building a Rohan zone, and I am done with room descs.
Ioméne: Oh, will it open anytime soon?
Axel: I don't know really, I think Rohan started 1.5 years ago (July 2000), maybe even more. So I figure (HOPE) that it will open soonish.
Ioméne: Do you do much smobbing and xping apart from pking?
Axel: Well, not really, I go solo a lot, so not too much smobbing.
Ioméne: Also, we all know you are sorta the char Combo-King. How do you do it?! I am even myself working on a Mahyr copy!
Axel: Well, as I mentioned earlier I like to figure stuff out, so I played with VrAK's statgen for ages. I loved to fight Vayu when i was playing Girando a lot and *blush* I tried to kinda copy him :) Was hard at first since I did not know his stats/pracs etc. But if u like to hang out solo a lot I guess a mage/thief combo is the best.
Ioméne: How do you like the recent changes?
Axel: I like the new noc and the new trolls best. It's nice to see people so active.
Ioméne: I would like to give you my opinion on something that I hate at least. That is i.e a pack of orcs standing inside lbfort and outside stands same amound of whities yelling "YOU KILLED HIM LINKLESS" and such. It imho really ruins the fun and the spirit of it all.
Axel: Yea, besides that whining, linkless-killing just to get eq or wps, I think groups have to be changed and there are some very nice ideas. e.g followers drop when the leader is running too fast or someting, but besides that, I just try to avoid those groups.
Ioméne: Ok, what do you think MUME will be like in 5 years then?
Axel: That's a good question, but if it still exists, probably quite like it does now.

All of a sudden Ilie steps into the room (we are sitting in Axel's god room) and mentions something about a delayed door or something and looks at us threateningly. Axel apologizes, Ilie mutters, and leaves. We continue our interview.

Ioméne: Ok, would you agree to say that logcomments and forums like mume.net contribute to the "bad spirit" that is around?
Axel: Well, I loved mume.net when it started, it was/is a great site and very well done, but without someone administrating it and those anonymous retarded comments, it just sucked :>
Ioméne: 100% agree. Is there something you dislike about MUME?
Axel: Well, since I am mostly on as my Ainu lately, yea, I dislike the leveling/working-system for Maiar. I am a coder, I've done code all my life and that is actually the only thing I have real fun with :) But now here in MUME, to make the V+ even notice you you have to get toMw. Lucky are those who get a zone, besides most coders hate to write descriptions so that already filters out most ppl. Then zone work eats up a year or likely more. So you start out psyched up and all, but are kinda forced to sit and wait - that pretty rough :). But yea, I understand they need to filter people out to make sure they are people than can be trusted.
Ioméne: Ok, thank you very much for letting me doing this. Now stand up!

Axel rises to his feet. I shake Axel's hand and we are done.

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