October 8, 2001 -  Devastator

Ioméne: Hey there. Do you have time to answer a few questions?
Devastator: Hi.
Ioméne: How are you today?
Devastator: Fine. Didn't have to go to work so could stay home playing all day.
Ioméne: What is it with you and trolls anyway?
Devastator:I don't know. I played dwarf in the beginning. He had con 14 and wil 21 and therefor sucked very hard. Then i thought I'd play an orc and started a max strength and con orc, but mobdied a lot. After that I thought I would try troll, and I got caught by the cool raw humour, the hps, the power and the people who play it.
Ioméne: It's your fifth troll or what?
Devastator: Let's see...I sundied trolls at level 48 43 43 39 38 35 34 33 33 32 30 29 29 25 23 21 21 or something.
Ioméne: Good Christ! Laugh! Well, don't sundie now!
Devastator: Nah, I don't sundie now. I have sundied so many different ways and dont many different mistakes so I should have learned something.
Ioméne: What were your other trolls called?
Devastator: Well, I started as Secret, then I made Duvel (called after a nice belgian beer). Then Raichu, then Meteor, and now Devastator.
Ioméne: Not bad at all. How did you start playing MUME?
Devastator: Well, I walked into the university library, bored of Quake2 and studying. I saw a guy sitting at his computer spamming something on a telnet screen so I asked him what it was, I was flabbergasted by the output on the screen, and asked the address and then I got hooked.
Ioméne: A very nice story. Who are your homies in Warrens beside Grinder and Crusher?
Devastator: I have no homies here. Grandma in Filthy cave, she rulez!
Ioméne: But troll players?
Devastator: Ah, Echo, Skojardu, Brutux and Lothar, but he doesn't play anymore. Khwaj rocks too, he always helped me when I was newbie. Cele and I haven't been going together so well lately.
Ioméne: Oh, I see, could it be cause of the level competition?
Devastator: No, not really. When I started as a troll I had a dream for myself to get the highest level troll. Since a little while back we have had some personal matters where we have disagreed.
Ioméne: I see. Which are your favourite zone to hunt in?
Devastator: Well, huge dt fights are fun, and fights in BW, scaly and Necro also.
Ioméne: Do you only pk with Devastator?
Devastator: No, not only, but mostly. I also xp but that's mostly to help other people. If I should include smobbing I would say 50/40/10 or so. I'm 4 levels ahead of Cele so no need to spam xp.
Ioméne: Getting good equipment, do you think it's too hard or too easy?
Devastator: Well, since the change Frór made, it is very boring to get eq for troll. It is still easy to get eq, but now you have to do smobs as troll too since puke shields wont fit my fat. It's a good change in that view that no newbies run around in fullsets. In general though, equipment is not to hard, which I think is good. One think i do dislike though, is the new mandos sleep. Not being able to play for 1,5 days sucks.
Ioméne: How do you like the management in general?
Devastator: I like in general, but I have two points. 1) is it's almost impossible to get a job if you are playing a lot of mortal, while I do like to program and love to code. 2) is the judgement is too personal and too random, but in general the system rocks.
Ioméne: You said you are free from work today, where do you work?
Devastator: Texaco atm, gas station.
Ioméne: Oh, what's the prize of 1 litre of gas where you live?
Devastator: Gas is 89 cents, that is approximately 40 dollar-cents.
Ioméne: Wow, that's cheap.
Devastator: Gas is cheap since we do pay a lot of money to our president instead of paying a lot for gas.
Ioméne: What do you think MUME will look like in a few years?
Devastator: Hmm, well I think it will open a lot of more zones, and there will be so many new areas so if you are trapped in bm and Elestir is at noc, he won't be able to make it to kill you in two minutes.i think there will be big areas where fights take place, so you don't have 1 big world anymore. That's what I'm looking forward to, either harder to move, or a bigger world.
Ioméne: Ok finally..Did you vote that your personality was like a troll at the ElvenRunes poll? :) I always wondered.
Devastator: Yes, I did.
Ioméne: Laugh, any last famous words?
Devastator: Kill the enemy squirrel!

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