Aug 16, 2001 - Gothmog

Iomene: So, how are you today Gothmog?
Gothmog: Fine!
Iomene: Nice to hear.We had an estonian to visit us here in Stockholm a few days ago. I tried to call you, but there was no answer! Too bad because he had brought a bigpack of beer to our delight!
Gothmog: I met up with Peter later on, we had beers in Humlegarden!' He called me from The Matrix internet cafe... :-)' (Where pOthrod works)
Iomene: Anyway, do you wish to share with us what characters you play or prehaps a few of them?
Gothmog: I "play" Donk, Gryme, Labero, Grul, Ancalimon, Nain, Orodreth and some.. more secret ones. :-)
Iomene: Ok, which one was your first and when was it created?
Gothmog: Hm, my first was neither of those.. my first character ever was called Grom and created ... summer 1994. Then I didn't play until summer 1995 and it had definately deleted...
Iomene: An Orc it sounds like?
Gothmog: Nope, Grom was a mighty level 13 troll. :-) I remember hanging out with Brutal, Wert, Bawanga and the others in BBT.
Iomene: Not bad, why did you have an one year pause?
Gothmog: Well I never really got addicted to the game, I mainly played it with Wert (that's Ginlon's _old_ troll) and never got the hang of it. Then I started KTH (* in 1995 and started playing for real. :-/
Iomene: The other labrats from were already playing or did you get them started aswell?
Gothmog: Me and p(Ginlon) used to play BBS games against each other.
Iomene: Who won?!
Gothmog: I always won the BBS games.
Iomene: Did the other players from KTH already play MUME or did you encourage them to do so? I once talked to an old player who said that one lab was the strategic brains of MUME (tm) and the other more like scriptpeople?
Gothmog: The people playing from when I started was Zolt and Dain and hm.. Baal (Pelle!)' Yes, the people were more of Moria XP people (Mekin, Burst, Dif etc) whereas the gang, as I joined, became hardcore PK
Iomene: Did you stare angrily at each other if you happened to meet at 7/11 during nightsessions?

Gothmog shakes his head at you. Not at all. :-) Now, after I started playing for real.. p(Warmaster) and p(Ginlon) started to play a lot... we PK'd mainly, but basically the "" PK gang was us three, and we played way too much..

Iomene: Way too much? How long was your longest not-close-your-eye-session?
Gothmog: We capped at 42h or so. After that it was impossible to type even the simplest commands.
Iomene: That's not bad at all. So you crashed on the labfloor or in the car I guess?
Gothmog: Or on the subway home.
Iomene: But then you went too far, no?!
Gothmog: Yes, it happened :)
Iomene: (Here Dain, who has been standing in the room, interfering now and then mentions something about 'filialen comfychairs')
Gothmog: Yeah the lab had chairs that were shaped to fit the body of a slacking mudder. You could curl up and sleep for 12h in them.. right next to the vending machines.. people running by you doing important things in the lab all day. Then you woke up at nightfall, ready to get another 50wps.
Iomene: Wow, our lab doesn't have that! Tihi. Which character of yours is your overall favourite?
Gothmog: Hm, Labero or Donk.
Iomene: Who in the lab got the most upset upon dying?
Gothmog: p(Ginlon) has this nice habit of going REALLY SILENT when he dies. Then he suicides a lot. Of course, after a couple of years p (Slaktarn, Gangster etc) started to play and he got REALLY ANGRY when dying. Once I killed Slaktarn's elf mage while he was sitting 1 meter away from me... while I spammed close I yelled 'You're dying you're dying' at him. That didn't exactly cheer him up.
Iomene: Tihi. So, back to the game.. Was there any zone you found more pleasure pking within?
Gothmog: I always preferred closed, tight areas. Tharbad sewers, old White Worm, Necromancer, old East Priest.
Iomene: How many % of the time did you spend pking/smobbing/xping?
Gothmog: 95/1/4
Iomene: Hardcore pker, you mean?
Gothmog: Indeed.
Iomene: Do/did you think being that sort of player makes it impossible to RP as much as you want?
Gothmog: Actually I started out as a RPer, but after a year of failed RPing, I gave it up - started PKing with my character (Xerxes the Hobbit), got warlord, then Sauron's listed. Manwe still loves me for Sauron's Listing Xerxes.
Iomene: How do you like the MUME management, is there anyone who in your opinion deserves extra credit?
Gothmog: Yes there are several.
Dain: (Dain points at himself. Dain nods to himself. Must need some reassurance...)
Gothmog: Dain, certainly, has contributed a lot.
Dain: (Dain rubs up against Gothmog and purrs softly.)
Gothmog: Fror, he keeps working and working. Ilie has done _lots_.
Dain: Bah i wrote lots more code than ilie did
Gothmog: So, my 3 heroes are probably Dain, Ilie and Fror. They made MUME possible. Of course, Nada.
Iomene: Is there any player except your labfriends who you miss playing with?
Gothmog: Well, I miss playing _against_ Achilles and Tyrion. Donk, Drokk & Warmaster against Achilles, Tyrion, Elle and 3 redshirts.Those were the days. We had link and lab, they had whitie characters, bad links and numbers.
Iomene: So, fair enough you'd say?
Gothmog: Well, I guess we died _at least_ as much as they did.
Iomene: Is there any feature that you would like to be changed/removed?
Gothmog: Trolls should get "fixed" - more barehand OB, less equipment. (Yes the mender in DT is my fault). Failing poison should not envenom a weapon. MP regen gain from endurance skill should be lowered some. Subraces should be fixed.
Iomene: What about xp/wpgain, is it well balanced?
Gothmog: XP isn't perfectly balanced. 3 people killing a level 30 gets 100k XP each. 1 person killing a level 30 gets 100k XP as well, so the level 30 is worth 300k XP when outnumbered, but 100k XP when soloed.
Iomene: Ok, did you ever expect anyone to reach level ninety?
Gothmog: After seeing the work Huor and others put in to get past level 65+, I never thought so.
Iomene: Do you have any special advice for newbies to MUME?
Gothmog: Don't mind dying. Don't be greedy.
Iomene: What about the difficulty of mobs? Is Balrog risky enough to gain such great equipment from?
Gothmog: Well we probably need to tweak it again. Since it is extremely dangerous if you don't have a method for killing it. But nowadays, with the cheater-pages of Gray and others, plus the increased knowledge of players... it's a lot easier. So, no. I think it's too easy.
Iomene: Does having good gear matter as much or more than it did when you were new to MUME? Or is it a question about people being greedy?
Gothmog: No it actually matters less I'd think. In the old days you could wear 2 iron rings, both being +10 DB.
Iomene: That's kickass! Do you think the whining on poisoners/overkills is really legitimate or do you think it's a part of the game?
Gothmog: Some of the whining is definately well grounded. Some isn't. Poison is very easy to avoid for a powerplayer grouping up with other powerplayers. Poison is a Killer to a solo player who doesn't spend a lot of time getting antidote herbs, vellums, draughts etc. If you're out walking your solo warrior and get hit by arachnia... you're pretty much a roasted duck. Well I might be a kick-ass player, but if I don't do group things (vellum scroll), poison is extremely dangerous.
Iomene: Ok, at last, tell us your best story from MUME.
Gothmog: When I was racing to break 400 wps with Jynilth (half-elf mage) the most fun thing I did was probably porting into east priest (remember the olog-hai?) where11 darkies had blocked themselves in with some (now dead) wihties. I targetted Nubis (BN) and killed him while in a group of 10 others and then I ported out. Was a good 50 wps or so.
Iomene: Ok, last question, who is the King of Moria, Scar or Warmaster?
Gothmog: Hm I know Moria at least as good as Warmaster, so it has to be Scar. :-) The Danes lived in Moria for a year or so. :-)
Iomene: Ok, thank you very much Gothmog. Please arrange some more MUME-meetings and don't forget to play some now and then. Good bye.
Gothmog: Bye.
Editors Note: In his prime Gothmog's character, Jynilth, at one time amassed 397 wps.

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