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July 2004 - Lowyn

L&R How does it feel to be one of the few female players?
Lowyn I don't mind it :) In fact I get along better with males anyway
L&R: Why is that?
Lowyn No offense but women can be catty
Líng I agree!
L&R When did you start playing MUME, and who got you into this game?
Lowyn I played for a cpl weeks in the summer but started
playing for real in oct :) I remember only cuz that's when i moved to
florida for a
Razoor But how/why, You dont wake up with a thought in your head saying 'Lets connect to 4242 through telnet today!
Lowyn I got started by someone else :) I used to call the game stupid and retarded and I'd never play it
Razoor Who is this mysterious someone else?
Lowyn My ex :)
Razoor Names, we want names!
Lowyn he used to play Gaand and Gaz but they're both
deleted... he has a god name quic still tho'
L&R Okay to something else... even fewer females actively PK on MUME. Being one of the more frequent female PK'ers yourself, could you give us a qualified guess to why this is the case?
Lowyn I've really not gave it too much thought but i'm
guessing that most females would rather RP then to kill players
L&R Do you think that RP is more a female thing?
Lowyn You'd really have to be a female to understand :) Maybe losing eq or making ppl lose eq isnt their thought of fun
L&R Are there any advantages to being a female when it comes to
EQ-splitting, grouping, or peoples general attitude towards you?
Lowyn Nope
L&R None?
Lowyn No
L&R What do you think of the common prejudice that females have a so much easier time on mume due to their sex, it is a heavily
debated issue? All guys think that girls do etc...
Lowyn I think it's full of shit!
Razoor Because?
Lowyn Because I don't seem to get any special treatment. You sure don't give me any, right?
Razoor Not really, no...though it's easier to make fun of you.
Lowyn I've seen male players give other female players alot of
things but not I, I've always had to get it myself so I had to learn things on my own like pk etc
L&R Why not you, any idea why this is the case?
Lowyn Not sure :) I think cuz I was very spammy when i first started
playing here and very hot headed
Líng You're still kinda hotheaded :)
Razoor Most people would probably agree to that you're hotheaded when it comes to EQ
Lowyn Well, I was hot headed in alot of other areas and a very loud mouth and sarcastic. My ex didn't want me to get
into pk cuz he knew how I was :) He used to call me Mrs slayer :P I've calmed down alot now though
L&R Many people think that you love EQ and that you spam alot about it even when you have fullset, do you agree to this?
Lowyn Partially, I just want ppl to get a fair share
Líng So you hand out the EQ to your friends or to the rest of the group?
Lowyn To the group first always
Razoor Why did you kill Tiamat when he patted you?
Lowyn Ack, Tiamat was drunk and he was egging me on :)
L&R Can you tell us why you and Hathol got married on MUME, and is there
any connection with real life?
Lowyn Well thought it'd be a fun thing to do, being I never done it before
L&R We thought you had mume-married once before already?
Lowyn No, I've been engaged twice :P
Líng We want names! :P
Lowyn Haha! well most ppl know Ginlon and I were couples, and Ginlon and
Elle were engaged. Ginlon and I met through MUME
L&R So you two met through mume, and then later on in RL too. Do you think that you will meet Hathol in RL too, or maybe you've already done that?
Lowyn I haven't and maybe
Razoor ut something Is growing?
Lowyn Anything is possible
L&R First you dated Ginlon, and now you got something going with
Hathol. Is MUME like a Tolkienbased dating service for you?
Lowyn I've dated outside of mume, so no i don't consider it as a dating
L&R What's the most fun for you in mume; like meeting new people, exping,
collecting EQ, PKing etc?
Lowyn Hanging w/ friends and killing em, not fun killing real good friends
Razoor Damn, we missed 'following pRazoor' as an alternative
Lowyn Haha, I lead mostly these days
L&R You followed alot before, and now you're leading - you even have your
own redshirt in your husband, Hathol!
How does that feel? :)
Lowyn Well I learned alot following in the beginning, I think I was one of
the best followers you could find
Líng Like breaking when people need that?
Lowyn Nope, like when ppl are awful and exhausted back then was tick
regens. Ppl used to be very afraid of Elle and Ginlon
L&R Why do you think people have so much against Lowyn?
Lowyn I think I'm just as much as hated as liked
Líng You seem tho have alot of friends here though.
Lowyn I do, but I think I have many enemies too :)
L&R Could you give us a rough estimate of the number of exits you've
broken with Lowyn over the years?
Lowyn I don't always break btw, I know how ppl play and when I don't trust
the person. I'm fighting or ppl I know that have been spotted that day I will break
Líng So let's say... 500?
Lowyn I'd have to say alot higher, probably more into the thousands
Razoor Is there a certain area you always break before entering?
Lowyn I don't bother going stonedoor much anymore unless playing darkie :)
Razoor Cause you always die there? :)
Lowyn Not always, I've done some nice traps there before
L&R You got caught for breaking rules Character-separation a while ago,
what exactly did you do?
Lowyn It was retarded, I hardly did anything - I just healed and sancted.
And I was near my corpse but I've been near my corpse before as another char and didn't loot it and didn't get in trouble either
L&R So you didnt help with your other character's shadow?
Lowyn Was no shadow, p Brumbur knew where the corpse was and lied. He
didn't loot it and wanted it to decay because he has personal things against me, which of course I have no idea why he even does
L&R You are wellknown for your fights with some people, Brumbur being one of them. How come?
Lowyn Yeah well I didn't do anything, I've asked him on several occausions
why he had problems with me, then he ignored me whenever I tried talking to him
Razoor You probably stole a scroll from him at one point or antoher
Lowyn Who knows
L&R Do you like MUME better as it is now, or was it more fun "back in the
Lowyn I would rather have mume 6 back, the stat system and areas
L&R And what about the new changes?
Lowyn I like some new changes, rent blows goats though and flee sucks. I
don't like wps as they are now, nor do I like the trophy system on pk. Second regen I like though :) If I could I'd bring back MUME 6
L&R A month ago or so we noticed that you hadn't logged on for about a
week, and the last login was from *.ee.
Do you have somekind of relationship with anyone in Estonia, or what's the story behind that?
Lowyn No! I was prob just using some server
Razoor But you have to admit that Mammoth is quite sexy
** Silence ** ;)
Lowyn Haha, there's very few estonians that I can say that I miss playing
L&R Name a few in general that you miss playing with
Lowyn Superhobbit, Hack, Shatter and Smollet etc
L&R Any 'nationality' that you're particurarly fond of? Or dislike?
Lowyn Swedes! and hrm I duno about not liking but most
Estonians I think don't like me
Razoor Why do you dislike being patted?
Lowyn I hate it rl:) Literally pisses me off rl, doesn't have to do with
anything of being short
Líng Are you short in rl?
L&R What kind of whines do you hear most from people (when they whine on you?).
Lowyn That I'm not brave enough or I'm too much of a power puke
L&R Would you call yourself brave?
Lowyn If I see a good opportunity I will take it, I've entered in warrens
solo before just to chase 1 bad/awful orc, not if there's gonna be 10 at cave tho. THO i have done it before
Razoor Are there any people in particular you never fight?
Lowyn No I will fight anyone, I'm not afraid tho I may avoid ppl if they
gonna poison cuz it's just too boring
to be chased by someone that poisons
L&R One more question! Has mume changed you somehow?
Lowyn No I don't think so... I may care less btw
L&R Is there anyone in particular on MUME that you admire?
Lowyn p Humala and p Gothmog, they both rock :)



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