March 2002 -   Relim

Ioméne: Hi there Relim!
Relim: Hi Iomene!
Ioméne: How's everything going?
Relim: Everything is good. rl getting in the way of much muming, but can't complain too much.
Ioméne: It's 10pm here, your kids are asleep or its bright sunshine where you are?
Relim: It's 9pm, kids are asleep for an hour now - school tomorrow. wife goes to bed early on sunday, she's 2 weeks before 'dropping', so to speak (ie, our next one's due in 2 weeks time). 8pm to 11pm on a sunday is the longest i actively play these days - watch football highlights, mume and try not to smoke :) as with any hobby, you fit it around the family. i try not to let mume dominate... too much.
Ioméne: Oh, I see, you play football seriously or more to keep moving your butt every now and then?
Relim: I train football more than i play it these days. i take all things football very seriously. if i had to choose between mume and football, i'm afraid football would win hands down.
Ioméne: So you think Sweden will make it from our World Cup Group? Argentina, Sweden, England and Nigeria in it.
Relim: Sweden isn't a pretty team to watch, but you have some very effective players. for a country of your size, you have a fantastic team. Freddie Ljungberg, who plays for Arsenal, is a great player. My next kid, if he's a boy (99% certain), will be called Frederik - or Freddie for short, after the greatest Swede that ever lived :) I think England will scrape through, it really depends on how well we play against Argentina.
Ioméne: Hihi, hey you got a swedish manager after all!
Relim: Yeah, he's the second greatest Swede ever to live :)He's done English national football the world of good. A bit like the French invasion a few years ago. The first time EVER that French people have been welcome on these shores (*wink*)
Ioméne: You did quit MUME for once, didn't you? Was it a classic I- will-never-play-again-but-yet-I'm-here-again-break?
Relim: The gist of it was, I dont think I'll come back. I went through a lot of personal shit, and had no choice but to get off mume. I also stopped playing football on saturdays and a number of other hobbies took a back seat. The first time i quit wasn't that 'emotional'. i did 'quit' a second time, but that was when i was totally pissed off withsomethingthat happened.
Ioméne: Yeah, let's get back to MUME or someone is gonna be mad at me.
Relim: Let's.
Ioméne: Relim is your favourite character at the moment?
Relim: Relim is a weird little thing. He's by no means my first character, but he's the first one that broke all my 'personal' mume records - level, warlord, kills, etc. I feel a particulat affinity to him (which is worrying, that I could care so much about something that exists on a computer somewhere, and in my head).
Ioméne: I see, I've seen you move your hunting ground from Warrens to Tharbad, true?
Relim: *cough* Apparently, I'm in Tharbad 75% of my time, Warrens 50% of my time and elsewhere 25% of my time. For the methemticians, you can see that this is pretty clever, even by my standards. But yes, NOC has become a recent addition to my play.
Ioméne: So how did you get in contact with MUME at all?
Relim: Many years ago, I was writing for an Internet magazine, and had to do a feature on talkers and muds. 'Talkers' were the most banal thing I'd ever come across in my entire life, muds seemed at least a little interesting. Well, the first time I even MET anyone who played mume was last year. met up with p(Lochdale) - Donal - when he was in London. I took him to a few pubs in London where I know the owners and just got very very drunk. I ended up sleeping with him and his wife, but that's a whole different story.
Ioméne: Rofl, I bet you're the only one who started like that though. Now, how do you like the management?
Relim: I have a lot of respect for a lot of the 'upper' management. The time they put in and the way they have dealt with me - when I've been right and wrong - is impressive. However, I have little time for a lot of 'M's who do very little for the game, and dont exist to enhance it, but only for their own reasons. I feel quite strongly that new 'M's shouldn't be allowed to narrate until they have been promoted in the hierarchy. However, I understand too that having a real system for promotion when there's not that much work to do would take a lot of work for the V+. Not every M, for the record.
Ioméne: Ok, What do you think about race balances? Ever tried a zaug?
Relim: Z-orc actually got me playing t-orc again - i leveled a few zorcs up and found it real painful since I was using a very bad link from work. however, after that playing t-orc was pretty strauightforward. i'm on the brink(ish) of warlording Miler. I guess i need to play a bit more though.
Ioméne: Ah, met you as Miler in Tharbad the other day, but you had notracks so I gave up!
Relim: Shrug, if i get the opportunity to get notrax, I take them. I know how very dull it is for people to fight a scout with notrax, but I'm afraid that I'd be lying if I said I'd turn them down on that score.
Ioméne: I like scouts too, the whining on scouts imho is totally stupid, if you don't like scouts, search, and you will be all safe.
Relim: Scouts suit me, I find spam-following-spam-casting very boring indeed. Everything you do as scout (well, almost) is based on yourself - you rarely follow, you have to learn Arda real well. People tend to whine about things they can't deal with. People whine about hide - there's numerous ways that don't involve quaking to discover someone hiding.
Ioméne: Yes, do you have any advice to our newbies?
Relim: Hrm. I still consider myself something of a newbie. However, to true newbies, I always suggest that 1) they explore, 2) they pick up everything they can find (herbs etc) and make money and 3) dont worry about anything but basic equipment. You're going to die anyway, so just get to know he type of equipment you chose. A shortbow and 20 normal arrows is fine when you're starting out to learn shoot/flee. I was going to write a book like p(Rashnak) about making money (the one in Fornost is way out of date), but it's quite timeconsuming so never got round to it. I'm not sure newbies read all the files anyway. and to many, it's best just to go out and 'experience' Arda.
Ioméne: Any feature, new or old, that you would like to look over badly?
Relim: Something that pissed me off quite a bit was the lack of news about the changes to poison. it was kinda snuck in and nothing said. i'm one of the few that likes the new form of warpoints (though the term 'warpoints'has become rather redundant). I'd like someone to look at move regen for us thieves. but all in all, I'm pretty happy with how mume is right now. No need for revolution - maybe just evolve a few things that need tweaking here and there. Though, it'd be nice to have Isengard finally. I look forward to that.
Ioméne: Do you think having a decent set matters too much/little?
Relim: Hrm. Good question. I tend not to pk until i've got at least a bhsb - but then, a bhsb is easier to get than an orkish or embellished. Someone recently accused me of never pk'ing without a bejewelled. Very strange - of all the things I wouldn't pk with or without. For a thief, you need that enchanted fang to do decent dmg. I think equip is a little class dependant. As for the question : it matters possibly too much, but hat's just the way it has to be. if it didn't, we'd all be trolls.
Ioméne: I remember you shooting my bn with 10 psylonia arrows in a row, jesus christ i found it lame.
Relim: It's as lame as trapping someone in baker and hitting them with 5 stored quakes I guess. I think one has to use whatever resources they can get. I play solo - I play versus bns who can store my ass away in 4 fireballs if things go bad. To be honest, i only used psylonia for a couple weeks, can't afford to use it much. and fighting bns who yell at me all the time got dull.
Ioméne: So, do you have any final words, anyone you'd like to thank/credit?
Relim: Credit? Too many people, too little time. Final words? Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Ioméne: Ok, thank you very much Relim, good luck with kids, wife, football and everything!
Relim: Thanks for having me.

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