Sept. 6, 2001 -   Rogon

Iomene: So, hi Rogon!
Rogon: Hello Iomene.
Iomene: Don't forget that all you say can and will be used against you! :P
Rogon: Mmbop.
Iomene: I take that as a "nod". Anyway, perhaps you'd like to share with us a few of the characters you play. I know it's a hell of a list, but what the heck.
Rogon: Sure, I play amongst others Fodu, Geri, Pluttis, Fjutt, Myggan and some others you haven't heard of.
Iomene: Laugh! Fine, do you have 20+ legends by now?
Rogon: Hmm, well I might, haven't counted them recently. Means I've spent to much time here I guess.
Iomene: Which character was your first and when was it created?
Rogon: This one was! Back in end of '96.
Iomene: Oh, you probably are in quite a lot of darkietrophies then!
Rogon: Oh yes, lots of trolls and orcs. Most of them don't play anymore though. I wish I had gotten some of them on trophy too!
Iomene: Nod. Which character is your favourite to play at the moment?
Rogon: Well, as it is for the moment, all of my characters are retired except this one.
Iomene: Oh I see. Well, I won't try not to mention you dont play Norsu, and I also assume everybody else knows it so I have a few questions about him. How much does he have between levels by now?
Rogon: 3.000.000 between 90 and 91.
Iomene: That's 30 Lowyns.
Rogon: Erm, mmm, why Lowyn, do you have anything against her?
Iomene: Nevermind. Another question, the key to reach those extremely levels, is that to kill everything in sight? Mobs and players?
Rogon: Kill everything yes, mobs and pukes. If there's little to pk, kill some mobs instead. I don't really xp to get myself levels because it's so slow you don't notice you get any, so if I lead around an xp group I just kill things to get others xp, and over time, I just aswell get myself some xp too...
Iomene: And also, since the xp in pk-system (imho) is a bit strange it's also good if you have quite a bunch of followers to get the most xp, right?
Rogon: Well, if you kill a level 50+, its almost 100k xp, no matter if you are 2 or 5.
Iomene: Exactly. Anyway, how were you introduced to MUME?
Rogon: Wormtounge made me start playing.
Iomene: I see, is he a RL friend of yours?
Rogon: Yes, or was rather. I stopped talking to him when he started playing everquest.
Iomene: Laugh, no wonder. About hunting, do you favorize hunting anywhere particular?
Rogon: Anywhere it's not too easy to run away from, not too open areas, and not too close to safety. Near noc or abr are nice places. Or just jump people who are doing xps indoors somewhere.
Iomene: Nod, the wise words "The ones attacking, the ones winning" seems to be right in all those cases, no matter the numbers.
Rogon: Unless the ones you attack are all experienced players and are ready for the possibility, but suprise is worth a lot, yes.
Iomene: Now to a standard question. How many percent of the time online do you spend xping/pking/smobbing?
Rogon: With Norsu I'd say 49/49/2.
Iomene: Your favourite companions are.. Wow, Burb and Uldrak?
Rogon: Yes, and Ajax. Norsu-Torment-Baresark-Caress! Nice smiterteam.
Iomene: Aha, and they stay loyal to you?
Rogon: Loyal? No they sleep around with anyone willing :(
Iomene: How much do you think Caress's jewel-collection is worth by now?
Rogon: Hmm, at least 10.000 gold. But gold doesn't matter much in this game, does it? Last time I dt'd Norsu I had more than 9.500 gold.
Iomene: I do money matters much, but I shouldn't think so. Have rented out 6 staves with my cleric so far.
Rogon: How can you do that? If you pk you hoard up lots of money.
Iomene: Well, I tend to give very much too much to beggars.
Rogon: Which you should NOT do, that just encourages the lazy sobs to beg more.
Iomene: You use that concept to subway beggars too?
Rogon: Indeed.
Iomene: I see, hmm, I don't. I always cash up if I can.
Rogon: Tsktsk. If they ask me to help them kill some mobs so they can loot and sell, things like that, sure.
Iomene: Anyway, is there ant late feature you'd like to see be redone?
Rogon: Like the totally crappy new flee?
Iomene: I'll try to act neutral. Do you think there is too much good eq around?
Rogon: There's so much good eq that it's not good anymore, it's just common eq. Every other dwarf you never heard of is running around in full shining.
Iomene: And how should that problem be dealt with?
Rogon: That's a good question. I hate dt's but that's a way to get rid the game of eq. I dont really have any answer, lower loads depending on how many is in the game etc.
Iomene: Or eq-wipe?
Rogon: Doesn't really work, because there's so much retired characters having shining etc. I should know. :)
Iomene: Ok, finally, do you have any famous last words?
Rogon: Mmbop.
Iomene: Ok, later, Rogoff.
Editors Note: Rogon is a Maia Cartographer (Mc). At the time of this interview Norsu is a level 90 Orkish Veteran.

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