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There are many MUME sites out there, but which ones meet the grade? Are they even still active? Well, we've got the skinny!

MUME sites - Official MUME website
People of MUME - Destiny's player pages
Axel - Windows Powwow MUD client + scripts
Black Shadow Clan - BN Lore, Boards, Logs, Numenor History & more.
MUME-miittejä - Helsinki 1997-98 - Stadi's Mume Meeting pictures.
MUME-miitti - Helsinki, Tuska 2002 - Stadi's 2002 Meeting pictures.
Kovis' MUME Mapper - Mapper is tailor made for MUME.

ElvenRunes player sites

Vairë the Weaver - Featuring the Whois Hall of Fame
Alie's Dream World - Newbie help guide
Asmandeus - News and other interesting stuff

MUME  Building

PowTTY client - Windows MUD client with local editing, by Loden. - Lexico's word replacement center
Jahara's Ansi Guide - Learn how to do ANSI color in MUME.

Tolkien sites - Popular LotR fansite - Official LotR movie site - LotR movie trailers I & II
Rolozo Tolkien - Tolkien picture site, one of the best.
Tolkien Online - One of the best LOTR Fansites - recognized by CNN
Encyclopedia of Arda - Good online reference - Tolkien RolePlaying site (MERP info as well)
Places in Middle-earth - Finduila's comprehensive Arda location guide
Rings of Power - What ever happened to those rings?
Middle-earth Mysteries - Disertation on some of LotR's great unknowns
History of Númenor - Chronology of the rise and fall of Númenor
Essays on Middle-earth - Summary of Arda background and history
Elfwood - Fantasy Art Site, Nice amount of Tolkien inspired art. - News, boards, games, art, and multimedia - Tolkien Bibliography striving to list all books by/about Tolkien.
Barrow Downs - Tolkien fansite, many aspects of Arda land/people/culture.
Quintessential Lord of the Rings  - Scene by Scene Movie/Book analysis
The Tolkien Trail - Artwork, Humor and Tolkien discussions boards.
Lord of the Rings Fantasy World - Book/Movie, chats, forums, personal pages, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback.