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    For those of you who do not have Immortals on MUME and for even those of you who do and are not sure how things get built here are three sections dedicated to explaining some of the mysteries behind MUME's magic including some updates on  projects under construction.

      Updated: Jan 2006


    Recent Projects:

  • Fangorn Forest - Open
  • Isengard Surroundings - Open
  • Ancient Broken Road - In Progress
  • Isengard - In Progress
  • Rohan - In Progress
  • Gladden Fields
  • Anduin Vale (South)
  • Mirkwood Forest

  • Implementors (I) MUME's active Implementers are Manwë and CryHavoc. Implementors are the final authority on what happens on MUME. They decide everything from rules and punishments to what areas will be built and the effects and course of different MUME races basically they chart the future of MUME.
  • Arata (A) MUME's active Arata all have different primary functions but also function a bit like Implementors as they have a secondary role in deciding what does and does not happen/change. The active Arata and their roles are as follows (Note: They all have many other duties):
  • Arata of Code (Ac) - Nienor. The Ac handles MUME's mudlle and other effects. Nienor is also responsible for working with a good deal of MUME's code.
  • Arata of Objects/Mobiles (Ao/m) - Frór. The Ao/m manages the creation/approval of mobiles and objects both new and current and their stats. Frór is also responsible for working with a good deal of MUME's code.
  • Arata of Zones (Az) - Námo -The Az plans new areas along with the Implementors, assigns supervisors to manage the projects and approves the superzone (such as "Rohan) plans for the area, also ensures that MUME holds to it's "worldmap" which as accurately as possible to scale replicated Tolkien's world.
  • Arata of Justice (Aj) - Staer. In charge of law and order and adherence to MUME's rules and policy. The Aj also investigates other issues and concerns as needed.
  • Other Active Arata (A) - Dain, Ilie, Yavanna.
  • Valar Mudllers (Vm) - The Vm are responsible for coding the special effects you see in zones and on mobiles and objects. They report to the Ac and primarily work in a language called Mudlle.
  • Valar Architects (Va) - The Va for the most part supervise the building of whole areas. The actual building is done by Maia and all aspects of this process is under the control of the Va for that area. Va also ensure that areas meet the standards for MUME's world and zones blend together as well as possible. Va report to the Az.
  • Maia Shapers (Ms) - The highest Maia level these immortals are usually assigned specific tasks. Ms are often assigned to assist on a project under a Va or directly under an Arata.
  • Maia Wright (Mw) - Mw are given their position for having completed a zone and the zone having been approved by their Va supervisor and approval by the Az and mudlle cleared by the Ac. Mw may also be assigned additional building work and be asked to assist Va or mentor newer builders.
  • Maia Builders (Mb) - Have completely written and constructed apprx. 100 rooms of Arda this is mostly writing room descriptions and connecting rooms. They are recommended for Mb status (which gives them access to mobiles and objects) by meeting all the requirements by their Va supervisor. Mb become Mw when their zones open.
  • Maia Cartographers (Mc) - The Mc fall into two categories. Those who have proofed zones for typos, grammar etc, or performed other corrections to text in zones under construction or opened areas (always under supervision). The second group of Mc are in the process of writing their apprx. 100 rooms and will become Mb upon the completion of this to the supervisor's standards.
  • A list of all of MUME's immortals, current and retiredcan be seen on MUME with the command "View Wizlist"

Maiar wanting to become part of MUME's building team should go to room 0:106 in Valinor and learn about and/or apply for a TestZone.

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