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  • Please include information on the clan and who to contact along with requirements for joining if your clan accepts new members.

Arda's Army - Xury, Aerie, Magyn, Mumma, Gwoern, Razer, Rackarth, Darien, Oddvar, Filk, Mumacik, Ziglak, Gilean, Gwenyth, Khuka, Aelor, Juss, Dwalid, Aldweth, Euronymous, Slithe, Aaven, Awreth, Fndor, Groan, Berat. If you are interested in the Army, give Xury a tell!  

Army of Arda -

Army of Arthedain -  *A bunch of semi-RPs* :)
Young and Growing! As we are Army of Arthedain our main goal of course is protecting our homeland - Arthedain! (Basicly areas west of neni and north of Morthan) How to gain membership ? At the moment it's very simple, just ask one of the council members (Ilwin, Harduin, Helun, Rxic or Tendor) for more info/membership/etc and then if he/one-of-the-council-members likes you and you seem like a nice fellow to him you can gain membership. For more information write to:

Black Shadow Clan -   ""The only group worthy of the name! We don't allow anyone who is interested to join! No weak-hearted members with us!" How do you join? Most of you DON'T! First you must serve the one true master, Sauron. Then you must distinguish yourself as a killer of great caliber... and on your own merits, not those you follow into battle! If you accomplish this, then we *might* take notice. - OscarMeyer.

BOTS - The Brotherhood of the Squirrel, contact Njaa, Juss, Amelo or Aldar

Carrock of Anduin -  After being cast out of society and forced to live like savages in the far east. With now chance of establishing more than the tiny village of Ingrove , beorning started to count on eachother for protection. They fought fearlessly through many long battles with Orcs, Trolls and Black Numnoreans all alone. But now, a small group of Beornings of all classes have been called together, hoping one day to meet at the Carrock. Here they will prove themselves to all who roam Middle Earth that they will not fall victim to the dark forces of Sauron anymore. Requirements: Beorning of any level / class Objective: To one day lead a huge attack with all who will join on the dark forces of Sauron and cripple the dark lord forever

Incentive: Group events, tournaments and fun co-operative play Contact Ethoe to join.

Damage Inc. -The name and usual whois of members taken from the song of Metallica. Clan of max strength, max constitution and almost max wil orcs smiters. Members: Kochurma, Stolb, Zmej, Piastr and Kunduk (special member) This is a clan of mercenaries who can't track for shit, but smite well and bash fast. No longer accepting new members.

Dead Horse Squad - Growing. Contact Euronymous.

Durin's ArmyFounded by Lf O'le, Nari Khrad, and Fari Khrad to combat all forms of evil roaming Arda. Membership is on an invitation only basis. Being the greedy dwarves we are fights easily erupt over our name being slandered, or being impersonated. Lf O'le, Chieftain, Nari Khrad, Chancellor, Fari Khrad, Warmaster. Other members: Kibgil Swiftfoot, Vrsh Ugmk, Ritz Blitz, Burli Basher, Lian, Uber Gukmo, Grumph Hrothgar, Grk Roks, Ardent the Faithful, Roy Boy, Tar Oldenburg, Strah The Protector and Dne Bloodshed. 

Durin's House - Durin's House was founded by joint effort of four dwarves: Brawn, Bruni, Thror and Troin. Brawn and Bruni with the help of some other cousins had formed a local battle-unit called Thorin's Tribe, but as the clan grew and not all new members were direct descendants of Thorin, we found the need to change the name to Durin's House. The namechange did not in any way diminish our loyalty to King Thorin Oakenshield. New members, are accepted by application and invitation. The decision is usually made in the heat of the battle. In everyday life the status in clan can hardly be noticed. But we can still differ status to three kind. First there are the elders or the few first powerful members of the clan : Brawn, Bruni, Shwash (old and retired, but still wise and listened to when he speaks) and Thror. Of whom Brawn is the Emissary of the clan. During his retirement and/or brief vacations, his leader role is picked up by Thror. Thror, being the most sceptical, is also head of the new members evaluation committee. So if you hear from him "This is not a clan for muddy-feets" or similar comment, then your application has probably been denied. Dont take it personally - grow some and gain some reknown - and your time might come sooner the expected. 

Game context information:
  • Clan members should not be incognito. (With certain exceptions)
  • Current average level is 51
  • Any member falling below level 40 is deranked to apprentice
  • Those who grew up with the clan are accepted from level 40 up
  • Usually unknown new members accepted from level 50+
  • Your title will be agreed upon by the Emissary
The Dwarves of Durin's House:Brawn Firmfoot, Bruni Brighthead, Shwash Bummer,  Thror Blacksmith  and...

Erath Soulblade Doreth Lightfoot Tha Darksoul
Zigin Tangledbeard Fragir Exorcist Eld Clearthought
Floi Darkbeard Zeddicus Stronghand Nator Bloodlust
Loreth Beerbelly Warf Strongarm Grunga Nimblefinger
Condor Headslayer Tezcatlipoca Thunderblade Grunganator Largefeet
Apprenticies: Coco NutsHead Hanr Whitebeard

Friends to the Death (FTTD) - Born in the front of Nasty Mewlip's Inn, when Garou, Krl and Alohran were talking, they swore to protect Arda from the forces of evil, but over that, to protect themselves as Friends To The Death. Alohran leads this powerful Army, who's only requirement for joining than swearing to protect Arda and every member of the FTTD Army as well as to follow Alohran's leadership to any place of Arda, or answer at any of the members call. Contact Alohran or check his whois for seeing his family members... who can get you in too!

The Hand of Sauron - The Hand has five leaders. The leaders share the wrath as they please. The qualifications for the Hand are high:

  • You must be evil Orc (roleplaying evil, snagas are only good to eat).
  • In all your evilness and might, there is a line, when you become a moron.
  • You cannot be a moron. There has to be a cause.
  • Everything you own, must have been gained by force or magic! Including your den.
  • You cannot be neutral about anything.
  • There is no right or wrong, but one dead and the other alive, or there can be many. Member of the Hand can have a huge den, where his snagas/females(followers) work for him. If the followers can manage to stay alive, they will grow in wealth and power.
  • Finally, the follower can challenge his leader to fight til death, where victory will make him a new leader of the Hand. The leader can accept or deny the challenge. Sauron is our Lord and Loremaster our spiritual member, both must be protected by all cost. We rule the Orc Caves. The Great Goblin is our puppet, we are his masters. All the other puppets(other players) in Caves must obey or fight for their right. We don't have to ask for anything, it will be given to us or taken by force. Wrath is our weapon and puppets our tools. The titles of the Hand:
    "Diamonium Dagamatri, the Ambassador of Sauron"
    ".. the Eye of Sauron" ".. the Mouth of Sauron"
    ".. the Right Hand of Sauron"
    ".. the Left Hand of Sauron"
    The Ambassador recruits new members and gives them appropriate titles ".. the .. of Sauron".

    Scouts of Rivendell - We basically xp together, defend our beloved home of Imladris and anybody that challenges it, and are basically typical scouts (shooting, stabbing, tracking, you know the drill). We also will aid anybody in any quick level gain/pk trip/pbs run, you know, stuff like that. To join, you must be a legitimate scout, level 13 or higher and have Rivendell citizenship. To join, contact Jedgron, Letholes, Lang, or Fathra, and they'll give you the details. We semi to heavy-rps and are looking for one or two clan alliances, so give any of us four a tell.

    Riders of Rohan -  Rohwan and Nian founded the Riders of Rohan. Its a new Clan, but they hope it will grow soon. The purpose it to have fun, having nice people to play with, founding a society of honour and an army of the south to fight the evil of Sauron. Members will be invited only by Rohwan and Nian. 

    Seventh Battalion, The -  ormed in 2000, but not as organized as we used to be, with many of the leaders not playing, or playing rarely. Site isn't updated but has lots of good info. To join, you have to be a dwarf, and ask an officer if its ok to join. Then just put Foot Soldier, 7th Tumunzahar Battalion in your whois / title.

    [Retired]Shire Shock Troops - (SST) "For Fun" Clan. Welcome members are all those who possess unexpected skills. And good sense of humour (mandatory). Trapano is an hobbit mage, same as Vincenzo. Other members i remember are Whity, who used to be a slashing/bashing scout combo of some sort, and Rippin, whose skills are yet to be determined...At some point, he was bashing and casting some spells (please bear in mind that this "group" started in the first half of MUMEVII, when people were beginning to meddle with these ideas. Ah, in order to show your affiliation, change title to something like Whoknows, Master Cook of SST Whatnot, Juggler or Extraordinaire of the SST.

    [Retired] Troll Kamikaze Squadron - (TKS) Members are as follows, and this is not all of them (I forgot alot of them just due to the fact they don't play anymore). Zed (founder), Kill (also known as Stussy,Kakarot), Beastly, Tommy, Krossen, Hogga and Lolli, 2003, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback.