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The Beginning of a Bad Era...

Our three-year long story began the 12th of April 1998 when a young man by the name Devran made an attempt to fight the legends of Middle Earth--Drewgi the dwarf was created. The first attempt ended up with two statues between Dark Tower and warrens, when it was located at the Old East Road. These two trolls were Devran and Alexander - the founders of what became known as "NSL".

Anyway, this dwarf's adventures together with the faces and tales of (mainly)Enso encouraged Alex to make another attempt - Ramtir was created. By the time he placed his first footprints on Arda Devran was in full speed leveling his new orc 'Devran', created eight days before Ramtir, the 12th of June, 1998. Unlike Devran Alex was quite slow in getting his levels, but yet safe - while he was still playing his first character Devran was stathunting for a new scout... He lost interest in it and it was given away, at level 5, to Per - this orc scout with decent stats was renamed to Qiuram. Three days later, 31st of July '98, another man joined the force - Jeremy. He like Alex and Per started out at the dark side and created an orc warrior of finest kind, he went by the name of Drägg for almost two years. Nowadays he tries to spook the newbies in Goblin Town by the name of Uldrak .

When the night chills bad and the blood in your veins is longing for elven blood, when the only one trust is one of the blackest creatures your only hope is to join the side of him or her and swing your weapon. Hypnotyk knew the caverns better than anyone and the knowledge of his was seemingly endless. Especially one of the hundreds of snagas appreciated and looked up to this dreadful uruk - he was Ramtir.

These four adventure-loving friends were soon back at school as the summer-vacation was coming to an end. With adrenaline pulsating through their veins all day long, even when they didn't play...they didn't like the thought of going back to school, but it arrived. Alexander and Devran went to same high-school, Per had one year to go and Jeremy went to a brand new place... After a couple of months, as in December 17th/19th 1998, the new lab was born for real and all ends were tied.

Trapi (Elmir) and Lakon were created these two dates (Johan F and Gustav). J and G were to new friends of Alex' who had been lured and trapped in this text-based game. Their first breaths and their exploring of Goblin Town/Fornost area caught their attention of  these two adventurers and obviously they were spellbound by this world. As five months had passed the new mume-power-group consisted of Devran, Alexander, Per, Jeremy, Gustav and Johan F. While this group entered new, fast and dangerous fights the voices in the lab get louder and louder - none in Norra Real could've missed these six complete morons. Six youths screaming, arguing and yelling about people who should close this and that, or go east and west, north and south or even KILL someone... of course others got interested. 

The dome of Scarred was to be besieged by Trapi the Extraordinary. As he was about to make his move one of the most dreadful creatures arrives from nowhere. A vicious orc appears! Keeping his wits he realised that this was a do-or-die situation. The battle was long and bloody but ended in favour of Trapi, who dragged himself almost dead to the gates of Bree where he received many cheers, beers and requests of re-telling The Latest Tale.

Our next adventurer to join the "freaks and geeks" would be Jonatan, known as Majere on Middle Earth. He was guided and assisted by Gustav as he was getting started. Since the good side was ment to be easier he started a half-elf, Majere - the 7th of April 1999. One week later he who went by the nickname "Player " entered the computer-lab and he was never to leave it again - 15th of April 1999 Zaber was born. Ignored by most he turned his head towards Gustav who picked out the fitting stats when chosen as newbie. "Warrior? - yes" "half-elf? - yes" "newbie? -Oh yes!" With the key in your hand that might've been the best thing which ever happened to that character, he was the highest character and perhaps the most flexible one in the lab toward its ending days.

If we are to sum things up after the first year in Norra Real we have: Devran, Alexander, Per, Jeremy, Gustav, Johan F, Jonatan, Johan H (Player). A lab without any bigger reputation or name and a lab of seven fanatic MUME-players.

Enemies and friends, these were made fast...

The first summer as a MUME-player was approaching, the lab had made a few new characters (the beginning of "the Seven Dwarves" was born), orcs, trolls and seven dwarves whities. We were getting more and more involved in the War, meaning people recalled to the info-page our names: "Aah, jeah, Galadon and Alcion died to us a few times yesterday..." Qiuram became a warlord as Kuku got to taste his fang - 88 wps for a kill isn't that bad.

Swifter and quicker than other scouts he sneaked behind the closing door, he placed the dagger in the back of Feather and there was silence.., but only for a few seconds. Qiuram kept his wits and drew his bow, the dwarf was stunned and fell quiet to the ground, next to his hobbit friend...

The summer past and not quite so many players joined the new lab, obviously since the school isn't open 365 days/year. Only two days in on the new term Viggo created his first character - Gastone, this was August 19th, 1999. Since the character is deleted it's unknown when but it might've been around September/October 1999 that Glob was created, by Emil. This weak lab didn't exploit or abuse anything but the fact that they were in the same room while playing the game (none complained since we weren't very dangerous).

We made new friends on MUME as well as in the computer-lab. Everyday till the school closed was there a girl irc'ing (or whatever) as well as talking to us players in the lab, this was Frances. After a while she couldn't resist trying this out - she created Darkangel, May 10th 2000 , who was later on renamed to Indra. Viggo, Emil and Frances were the latest "members" of this lab. Where there is friends-making there is enemy-making. Together with the new a system a new attitude was to be found here on MUME. Players argued more and there was a lack of respect between everyone. Alot of slapping on the fingers. Rogon wasn't much different from anyone else, he had a sharp tongue himself.


This is when we got baptised to "NSL". At first it was meant as a tease from Rogon's part... everyone knows most legend-newbies dislike being called newbies. The very date is unknown and in what discussion is too, but Norsu once narrated about a new lab, the Newbie Swede Lab. We gladly accepted the new name, although it was a flame, since we were more or less looking for an identification on MUME, like, or So that is how we got our name and how we were born...

This feature was written by Lahnborg a member of the NSL., 2003, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback.