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  • I am on warlords! Why don't I show up on the ER warlords table?

    The current warlords table is downloaded from the official Mume Website, then parsed and saved into our database. Right now this happens every 12 minutes. So if you just made it into the warlords list and instantaneously check the Elvenrunes list, you may not be on there yet.

  • 'System-load too high' or 'Maximum execution time exceeded'

    'System-load too high' as the name suggests might there might be various reasons. For instance when our backup is running at night (between 3-5am GMT) the system might become too busy and you will get that message. When problems with the server or the software occured the system sometimes was close to unusable for me because so many WEB requests were pending and eating resources. To prevent that I added that feature.

    'Maximum execution time exceeded' tries to solve the same problem by kicking out WEB requests which seem to be hanging or taking too long., 2002, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback.